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used in The Mysterious Benedict Society

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However, complications may...
though (or another expression that connects contrasting ideas)

(Based on idea 1 we might not expect idea 2, but this is a way of saying that even though idea 1 exists, we still have idea 2.  Synonyms include in spite of that, , nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand, in contrastand but.)
  • Mr. Benedict firmly insisted, however, that modesty had nothing to do with his opinion that the children had been the real heroes in this adventure.
    p. 475.1
  • Finding themselves quite in agreement about politics, however, they soon found such conversation boring and decided to drop the subject.
    p. 3.4
  • As he started to mark down the answer, however, Reynie hesitated.
    p. 10.2
  • Only a few minutes passed, however, before she returned and announced, "I shall now read the names of children admitted into the second phase of the test."
    p. 12.9
  • After a moment, however, she said, "I suppose you want the truth?"
    p. 31.1
  • She recovered quickly, however.
    p. 48.2
  • With a quick inspection of the nearest doorway, however, this hope vanished.
    p. 57.1
  • Three minutes soon passed, however.
    p. 63.4
  • "However, she refused the test answers Rhonda offered her, and the point of the test wasn't to see if you would bring only one pencil, you know.
    p. 73.2
  • However, every now and then I must allow myself a hearty laugh, don't you agree?
    p. 75.7
  • In light of the circumstances, however, I'm willing to make an exception.
    p. 80.6
  • As it so happens, however, I now find myself in the presence of the best possible team of children I could ever hope for — indeed, have long hoped for — and with not a minute to lose.
    p. 82.8
  • However, if I hadn't determined I could trust you, you would never have been invited into this room.
    p. 84.3
  • Before Reynie could rise and tiptoe from the room, however, Mr. Benedict's eyes popped open, and he laid a hand on Reynie's arm to stop him.
    p. 89.1
  • I can finally offer some answers to your questions, however.
    p. 94.8
  • When he began, however, Constance was the only child who continued to eat.
    p. 95.4
  • In this case, however, the messages were going directly into people's minds, which absorbed them not only without knowing where the messages came from, but without realizing they had received or read anything at all.
    p. 95.7
  • Some, however, possess an unusually powerful love of truth, and you children are among the few.
    p. 102.5
  • Sticky, however, had grown confused in his fright and would not let go of Milligan's jacket.
    p. 110.9
  • Despite complaining and even begging, however, he couldn't persuade them to let him stop.
    p. 123.5
  • She wouldn't listen, however, and after a few more stubborn requests, Milligan at last set down his oil can and shuffled over to them.
    p. 125.5
  • I'm afraid, however, that I'm not much given to hope anymore."
    p. 129.9
  • Despite their urging, however, Constance crabbily refused to join them.
    p. 138.1
  • However, what I intended to say was that while I sympathize with Constance, it is not from sympathy I include her, no more than it is from sympathy I include you or anyone else.
    p. 140.9
  • They all are, which is why I so despise the thought — however, I won't go on and on.
    p. 142.4
  • Near the harbor's southern slope, however, lay a channel of treacherous shoals, studded here and there with great boulders that still bore the scars of ancient shipwrecks, and as a consequence this southern part of the harbor was always quite still.
    p. 147.6
  • Everyone else felt like sighing, too, however, so no one asked Kate what hers was for.
    p. 161.1
  • Mr. Curtain had perfect control of his chair, however, and as he raced down the rows he expertly dodged the children's feet and the sharp corners of their desks, smiling as he went.
    p. 176.2
  • There was no prohibition regarding the dormitory corridors during studytime, however, and before the children holed up in their rooms to labor over their notes, they lingered a few minutes outside the door to Reynie and Sticky's room.
    p. 199.7
  • At last the message was sent, however, and no one had discovered them.
    p. 207.7
  • At last Jackson finished, however, and despite his drowsiness, Sticky had managed to lock all the information securely in his head.
    p. 208.9
  • Kate, however, was too outraged to hold her tongue.
    p. 210.2
  • It will come soon, however, if only you are patient.
    p. 237.1
  • However, I am loath to dismiss him out of hand.
    p. 243.6
  • I have come to understand, however, that the illusion of perfect control can amount to the same thing.
    p. 267.5
  • There were a few students on the path that led to the gym, however, and Reynie and the others passed them without a word.
    p. 278.0
  • Just before supper, however, Jackson and many of the other Executives would appear from inside the gym and let the students in.
    p. 278.9
  • When several moments had passed, however, without his being sent, flung, or crushed, Sticky opened one eye.
    p. 299.3
  • Something caught his eye, however, and he looked upward.
    p. 305.5
  • Sticky, however, was in the perfect position to see the evidence of the unfortunate thing that had just happened; and by pinching Kate's ankle to get her attention, then repeatedly blinking and rolling his eyes, he tried to explain it to her.
    p. 344.5
  • What is possible, however, is hiding memories from their owners.
    p. 377.5
  • However, it occurs to me that although the drainpipe is mouse-sized, the culvert is human-sized, and would provide a perfect hiding place for some bold eavesdropper who managed to find its entrance.
    p. 381.9
  • For a moment he stared at the empty pot in his hand, somewhat lost in thought, then said, "I do want my tea, however.
    p. 382.3
  • She omitted, however, the part about the imagined shark.
    p. 386.1
  • In the midst of going round and round in his mind about not facing the Whisperer, however, Reynie did stumble against something which — if seen from a distance and not stared at directly — might resemble a plan.
    p. 394.8
  • Those suppers had yet to be eaten, however.
    p. 400.4
  • Mr. Curtain, however, did not welcome the interruption.
    p. 438.0
  • The window latch is too high for me to reach from my chair, however.
    p. 443.9
  • He paused, however, at the sight of Reynie Muldoon's penetrating stare.
    p. 450.4
  • However, I'm afraid not even my Executives know the code to my secret exit."
    p. 461.1
  • Despite her bravado, however, Constance was so weak she toppled forward when she tried to stand.
    p. 463.6
  • However, I do think I would have got the hang of it with just a bit of practice.
    p. 471.7

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  • However
    p. 140.7
  • I'm not sure, however—perhaps you laughed while I was sleeping?"
    p. 75.8

There are no more uses of "however" in The Mysterious Benedict Society.

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