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used in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

2 meanings, 19 uses
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1  —13 uses as in:
a direct consequence of
a result of something (often an undesired side effect)
  • Poor girl, her jaws had had a wearisome rest now for a while, and I was expecting to get the consequences.
    Chapter 19 (10% in)
consequences = results
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • That the executive head of a nation should be a person of lofty character and extraordinary ability, was manifest and indisputable; that none but the Deity could select that head unerringly, was also manifest and indisputable; that the Deity ought to make that selection, then, was likewise manifest and indisputable; consequently, that He does make it, as claimed, was an unavoidable deduction.
    Preface (8% in)
  • My raiment was of silks and velvets and cloth of gold, and by consequence was very showy, also uncomfortable.
    Chapter 7 (2% in)
  • The truth is, Alisande, these archaics are a little too simple; the vocabulary is too limited, and so, by consequence, descriptions suffer in the matter of variety; they run too much to level Saharas of fact, and not enough to picturesque detail; this throws about them a certain air of the monotonous; in fact the fights are all alike: a couple of people come together with great random —random is a good word, and so is exegesis, for that matter, and so is holocaust, and defalcation,...
    Chapter 15 (48% in)
  • As a consequence the workers in the field were increasing by degrees, and the reform was steadily spreading.
    Chapter 16 (29% in)
  • I took along a night shift of monks, and taught them the mystery of the pump, and set them to work, for it was plain that a good part of the people out there were going to sit up with the water all night, consequently it was but right that they should have all they wanted of it.
    Chapter 23 (98% in)
  • They were not used to hearing these awful beings called names, and they did not know what might be the consequence.
    Chapter 24 (72% in)
  • If A, is the penny sufficient, or may he claim consequential damages in the form of additional money to represent the possible profit which might have inured from the dog, and classifiable as earned increment, that is to say, usufruct?
    Chapter 25 (54% in)
  • The priests opposed both my fire and life insurance, on the ground that it was an insolent attempt to hinder the decrees of God; and if you pointed out that they did not hinder the decrees in the least, but only modified the hard consequences of them if you took out policies and had luck, they retorted that that was gambling against the decrees of God, and was just as bad.
    Chapter 30 (24% in)
  • Consequently, wages were twice as high in the North as they were in the South, because the one wage had that much more purchasing power than the other had.
    Chapter 31 (21% in)
  • But the thing that made sleep all the more a thing not to be dreamed of, was my racking impatience to get out of this place and find out the whole size of what might have happened yonder in the slave-quarters in consequence of that intolerable miscarriage of mine.
    Chapter 37 (3% in)
  • By consequence, all political power has reverted to its original source, the people of the nation.
    Chapter 42 (94% in)
  • Consequently we had them all!
    Chapter 43 (96% in)

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2  —6 uses as in:
of little consequence
importance or relevance
  • It didn't cause me any trouble in the beginning—at least any of consequence.
    Chapter 8 (26% in)
consequence = importance
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • I had not thought of that, it being but of small consequence.
    Chapter 17 (56% in)
  • But here, by good luck, no one's eyes but mine are under the enchantment, and so it is of no consequence to dissolve it.
    Chapter 20 (68% in)
  • "It is of no consequence," I said, accompanying the words with a gesture of the most utter indifference; "give me the grand total, please."
    Chapter 32 (79% in)
  • I said to Marco and his wife: "Good folk, here is a little trifle for you"—handing the miller-guns as if it were a matter of no consequence, though each of them contained fifteen cents in solid cash; and while the poor creatures went to pieces with astonishment and gratitude, I turned to the others and said as calmly as one would ask the time of day: "Well, if we are all ready, I judge the dinner is."
    Chapter 32 (90% in)
  • What those people valued was high wages; it didn't seem to be a matter of any consequence to them whether the high wages would buy anything or not.
    Chapter 33 (42% in)

There are no more uses of "consequence" flagged with this meaning in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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