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establish the legal validity of a will; or a judicial certificate stating such which enables an executor to implement the will
  • A lengthy probate might be avoided.
    p. 581.9
  • Probate work was not his favorite, but a sizable estate usually meant a decent fee for someone in town.
    p. 17.8
  • Once that happens, and once the will is probated, then it's filed in court and becomes public."
    p. 18.2
  • When does probate start?
    p. 18.4
  • It is my directive that no other lawyer in Ford County touch my estate or earn a penny from its probate.
    p. 30.4
  • By noon Monday the entire bar association of Ford County was buzzing with the news of the suicide and, much more important, with the curiosity of which firm might be chosen to handle the probate.
    p. 53.2
  • When the day began, Jake had nothing—no murders, no car wrecks, and no promising wills to probate.
    p. 53.5
  • "Can't tell you, and I can't probate until after the funeral."
    p. 57.2
  • "Then, if I were you I'd race to the courthouse and file the first petition to probate."
    p. 60.3
  • Since they prepared the will, they naturally assumed they would probate it.
    p. 72.1
  • Tomorrow, he thought, they'll drive over again, at least two but maybe another trio, and they'll take their paperwork to the offices of the Chancery Court clerk, on the second floor of Jake's courthouse, and they'll smugly inform either Eva or Sara that they have arrived for the purposes of opening the estate of Mr. Seth Hubbard for probate.
    p. 72.3
  • I probated it late this afternoon.
    p. 85.5
  • "Has the will been probated?" he asked.
    p. 93.3
  • Over in Alabama, but probate laws don't vary much from state to state."
    p. 100.0
  • My job is to probate the estate and pursue the wishes of my client.
    p. 100.9
  • The will on the table named Lewis McGwyre as the executor of the estate, so not only did he prepare the will, but he also bore the principal responsibility for its probate and administration.
    p. 110.7
  • Mr. McGwyre explained that, since they were already in Ford County, they planned to run by the courthouse and file the necessary paperwork to initiate the probate proceedings.
    p. 111.0
  • Stillman Rush said, "All in all, we see this as a fairly routine probate, but it will take time."
    p. 111.2
  • If he'd died with nothing, then his probate could be complete in ninety days."
    p. 111.9
  • "In Florida the average probate takes thirty months," Mr. Larkin said.
    p. 112.0
  • Stillman said, "Yes, well, we need to file a petition to probate an estate."
    p. 117.1
  • Finally, she said, "Yep, got a petition to probate the last will and testament of Mr. Henry Seth Hubbard, filed at 4:55 yesterday afternoon."
    p. 117.9
  • "But you're offering it for probate," Stillman said.
    p. 120.5
  • I was directed to probate it.
    p. 120.6
  • Jake decided to press on: "I'll admit I've never had a case like this, never probated a handwritten will.
    p. 121.6
  • Stillman said, "Well, Jake, if that will had been admitted to probate, then it would be public and we'd give you a copy.
    p. 121.8
  • A... nosy paralegal sniffing through old land records down the hall heard the gossip as it drifted over from a watercooler, and went to make copies of the latest will to be filed for probate in Ford County.
    p. 130.2
  • We met with the attorney who probated the will, and he's not going to withdraw it.
    p. 133.1
  • "Well, we'll ask the judge to toss out this handwritten will and probate the legitimate one we looked at this morning.
    p. 133.3
  • Just brushing up on probate law.
    p. 142.9
  • One offered for probate by you, Mr. Brigance, a handwritten will dated October 1 of this year.
    p. 148.1
  • A petition to probate it was filed on October 4.
    p. 153.6
  • Jake stood next to his soon-to-be-ex-client and said, "Your Honor, Mr. Amburgh was once a lawyer and he knows the basics of probate.
    p. 154.0
  • He paused just long enough for the initial shock to register, then continued, "Now, Your Honor, I know that virtually all the probate work is done by the estate's lawyer, under the strict supervision of the court, of course, and for that reason I'd suggest that my firm be designated as counsel of record in this matter.
    p. 155.9
  • Our probate laws give supreme deference to the wishes of the person who wrote the will.
    p. 157.4
  • And if that were not enough, he was craving another pile of cash to be earned by the hour as the probate attorney.
    p. 157.9
  • He's done nothing but probate work for a hundred years, really knows his stuff, and straight as an arrow.
    p. 159.1
  • Jake dug deeper, followed the trail that Seth had carefully left behind, and soon found the money sitting in a bank in Birmingham, earning 6 percent annually and just waiting for probate: $21.
    p. 182.1
  • She signed it on the spot, died a month later, and the probate went off without a hitch.
    p. 330.7
  • Freeman had retired by then but his son handled the probate.
    p. 331.6
  • After rummaging down there for half an hour, Clapp found a stack of the same types of storage boxes marked "Probate, 1979-1980."
    p. 336.3
  • They did not understand the ins and outs of the law and of probate, and they were concerned that an injustice might be in the works.
    p. 379.0
  • Lundy said, "This is the holographic will that was admitted to probate on October 4 of last year.
    p. 527.8

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