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  • He recognized Yossarian as the drunk who had accosted him roughly at the officers' club one night before the first mission to Bologna, and he swung his displeasure prudently to Dunbar.   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • ...by the law of nations as well as by all reasons of prudent policy, we have as good right to your head as ever one mortal man had against another.   (source)
    prudent = careful and sensible
  • Prudence is one thing, but discourtesy is another.   (source)
    prudence = sensible care
  • It seemed prudent to walk her past there in case anyone were awake.   (source)
    prudent = sensible and cautious
  • Prudently we took his advice to follow closely,   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • ... and a prudent man would consider taking out an insurance policy.   (source)
    prudent = careful and sensible
  • A few optimistic storekeepers had prudently boarded windows, split by blast on The Day or broken by looters afterwards, against water and wind.   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • While intensifying their desire to be set free, the terrible months they had lived through had taught them prudence, and they had come to count less and less on a speedy end of the epidemic.   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • As a result Diana had abstained from any further imitative flights of imagination and did not think it prudent to cultivate a spirit of belief even in harmless dryads.   (source)
    prudent = sensible
  • Embracing the young man publicly, he began a speech about Justice, Courage, Liberty, and Prudence,   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • warned all those who had a stake in the country and some share of prudence ... against the rising tide of anarchy.   (source)
  • When Della reached home her intoxication gave way a little to prudence and reason.   (source)
  • This was simple prudence, white men being so much alike at a distance that he could not tell who I might be.   (source)
  • And so I would prudently turn the conversation.   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • Thin-lipped wisdom spoke at her from the worn chair, hinted at prudence, quoted from that book of cowardice whose author apes the name of common sense.   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • Nor must I delay too long to bring my writing to an end; for if my narrative has hitherto escaped destruction, it has been by a combination of great prudence and great good luck.   (source)
  • the crowd eyed the stranger unlovingly, but prudently closed their mouths.   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • It may be taken for granted that, rash as the Americans usually are, when they are prudent there is good reason for it.   (source)
    prudent = careful
  • Prudence before everything.   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • The only happy marriages I know are marriages of prudence.   (source)
  • I have learnt to act prudently.   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • After a while and when it might be prudent,   (source)
    prudent = sensible and done with caution
  • I exclaimed, "Why, you are a model of prudence and industry!"   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • ...but vanity getting the better of all prudence,   (source)
  • Hindley is too reckless to select his acquaintance prudently:   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • It is not courage that is needed; it is prudence.   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • I therefore, though with great prudence, commenced early to ascertain their views and feelings in regard to their condition,   (source)
    prudence = caution
  • where they always prudently shortened sail   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • we want, above all things, rules of prudence in ordinary affairs;   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;   (source)
  • You must think hard and fast, your grace; there is new danger; we need care and prudence.   (source)
  • Prudence was in a frenzy.†   (source)
  • How prudent that seemed to me once.†   (source)
  • When he described his finances, it became clear he was spending the money we'd secured for him more quickly than seemed prudent.†   (source)
  • Tonight, however, the manager had the impression the president was hoping for a bit more prudence.†   (source)
  • Dear Prudence by the Beatles†   (source)
  • The Prudential Insurance people wanted to locate their regional headquarters here in the nineteen-fifties.†   (source)
  • Whenever Dr. Dolder's VW was parked in the circular driveway by the Main Academy Building, everyone knew that the doctor was simply exercising his especially Swiss prudence; he was not a drunk, and the few small roads he might have traveled on to drive himself from dinner at the Whites' to Quincy Hall would not have given him much opportunity to maim many of the sober and innocent residents of Gravesend.†   (source)
  • Duty and prudence count.†   (source)
  • Lord Arryn was a prudent man, but I fear that His Grace does not always listen to wise counsel.†   (source)
  • That is yours, Prudence.†   (source)
  • ; lay on our backs and sang "Dear Prudence" to the welcoming and appreciative stars.†   (source)
  • Inspector Thomas Mathew was a prudent man.†   (source)
  • "It would be more...prudent for you not to be my friend," he explained.†   (source)
  • "Generally," he finally said, "it is neither wise nor prudent to mouth off to a junior high school teacher.†   (source)
  • Like any prudent tornado-belt family, we have a basement below our one-story home.†   (source)
  • Demonstrate the patience and prudence which you have heretofore been lacking:' Lorren said flatly, then looked down at the book that lay open on his desk.†   (source)
  • They respond that while I did not request security again after my...discontinuity...the Core authorities felt that it would be prudent to provide protection.†   (source)
  • It would be prudent to be in the house when her mother woke up.†   (source)
  • Halibut grow very large and can thrash so violently that they can easily kill the people who hook them; hence it is prudent to fire a number of shells through their heads before taking them on board.†   (source)
  • "Prudence," I offered.†   (source)
  • It was of course Genevieve's rightful place to conduct all negotiations, but she had thought it prudent to send her husband in her stead: Boarderland was a kingdom; King Arch didn't believe in queendoms.†   (source)
  • Many windows were broken already, and the prudent thing would have been to remove those that remained, but it was winter and the nights were cold, and without gas and electricity, both of which were in increasingly short supply, windows served to take some of the edge off the chill, and so people left them in place.†   (source)
  • Prudence Jane, keep lookin'.†   (source)
  • "This may be going to extremes," he told Dredge, "but to me it seems wise and prudent, in view of the great interests involved."†   (source)
  • Prudence requires this.†   (source)
  • The budget is fiscally prudent, and I, for one, support it.†   (source)
  • He recommended discretion and prudence to him.†   (source)
  • That evening they met Deanna and Brian for dinner at Anthony's-a restaurant on the top floor of the Prudential Building that offered wonderful views of the entire city.†   (source)
  • With prudent budgeting it would work out.†   (source)
  • See Prudence Door.†   (source)
  • With time she lost her prudence and began to let her adoration show in many ways that did not go unobserved by Esteban.†   (source)
  • He regarded us from a prudent distance, as if we were strangers with secret resentments.†   (source)
  • In the end, I decided the most prudent moment in the day would be as I served afternoon tea in the drawing room.†   (source)
  • It was wrong to stay here alone with Patch, vow of prudence or not.†   (source)
  • Roran was prudent enough not to rib Eragon further.†   (source)
  • Prudence will be dead.†   (source)
  • It seems prudent to me to take a smaller sum, say fifty thousand or so, and hire a high-powered detective agency to find him, or find out what happened to him.†   (source)
  • Hemlatha thought of restraining him and then decided it wasn't prudent to approach a man wielding a knife.†   (source)
  • "What's going on here, Ned?" the man asked, prudently stopping by the card table.†   (source)
  • For the first time in his life, Bigwig had found himself driven to moderation and prudence.†   (source)
  • The leader of another crack gang once told Venkatesh that he could easily afford to pay his foot soldiers more, but it wouldn't be prudent.†   (source)
  • He took the day off from work and bought some clothes, more office prudent than the flashy ones he bought last summer but still stylish, and he decides that they're right for today.†   (source)
  • Something more prudent, more reasonable, more discreet.†   (source)
  • But that wouldn't be prudent or fair to the guy nice enough to have brought me down here.†   (source)
  • "My lord knows best," said the imp, "but is it prudent to share all our secrets?†   (source)
  • It is only prudent.†   (source)
  • "Widdershins is always the prudent choice," said Bert.†   (source)
  • At the same time, I remember that last night, when I went back to my room, I found the half bottle of malt whisky which Scottish Prudential once gave me, still sitting on my dressing table.†   (source)
  • That was enough for me to begin to plan a trip to Jiangyong (previously called Yongming) County, where I went in the fall of 2002, with the help of the brilliant and prudent planning of Paul Moore of Crown Travel.†   (source)
  • Wickford had prudently wrought out about six or seven yards sideways before the shaft sank downward once again.†   (source)
  • "You," said Gillette quickly, the prudent man rising to the baited question.†   (source)
  • If anyone deems it prudent, or thinks he would be happier, to stay on the Moon, that's his privilege.†   (source)
  • They also saw a gradual end to slavery as the most prudent way to solve the problem.†   (source)
  • He was prudent with his language.†   (source)
  • Neither prudence nor restraint, but just gravity, had slowed the train, and the driver had been cursing it until, when it began to throw him forward, he blessed it.†   (source)
  • In Jane Austen's Persuasion I had come across the lines, "she had been forced into prudence in her youth—she learned romance as she grew older—the natural sequence of an unnatural beginning."†   (source)
  • If the Union is administered prudently, the Union laws will be peacefully obeyed.†   (source)
  • It seemed a more prudent course of action than riding with this man.†   (source)
  • Unlike myself who was prudent enough in this over-populous age to sire one son, your aunts—my incredibly philoprogenitive sisters—have brought into the world a total of offspring, all healthy and hungry, all poor.†   (source)
  • Radioactivity was uniformly high, so that they judged it prudent to keep the hull submerged.†   (source)
  • He had thought it prudent to keep the shop on, while he was transferring his assets out of the country, to prevent people looking at his affairs too closely.†   (source)
  • If they resist, make them wish they had been more prudent, for three more blasts upon the horn will bring the fifty lancers down from the hills, if they be needed.†   (source)
  • Frank very prudently fled.†   (source)
  • But he kept prudently silent and did not ask for details.†   (source)
  • Of a proposed course of action He wants men, so far as I can see, to ask very simple questions; is it righteous? is it prudent? is it possible?   (source)
    prudent = sensible
  • Zeal without prudence is like a ship adrift.   (source)
    prudence = good sense
  • pride, and an instinctive prudence, kept him from resorting to this argument.   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • Selden saw that for the moment all he could do was to ... offer sympathy and to counsel prudence.   (source)
  • But he kept prudently still, and ventured no comment.   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • She had been forced into prudence in her youth, she learned romance as she grew older:   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • Still, his quality is not wisdom, but prudence.   (source)
  • The commonest prudence would counsel immediate flight; but we did not come so far to...   (source)
  • If my brother had been a man of activity and prudence, he might have left you a rich woman, ma'am:   (source)
  • But not three yards from shore, I plumped in head over ears; and if ever I was heard of more, it was rather by God's grace than my own prudence.   (source)
  • When he heard his daughter's announcement, he first prudently corked his beer bottle and then leaped to his feet and had a turn of temper.   (source)
    prudently = with good sense and caution
  • his vanity overcame his prudence.   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • With Bathsheba a hastened act was a rash act; but, as does not always happen, time gained was prudence insured.   (source)
    prudence = thoughtfulness and caution
  • And so I ventured to ask once more a question which I had asked years before and had gotten such a sharp answer that I had not thought it prudent to meddle in the matter further. Would he abolish slavery?   (source)
    prudent = reasonably cautious or sensible
  • Moreover, I have too good an opinion of Miss Thorpe's prudence to suppose that she would part with one gentleman before the other was secured.   (source)
    prudence = good sense and caution
  • Climbers, as a species, are simply not distinguished by an excess of Prudence.†   (source)
  • Her mind was filled suddenly with feline prudence.†   (source)
  • Or simple prudence: my own name would have guaranteed the loss of Aimee, whom I lost in any case.†   (source)
  • Prudence made the spaghetti, while I helped Phoebe set the table.†   (source)
  • The contents would be disposed of by Hans as prudently as possible.†   (source)
  • Harlon James was Aunt Prudence's Yorkshire terrier, named after her most recent late husband.†   (source)
  • Nonetheless, academic astonishment had somehow vetoed prudence.†   (source)
  • But Hannah and Prudence were fast friends now, and she knew that the reading went companionably on.†   (source)
  • Prudence opened the freezer compartment and said, "Look at this."†   (source)
  • "Maybe," whispered Prudence, and then she turned and ran.†   (source)
  • It is God we serve by exercising prudence!†   (source)
  • "That date seems real familiar," Aunt Prudence said.†   (source)
  • Now don't get all worked up, Prudence Jane.†   (source)
  • She was invisible to Prudence and Phoebe, though.†   (source)
  • It was furry and soft as the kitten that Prudence had held in her arms that summer afternoon.†   (source)
  • Lena, this is my Aunt Caroline and my great-aunts, Prudence, Mercy, and Grace.†   (source)
  • I could hear Prudence moving things in the freezer.†   (source)
  • "Now Prudence," the magistrate continued.†   (source)
  • "Bros-Len Gas, 350, 1 hr," Prudence read, and —Mac Che, 325, 45 min," on and on and on.†   (source)
  • Had it been fair to draw Prudence into her secret world?†   (source)
  • Prudence Jane just gets her britches in a twist every now and again.†   (source)
  • Prudence demanded, as the two walked slowly back along the path.†   (source)
  • You aren't goin' ta get extra points with the Good Lord for that, Prudence Jane.†   (source)
  • From the kitchen, we heard Prudence open the front door.†   (source)
  • For she saw that beside him, clinging tightly to his hand, was Prudence Cruff.†   (source)
  • Prudence rushed out of the house saying, "She called, she called, she called!†   (source)
  • "You've never been any good with arithmetic," Aunt Prudence interrupted.†   (source)
  • She knew she could never give Prudence even the smallest gift.†   (source)
  • Mr. Winterbottom, Prudence, Phoebe, and I all said, "Your son?"†   (source)
  • "We will ask you some questions, Prudence," said the magistrate quietly.†   (source)
  • He seemed awfully, awfully young—not much older than Prudence.†   (source)
  • Prudence Cruff, does it say, right out as it should?†   (source)
  • Phoebe's sister, Prudence, was seventeen years old, but she acted like her mother.†   (source)
  • "We've got to hurry," Phoebe said, "before Prudence or my father comes home."†   (source)
  • She and Prudence sat on a cool grassy carpet.†   (source)
  • Nat always is in a hurry, and thee, and now Prudence.†   (source)
  • All that night I thought about Phoebe and Prudence and Mr. Winterbottom.†   (source)
  • But then Prudence came home and opened her note.†   (source)
  • With one trusting look up at his face, Prudence walked steadily toward the magistrate's table.†   (source)
  • Prudence—did she say who she's bringing?†   (source)
  • "If I get finished — " Prudence breathed.†   (source)
  • Prudence will be home any minute, and we still don't know which is the right Bickle.†   (source)
  • Prudence had further news of the culprits.†   (source)
  • Phoebe's sister, Prudence, stormed into the house, slamming the door behind her.†   (source)
  • Watching Prudence scurry off toward home, Kit had a moment's misgiving.†   (source)
  • Hannah and Prudence — they are my friends!†   (source)
  • He and Prudence spent all last night and this morning cleaning the house.†   (source)
  • "Then Prudence and I will make you a dress," promised Kit blithely.†   (source)
  • Mrs. Cadaver told her that you and Prudence were fine.†   (source)
  • Prudence was in a lather when she came home.†   (source)
  • Prudence had been there, Hannah told her, but had not dared to wait for a lesson.†   (source)
  • It was hard now to find the time for stolen visits with Prudence and Hannah.†   (source)
  • "Prudence, I honestly cannot say," her father said.†   (source)
  • We heard her say to Prudence, "Where are they?†   (source)
  • She could scarcely bear to look at Prudence, but she forced herself to raise her head.†   (source)
  • "Prudence," she suggested instead, "you could learn to read by yourself if you really wanted to."†   (source)
  • Prudence said, "Well, I have more important things to worry about, I can assure you.†   (source)
  • Prudence was still asking her questions.†   (source)
  • Completely disarmed, Prudence went down on her knees.†   (source)
  • Your mother also asked Mrs. Cadaver how you and Prudence were.†   (source)
  • Suppose they discovered that Prudence too had disobeyed?†   (source)
  • Phoebe showed me the note left for Prudence.†   (source)
  • With a black kitten cradled in her hands, Prudence watched them find a safe corner for the hornbook.†   (source)
  • "Can you sew, truly?" demanded Prudence, overwhelmed at still another accomplishment.†   (source)
  • Prudence started asking a million questions.†   (source)
  • "Hannah," she said softly over Prudence's head, "I am afraid to go on like this.†   (source)
  • We heard Prudence gasp and her mother say, "I'd like you to meet Mike."†   (source)
  • Yes, the name on the first line was in her own hand, large and clear for Prudence to copy.†   (source)
  • What fun it would be to make something warm and pretty for Prudence, she thought with longing.†   (source)
  • Leaning over the table, Prudence set the pen on the copybook.†   (source)
  • And she was entirely responsible for Prudence's actions, Kit admitted with a sick heart.†   (source)
  • "Will you really let me sew some stitches?" asked Prudence, watching her with shining eyes.†   (source)
  • But — oh, I beg you send Prudence away from this horrible place!†   (source)
  • I might as well tell it, Prudence has never been what you'd call bright.†   (source)
  • I'm sick and tired of hearing about Prudence being bewitched.†   (source)
  • There was something strange about Prudence.†   (source)
  • She had been wanting an excuse to take Prudence to Hannah.†   (source)
  • Kit smiled to see it working its charm on Prudence.†   (source)
  • Prudence, dragging at her mother's hand, gazed back imploringly as they passed.†   (source)
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