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used in The Adventures of Augie March

2 meanings, 128 uses
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1  —125 uses as in:
However, complications may...
though (or another expression that connects contrasting ideas)

(Based on idea 1 we might not expect idea 2, but this is a way of saying that even though idea 1 exists, we still have idea 2.  Synonyms include in spite of that, , nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand, in contrastand but.)
  • This was how he covered up his zeal, which I felt, however, powerfully trembling in the back.
    Chapter 21 (80% in)
however = though (used to connect contrasting ideas)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • Mama, however, had large feet, and around the house she wore men's shoes, usually without strings, and a dusting or mobcap like somebody's fanciful cotton effigy of the form of the brain.
    Chapter 1 (7% in)
  • However, I believe her arrangement with Kreindl stood for some time after, and Kreindl didn't quit.
    Chapter 2 (81% in)
  • However, her painful, dreadful, toothless, gape-gummed crying the cry of judgment in the lock of death worked hard on me.
    Chapter 3 (64% in)
  • She borrowed, however, from her family.
    Chapter 3 (72% in)
  • However, Grandma heard, from one of her Pinkerton sources, that Georgie was seen with the chicks between the buildings—they never reached full size, these animals, from lack of sunlight and good feed, but moulted and died scraggly and in a queer state of growth—and she called the Kleins some ugly names.
    Chapter 3 (88% in)
  • However, they couldn't get me to beg and entreat—though I wasn't unmoved by the thought of a jail sentence, head shaven, fed on slumgullion, mustered in the mud, buffaloed and bossed.
    Chapter 4 (17% in)
  • As something lewd that had, however, to be faced.
    Chapter 4 (51% in)
  • Like so many loving, humane people who, however, have to live, just like everyone else, and count on tougher souls to carry them along.
    Chapter 4 (53% in)
  • By now, however, it didn't matter much.
    Chapter 4 (98% in)
  • The Einhorns were his ex-wife's relatives; they, however, had never taken sides in the divorce.
    Chapter 5 (5% in)
  • However, there was such a thought, and it bulged somewhat into my indignation.
    Chapter 5 (52% in)
  • Einhorn, however, didn't have such sentiments at all, whatever sentiments he entertained on other scores.
    Chapter 5 (74% in)
  • However, he was cuckoo about being admired as a fighter, and he was unbelievably happy one time when Dingbat brought him along to stand by while he, Dingbat, gave a talk to a boys' club in a basement on Division Street, invited by a poolroom buddy who was sponsor.
    Chapter 6 (8% in)
  • He listened, however, to the noise against him, startled in the eyes, and plunged out with more spirit the second round, carrying the fight to Jaworski, reckless, with slum motions of deadliness in his giant white knots.
    Chapter 6 (28% in)
  • However, in the end, I every time had high regard for him.
    Chapter 6 (73% in)
  • This was different, however, from the times of crowds praying below in shawls and business hats, and the jinking of the bells on the velvet dresses of the two-legged scrolls.
    Chapter 6 (91% in)
  • He was taken to court, however, and lost, legal costs and all.
    Chapter 7 (5% in)
  • Conversely, however, I had my eye on him.
    Chapter 7 (63% in)
  • This unknown, superfluous free power streaming around a cold, wet, blackened Chicago day, from things laid out to be still, incapable, however, of being still.
    Chapter 8 (9% in)
  • However, I was in a state of removal from all her intentions for me.
    Chapter 9 (2% in)
  • However, we were legging it over the rails on the lookout for anything swift that might come down on us out of the steel coldly laid out in the dark and the shrivels of steam and cyclops headlamps, a loose-rolling car.
    Chapter 9 (81% in)
  • The eyes, however, trained so they were foreign to anything but their long-time function, they had no personal regard.
    Chapter 9 (92% in)
  • However, as I felt on entering Erie, Pennsylvania, there is a darkness.
    Chapter 9 (96% in)
  • Obedient in the smallest point, however, she shut the doors, and I was alone with him.
    Chapter 10 (15% in)
  • I did find Kreindl at home, however, as he sat at a late breakfast of smoked fish and rolls.
    Chapter 10 (30% in)
  • However, he said he could get her into a Home for the blind on Arthington Street if we could pay part of the cost.
    Chapter 10 (35% in)
  • Organization was marvelous, however.
    Chapter 10 (40% in)
  • However, in a department store, without glancing back, I'd drift into another section—men's shoes at Carson Pirie's, candy or rugs at Marshall Field's.
    Chapter 10 (70% in)
  • However, it wasn't comfortable-looking fat but as if it came from not eating right.
    Chapter 10 (78% in)
  • Seeing that he needed me to be similar, however, I kept quiet.
    Chapter 10 (95% in)
  • However, I couldn't hope that he'd have another failure; he wasn't that rich in heart that he could make good use of it.
    Chapter 10 (97% in)
  • Padilla was, however, down on him for his condescension to us; to me more than to him, for Frazer was aware that Padilla was a genius at mathematical physics.
    Chapter 11 (13% in)
  • However, she would be waiting for his next call.
    Chapter 11 (18% in)
  • She didn't, however, want to bring charges, and she tried to speak a piece to the judge and was prevented.
    Chapter 11 (27% in)
  • That humiliated, bandy-legged, weak-haired, and injured-in-the-eyes Sylvester, however, the subterranean draftsman and comedy commissar of a Soviet-America-to-be, teaching himself the manner and even the winner's smile and confidence, why, he was going to blast off the old travertine and let the gold and marble shine for a fresh humanity.
    Chapter 11 (35% in)
  • However, he wasn't just their entertainer; when he turned grave and stopped the vaudeville with a pair of somber eyes he got earnest silence for the speech he was going to make, and a full weight of respect.
    Chapter 11 (46% in)
  • As he had said this to me, however, they were watching and were suspicious because I didn't grab a piece of this love feast.
    Chapter 11 (48% in)
  • However, in all the world there was no one who had more than they of anything except money—a gap that could perhaps be closed.
    Chapter 11 (53% in)
  • At first, however, he wanted me with him constantly.
    Chapter 11 (66% in)
  • However, it was evident that his feelings were suicidal from the way he drove and the way he leaped forward in arguments, hit him who would; he kept a tire tool under the driver's seat for his weapon in traffic arguments, and he cursed everybody in the street, running through lights and scattering pedestrians.
    Chapter 11 (67% in)
  • However, there was not much that Happy could be dishonest about.
    Chapter 11 (68% in)
  • He wasn't all brashness, however, and headlong despair, Simon.
    Chapter 11 (89% in)
  • Not that he really distrusted the director and his wife; he wanted them, however, to realize that he did not have to depend on their honesty.
    Chapter 11 (99% in)
  • However, that I shouldn't be too good to do as he was doing was of enormous importance to him, and the obstinacy that had always made me hold out against him for unspoken or anyway insufficient reasons seemed at last over.
    Chapter 12 (6% in)
  • However, people were waiting below and Simon was holding things up, taking his time.
    Chapter 12 (8% in)
  • He wouldn't, however, take any excuses from me.
    Chapter 12 (21% in)
  • This time, however, I didn't stir.
    Chapter 12 (24% in)
  • However, when Lucy's brother Sam gave me a drink I went back, infinitely quicker than the speed at which I had come, to the morgue—the smell of the whisky on an empty stomach did that for me—and to the accident, which now made my work-filthy legs too weak to hold me.
    Chapter 12 (30% in)
  • However, there was Einhorn's fire-damaged set of classics in a box under the bed, and I picked out Schiller's Thirty Years' War and was lying in my socks reading when Mimi Villars came in.
    Chapter 12 (34% in)
  • However, I wasn't any too sure about the injection.
    Chapter 12 (41% in)
  • However, the doctor would not let us forget he was waiting.
    Chapter 12 (46% in)
  • However, it was "dry," she said, and the cramps weren't going to affect anything.
    Chapter 12 (47% in)
  • Kayo, however, was a much more intelligent man than the doctor, and though as he stood in my room on bare weight-flattened feet in undershirt, the hair in tufts on his shoulders, and that large face from which everyone was reproached for letting him down and coming short of the mark—though, in other words, he was the hard figure of prejudice, there was still in him an extra effort of justice, a channel kept open.
    Chapter 12 (50% in)
  • " "It's you yourself that don't keep your own secrets," I said, trying to be easy about it, however.
    Chapter 12 (53% in)
  • However, I didn't hear it well, except as powerful and formal voices.
    Chapter 12 (56% in)
  • However, Jimmy was aroused by what I told him, and his eyes and all the skin of his face expanded with concern and with the immediate determination he took.
    Chapter 12 (68% in)
  • She, however, had not much thought of me tonight.
    Chapter 12 (70% in)
  • Ice, however, didn't help much.
    Chapter 12 (74% in)
  • It was, however, a short day, the last of the year.
    Chapter 12 (78% in)
  • However, we all entered together.
    Chapter 12 (85% in)
  • This angry idea was momentary, however.
    Chapter 12 (98% in)
  • However, she said I could always quit if too proud to be assigned to this; she thought it wasn't a good sign in me that I had to have a clerical job; I'd be in better shape in the open air among simpler people.
    Chapter 13 (6% in)
  • In this thought there was a good measure of poking fun, with, however, the fact that I was stirred in all kinds of ways, including the soft shuffle in the treetop of leaves just broken out of the thick red beaks.
    Chapter 13 (70% in)
  • However, I had no appetite.
    Chapter 13 (76% in)
  • However, he was the one who had the law on his side, being the representative under contract of these people.
    Chapter 13 (92% in)
  • However, I explained about Thea, that I absolutely had to go with her, and he appeared to take it better.
    Chapter 14 (25% in)
  • However, Thea had one superiority in her ideas.
    Chapter 14 (41% in)
  • I was, however, ready even to become a hunter.
    Chapter 14 (62% in)
  • She knew, however, that I could no more stay here and let her go than I could put out my eyes.
    Chapter 14 (94% in)
  • However, she was very steady when it came to dealing with animals; she had no fear of them at all.
    Chapter 15 (32% in)
  • However, when she wanted to take him out he attacked and tore with his beak.
    Chapter 15 (33% in)
  • He was, however, powerfully handsome, with his onward-turned head and buff and white feathers among the darker, his eyes that were gruesome jewels and meant nothing in their little lines but cruelty, and that he was here for his own need; he was entirely a manifesto of that.
    Chapter 15 (40% in)
  • however = though (used to connect contrasting ideas)
  • Thea, however, couldn't see any arguments, only her objective with the bird, which she never doubted that I shared.
    Chapter 15 (65% in)
  • However, Thea woke happy, and she was busy right away giving Caligula his pacifier of morning meat, while I set out through the damp rooms to find bread and coffee.
    Chapter 15 (69% in)
  • However, we were out to all hours ourselves, seeing the city, and we did a lot of daytime sleeping.
    Chapter 15 (86% in)
  • She laid her hand to one side of my face and kissed me on the other; however, that was only to send me on my way.
    Chapter 16 (77% in)
  • However, I thought next that it was because of me that Bizcocho was dead, that he had survived wild Zapatista night of guerrilla shooting and slithering and probably been present when men were crucified or their bellies filled with ants, that he had been whanged at by blasting shotguns, and it had to be me that killed him.
    Chapter 17 (5% in)
  • However, it never appears in this form but is distributed all over like the nitrogen in potatoes.
    Chapter 17 (83% in)
  • Mostly a lot of riffraff turned up, however, in observance of his troubles, which were by then public and had been for some time.
    Chapter 17 (85% in)
  • However, there was no chance to do it.
    Chapter 17 (87% in)
  • It was Thea, however, of whom the thought burdened me, just as much.
    Chapter 18 (12% in)
  • Admitted that I always tried to elicit what I hoped for; how did people, however, seldom fail to supply it so mysteriously?
    Chapter 18 (25% in)
  • However, we had no time to go into this further.
    Chapter 18 (29% in)
  • Minutes counted now; I remembered, however, seeing the Mexican faces that listened to this wrangle as if it were the New Testament.
    Chapter 18 (40% in)
  • She did say, however, "Someday, will you come see me?"
    Chapter 18 (67% in)
  • There, however, in Chicago, I thought how pleased I was I didn't have to have secrets from her; now there was a dusky sort of fluctuation back from this, as if it were fatal to be without hidden things.
    Chapter 18 (82% in)
  • However, I'd go up one of the mountain roads where only an occasional Indian heard and wouldn't say what he thought of it, and there I'd speak my feelings aloud or I'd yell, and it made me feel better temporarily.
    Chapter 20 (6% in)
  • However, I had Sylvester's number at Coyoacan and could call him when flat broke.
    Chapter 20 (29% in)
  • However, the city was beautiful—even the unsightliness, misery, and scrawls were rich—it was warm, and this kept me going.
    Chapter 20 (36% in)
  • However, getting up stunned, I wanted to be steadfast.
    Chapter 20 (40% in)
  • However, I found out that I couldn't be critical of Simon when I saw him after a long interval.
    Chapter 21 (14% in)
  • However, something haughty kept me.
    Chapter 21 (15% in)
  • However, she was particularly concerned that I didn't at least look more anxious.
    Chapter 21 (34% in)
  • However, her cries were also cries of laughter.
    Chapter 21 (38% in)
  • However, I didn't argue with her.
    Chapter 21 (42% in)
  • However, there were blue marks of worry beneath her eyes these days.
    Chapter 21 (66% in)
  • However, he made it seem absolutely impossible.
    Chapter 21 (67% in)
  • However, about the job: there was a millionaire engaged in writing a book and he was looking for a research assistant.
    Chapter 21 (69% in)
  • He was very sensitive and wanted my good opinion; however, he was extremely variable, humble one minute and making sure of his money's worth the next, and yelling or being sullen, sticking out his big red mouth in unhappiness or anger.
    Chapter 21 (97% in)
  • However, with a push it would go, and as it had a rumble seat and a long hood it looked powerful.
    Chapter 22 (8% in)
  • However, for a cold day this had a very bright sun, the trains were passing in blackness over an embankment of yellow concrete, the kids were screaming and whirling over the whole vast play yard, around the flagpole and in and out of the portables, and I felt especially stirred.
    Chapter 22 (10% in)
  • However, I wasn't prepared to marry.
    Chapter 22 (25% in)
  • However, she saw me through.
    Chapter 22 (55% in)
  • However, I was fascinated by him, by them both.
    Chapter 22 (71% in)
  • However, before I tried I waited till I knew the situation well.
    Chapter 22 (79% in)
  • However, my conscience had already decided.
    Chapter 23 (4% in)
  • " Crossing her hands in her lap and bringing her knees together around them—which I admired and wished she would, however, not do—she said, "Nobody should pretend to be always one hundred per cent honest.
    Chapter 23 (63% in)
  • However, Monday morning I had to be back at the base.
    Chapter 23 (77% in)
  • However, even though I found out that Mintouchian wasn't strictly honest, he was never a rogue's-gallery character.
    Chapter 24 (14% in)
  • However, he mustn't take the word of the insurance investigator, so he comes to me and I get him a private eye.
    Chapter 24 (45% in)
  • However, he acted the part of a good friend.
    Chapter 25 (0% in)
  • However, you wouldn't have been able to tell how nervous I was, I think.
    Chapter 25 (4% in)
  • " This piece of news was improvised; it did a lot of good, however, and I went on talking, so extremely salty you'd have taken me for an old sailor.
    Chapter 25 (14% in)
  • However, I saw no oars out.
    Chapter 25 (30% in)
  • However, Basteshaw announced it with real pride.
    Chapter 25 (43% in)
  • However, the trouble didn't start until I thought I saw a ship on the west horizon.
    Chapter 25 (77% in)
  • However, we are meant to be carried away by the complex and hear the simple like the far horn of Roland when he and Oliver are being wiped out by the Saracens.
    Chapter 26 (4% in)
  • However, I didn't have the least idea of how to go about it.
    Chapter 26 (7% in)
  • However, I have got the hang of dealing with them by now, and when in doubt I talk to Mintouchian on the transatlantic phone and he tells me what to do.
    Chapter 26 (14% in)
  • However, even if I am not the honestest type in the world I don't want to lie more than is average.
    Chapter 26 (35% in)
  • However, she only lets them grow long again.
    Chapter 26 (57% in)
  • I studied it with devotion and learned a lot about bees and honey, which I knew, however, wouldn't likely be of any practical use.
    Chapter 26 (65% in)
  • It must be clear, however, that I am a person of hope, and now my hopes have settled themselves upon children and a settled life.
    Chapter 26 (66% in)
  • However, it cost no great effort to refuse, and when I said no, she looked deeply wounded, personally, and said, "What's the matter, am I not good enough for you?"
    Chapter 26 (68% in)

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2  —1 use as in:
However you do it, get it done!
in whatever way
  • Just then hotels and restaurants were a sideline with them, however; they lacked time to deal with them, busy with retail clerks who were out on a big strike and with runaway dress shops in Chicago Heights and so forth, but they couldn't bring themselves to turn down new memberships and aimed to keep them until they were prepared to devote the necessary time and money.
    Chapter 13 (19% in)

There are no more uses of "however" flagged with this meaning in The Adventures of Augie March.

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?  —2 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • However that was, he gave me the money, and I made the appointment with the doctor for the end of Christmas week.
    Chapter 12 (69% in)
  • And I can mention many others, less great, but however worried, spoiled, or perverse, still wanting to set themselves apart for great ends, and believing in at least one worthiness.
    Chapter 15 (13% in)

There are no more uses of "however" in The Adventures of Augie March.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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