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Reasons to Assign the Suggested Homework

After the fourth grade, most vocabulary is learned incidentally while reading. The 15 minute, computer-corrected homework assignments enhance that natural vocabulary development by previewing and reviewing targeted words. This increases college readiness without detracting from other class objectives. It's simple, free, and requires no sign-in.

While incidental vocabulary development is an objective of any assigned reading, we understand that it is not the main focus. Certainly, we would be disappointed if a student reported that the best thing about reading Romeo and Juliet was adding the word lament to her expressive vocabulary.

Yet, we know:
  • Increased vocabulary development is vital to academic and vocational success.
  • Most vocabulary is learned incidentally while reading.
  • Word consciousness and repetition are crucial to such vocabulary acquisition.

With a minimum of fuss, reinforces the best words in over 1000 books commonly read in high school and middle school. For each book, academic words are ranked based upon how often they are used in that book, in general communications, and in standardized tests like the ACT®. Homework assignments are similar to the vocabulary questions in the SAT® and ACT®.

Pre-reading quizzes use sample sentences chosen as exemplary for their word. Post-reading quizzes reinforce word relevance by choosing sample sentences from the book. They also help to review the story by presenting selected sentences in story order.