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used in The Witch of Blackbird Pond

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sensible and careful
  • A more unpromising child she had never seen, Kit thought, yet she couldn't get Prudence out of her mind.
    p. 16.7
  • And it spoiled her appetite just to watch that miserable little wraith of a child Prudence, not even allowed to sit at board with them, but kept behind her mother where she had to eat standing up the stingy portion they handed back to her.
    p. 16.4
  • Prudence, dragging at her mother's hand, gazed back imploringly as they passed.
    p. 26.9
  • "Yes, Prudence," she called clearly.
    p. 27.0
  • Jerking Prudence nearly off her feet, she marched firmly up the dirt road and disappeared in the fog.
    p. 27.2
  • Kit turned a defiant back on them, but first she sent a friendly wave to Prudence, whose peaked little face turned pink with delight.
    p. 55.8
  • Curiosity made her forget her pupils, and stepping into the road she saw the small figure plainly and recognized Prudence Cru ff.
    p. 112.9
  • "Prudence," she called.
    p. 112.9
  • Who are the flowers for, Prudence?
    p. 113.4
  • "I'm too big," stammered Prudence.
    p. 113.5
  • "You don't really believe that, do you Prudence?"
    p. 113.6
  • Prudence shook her head violently.
    p. 113.9
  • "Prudence," she suggested instead, "you could learn to read by yourself if you really wanted to."
    p. 114.0
  • Prudence nodded.
    p. 114.2
  • "If I get finished — " Prudence breathed.
    p. 114.4
  • Prudence gulped.
    p. 114.5
  • "Maybe," whispered Prudence, and then she turned and ran.
    p. 114.7
  • She and Prudence sat on a cool grassy carpet.
    p. 115.2
  • At first Prudence had been speechless.
    p. 115.4
  • 'tis getting late, Prudence.
    p. 115.8
  • That is yours, Prudence.
    p. 115.9
  • She had been wanting an excuse to take Prudence to Hannah.
    p. 116.0
  • Prudence, listen to me.
    p. 116.2
  • The bony hand in hers was trembling as they walked down the grassy path, but Prudence stepped resolutely beside her.
    p. 116.6
  • Completely disarmed, Prudence went down on her knees.
    p. 117.0
  • With a black kitten cradled in her hands, Prudence watched them find a safe corner for the hornbook.
    p. 117.2
  • In the clean white sand on the floor Hannah traced a careful B. Looking at Prudence, Kit held her breath.
    p. 117.4
  • Boldly Prudence reached to take it in her own hand, and carefully and proudly she traced the lines herself.
    p. 117.5
  • Kit smiled to see it working its charm on Prudence.
    p. 117.8
  • Prudence demanded, as the two walked slowly back along the path.
    p. 117.9
  • Watching Prudence scurry off toward home, Kit had a moment's misgiving.
    p. 118.3
  • Had it been fair to draw Prudence into her secret world?
    p. 118.4
  • Yet Prudence had looked so miserable.
    p. 118.5
  • It was hard now to find the time for stolen visits with Prudence and Hannah.
    p. 123.4
  • Occasionally, by chance, Kit would find herself alone, and rushing through her task at double speed, she would steal down the path to Blackbird Pond, hoping that Prudence too had been able to escape.
    p. 123.5
  • She had hoped to find Prudence there.
    p. 125.0
  • Nat always is in a hurry, and thee, and now Prudence.
    p. 131.2
  • Who is Prudence?
    p. 131.2
  • Prudence had been there, Hannah told her, but had not dared to wait for a lesson.
    p. 136.3
  • Presently Kit opened the door to Prudence's timid knock and was comforted by the pleasure that rushed into the child's face.
    p. 170.5
  • Prudence had further news of the culprits.
    p. 170.6
  • "Then Prudence and I will make you a dress," promised Kit blithely.
    p. 171.3
  • "Can you sew, truly?" demanded Prudence, overwhelmed at still another accomplishment.
    p. 171.4
  • "Will you really let me sew some stitches?" asked Prudence, watching her with shining eyes.
    p. 171.8
  • What fun it would be to make something warm and pretty for Prudence, she thought with longing.
    p. 171.9
  • She knew she could never give Prudence even the smallest gift.
    p. 172.0
  • For Prudence was an entirely different child from the woebegone shrinking creature who had stood in the roadway outside the school.
    p. 172.3
  • The tight little bud that was the real Prudence had steadily opened its petals in the sunshine of Kit's friendship and Hannah's gentle affection.
    p. 172.4
  • Kit had chosen the Psalms to begin with, and slowly, syllable by syllable, Prudence was spelling out the lines, while Hannah sat listening, her own lips often moving with the child's in the lines she remembered and could no longer read.
    p. 172.7
  • But Hannah and Prudence were fast friends now, and she knew that the reading went companionably on.
    p. 172.8
  • There were more frequent days when Prudence could not escape her mother's sharp eye, and other days when her small face looked so pinched and exhausted that Kit wondered painfully if the child had been punished for tasks she had left unfinished.
    p. 172.9
  • "Hannah," she said softly over Prudence's head, "I am afraid to go on like this.
    p. 173.2
  • But Prudence — " "Yes," agreed Hannah quietly.
    p. 173.3
  • Prudence looked up.
    p. 173.4
  • Prudence raised stricken eyes.
    p. 174.1
  • Now — very carefully — " Finally it was completely written, Prudence, in quite respectable letters, without a single blot.
    p. 174.2
  • Prudence was awestruck at her own handiwork.
    p. 174.3
  • Prudence laid down the quill with a long sigh, and plopping down on the hearth, dragged the limp drowsy cat into her arms.
    p. 174.9
  • Prudence ran back to fling her arms about Hannah.
    p. 175.4
  • Did they know about Prudence?
    p. 199.8
  • Suppose they discovered that Prudence too had disobeyed?
    p. 205.9
  • And she was entirely responsible for Prudence's actions, Kit admitted with a sick heart.
    p. 205.9
  • What difference did it make whether Prudence could read or not, when she was half starved and beaten and overworked?
    p. 206.2
  • She could hear the crackling of the flames, the bubbling of the stew in the kettle, the scratching of the pen in Prudence's fingers, the creak creak of Hannah's chair and the drowsy purring of the yellow cat.
    p. 206.6
  • My Prudence's name, written over and over.
    p. 214.1
  • Yes, the name on the first line was in her own hand, large and clear for Prudence to copy.
    p. 214.7
  • Why did you choose to write the name of Prudence Cruff?
    p. 214.9
  • For she saw that beside him, clinging tightly to his hand, was Prudence Cruff.
    p. 216.3
  • With one trusting look up at his face, Prudence walked steadily toward the magistrate's table.
    p. 216.5
  • But — oh, I beg you send Prudence away from this horrible place!
    p. 216.8
  • She could scarcely bear to look at Prudence, but she forced herself to raise her head.
    p. 217.1
  • There was something strange about Prudence.
    p. 217.3
  • Watching Prudence, Kit suddenly felt a queer prickling along her spine.
    p. 217.4
  • Prudence was not afraid!
    p. 217.5
  • "We will ask you some questions, Prudence," said the magistrate quietly.
    p. 217.6
  • "Yes sir," whispered Prudence.
    p. 217.7
  • I might as well tell it, Prudence has never been what you'd call bright.
    p. 218.7
  • Leaning over the table, Prudence set the pen on the copybook.
    p. 218.9
  • Prudence Cruff, does it say, right out as it should?
    p. 219.2
  • "Now Prudence," the magistrate continued.
    p. 219.5
  • Then, moving to hand the Book to Prudence, he realized that it was too heavy for her to hold and laid it carefully on the table beside her.
    p. 219.9
  • "I'm sick and tired of hearing about Prudence being bewitched.
    p. 221.6
  • Prudence!
    p. 223.7
  • "And I'm so proud of you, Prudence!
    p. 224.0
  • Hannah and Prudence — they are my friends!
    p. 229.5
  • It was furry and soft as the kitten that Prudence had held in her arms that summer afternoon.
    p. 243.8
  • Suppose she should never sit in the twilight with Mercy, or see Judith in the new house, or the girl Prudence would grow to be?
    p. 244.6

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