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consequence as in:  a direct consequence of

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  • Her job prospects are hindered as a consequence of the conviction.
    consequence = result
  • From all the available evidence, there seemed to be little doubt that McCandless, rash and incautious by nature, had committed a careless blunder, confusing one plant for another, and died as a consequence.   (source)
  • Life is made up of consequences, and you've sure made some bad choices.   (source)
    consequences = results from actions
  • "And when anger is the boss, you get—"
    "I know," said Doon. "Unintended consequences?"   (source)
    consequences = results
  • Because I outsmarted his sadistic Hunger Games, made the Capitol look foolish, and consequently undermined his control.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • If amyl nitrite were withheld—well, the consequences might easily be fatal.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. "Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had." ... In consequence, I'm inclined to reserve all judgments, ...   (source)
    consequence = result
  • Then I was able to tell myself, without lying, that it didn't affect me, that he didn't affect me, because nothing affected me. I didn't understand how morbidly right I was. ... For all my obsessing over the consequences of that night, I had misunderstood the vital truth: that it's not affecting me, that was its effect.   (source)
    consequences = effects
  • Nature had nurtured, tutored, and protected her when no one else would. If consequences resulted from her behaving differently, then they too were functions of life's fundamental core.   (source)
    consequences = effects (results)
  • On Friday, a statement arrived to say that Hans Hubermann was to be drafted into the German army. A member of the party would be happy to play a role in the war effort, it concluded. If he wasn't, there would certainly be consequences.   (source)
    consequences = undesired effects
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  • Hazel Grace, like so many children before you—and I say this with great affection—you spent your Wish hastily, with little care for the consequences.   (source)
    consequences = undesired side effects (results other than those intended) of an action taken
  • You will learn the rules and you will follow them, or you will face the consequences, as in any society.   (source)
    consequences = undesired effects
  • Very fortunate the diary was discovered, and Riddle's memories wiped from it. Who knows what the consequences might have been otherwise ….   (source)
    consequences = effects or results
  • Louie always knew that he was in for it when he heard a guard arriving in a stomping fit—a consequence, he hoped, of an American victory.   (source)
    consequence = result
  • Because they imply very large consequences for human life.   (source)
    consequences = effects (results)
  • No one fails to suffer the consequences of everything under the sun.   (source)
    consequences = effects
  • Consequently, he had no intention of hanging around the emergency room for the arrival of a new emergency.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • ...we also had to worry about the Jefferson Davis school bus zooming from behind and splashing us with the murky waters of the road. ... But sometimes ... we did not look back as often nor listen as carefully as we should; we consequently found ourselves comical objects to cruel eyes that gave no thought to our misery.   (source)
    consequently = as a result
  • You couldn't say Get lost or Go jump in the lake and expect no consequences.   (source)
    consequences = undesired effects
  • It would be much later before he'd realize they'd seduced themselves that night—seduced themselves into believing they understood all the costs and consequences of what they wanted.   (source)
    consequences = effects (results)
  • There were sharks too; they also leapt out of the water, not so cleanly but with devastating consequence for some dorados.   (source)
    consequence = result
  • Mistakes had serious consequences.   (source)
    consequences = unintended effects
  • Thomas leaned back against the rough rock, overcome by disbelief at what he had just done. Filled with terror at what the consequences might be.   (source)
    consequences = undesired effects
  • It was really great watching my sister get on the podium because my brother was something like 223rd in his class and consequently didn't get to give a speech.   (source)
    consequently = as a result
  • It was almost four months ago that the door was sealed shut between Hilly and me, a door made of ice so thick it would take a hundred Mississippi summers to melt it. It's not as if I hadn't expected consequences. I just hadn't thought they'd last so long.   (source)
    consequences = undesired side effects (results other than those intended) of an action taken
  • It lists a million things I'm not supposed to do and the consequences I'll suffer if I do them.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • All I can remember is how awfully lucky I felt, and consequently how worried I was that all this undeserved good fortune would someday slip away.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • And so nobody gave serious thought to the stories about the white man's government or the consequences of killing the Christians.   (source)
    consequences = unintended results
  • "Strokes could be serious," they'd say, "especially for someone his age, and the consequences could be severe."   (source)
    consequences = results
  • And the consequence was no food.   (source)
    consequence = result
  • I bet he ain't never disobeyed his daddy without paying the consequences.   (source)
    consequences = price (for undesired results of his disobedience)
  • Actions have consequences, which is why I'm suspending you from the team.   (source)
    consequences = effects or results
  • Or the consequences will be painful.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • Its real beauty is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. A problem gets too burdensome, then into the furnace with it. Now, Montag, you're a burden. And fire will lift you off my shoulders, clean, quick, sure; nothing to rot later.   (source)
    consequences = undesired effects
  • Even the laxity of divorce regulations in the early years of the revolution was undoubtedly a revulsion from the nineteenth-century Victorian immobility of marriage and the consequent hypocrisy that developed from it.   (source)
    consequent = following as a result
  • Consequently, neither my mother nor I had been overly troubled when we woke up one Saturday and found he hadn't come home at all.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • And so, with no thought of consequences, he jumped from the ledge.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • Of course, if the tapes do get out, you'll have to deal with consequences completely out of your control.   (source)
  • But the separation of children and parents has had lasting negative consequences.   (source)
    consequences = effects (results)
  • The long summer vacation, a peculiar and distinctive American legacy that has had profound consequences for the learning patterns of the students of the present day.   (source)
  • A moment of carelessness or bad judgment or plain stupidity carried consequences that lasted forever.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • Maybe at camp she could've gotten into a scuffle, but the consequences would've been dire: hours-long conflict-resolution seminars with the counselors and the rabbi.   (source)
  • This fight has become increasingly more important—and consequently, nearly impossible—in the past few decades.   (source)
    consequently = as a result
  • Consequently, good names appear on envelopes, on diplomas, in telephone directories, and in all other public places.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • We live on the edge of wilderness and consequently the meat smell brings any number of visitors from the woods.   (source)
  • All our senses are based in the body and are consequently unreliable.   (source)
  • Consequently, an interim solution was found: the dead were stripped of their clothes — too valuable to the living to be left on them — and were put outside on the pavements wrapped in paper.   (source)
  • Perhaps because she did not, until Saeed's conception two decades later, get pregnant, and assumed therefore she could not, she was able to have sex with abandon, without, that is, thought of consequences or the distractions of child-rearing.   (source)
    consequences = unintended effects
  • She fails to see that Anatole is breaking rules for her, and this will have consequences.   (source)
    consequences = results (unintended side-effects)
  • 'Exactly, and consequently if you believe God made Satan, you must realize that all Satan's power comes from God and that Satan is simply God's child, and that we are God's children also.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • Consequently, they learned nothing about psychiatric nursing.   (source)
  • Her initial impulse was to ignore the summons, but Palmgren had imprinted in her consciousness that every action has its consequences.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • Dr Meredith had already been sent for, but his lordship was of the view that my father should be moved out of the sun before the doctor's arrival; consequently, a bath-chair arrived and with not a little difficulty, my father was transported into the house.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • Consequently, a low minimum wage has long been a crucial part of the fast food industry's business plan.   (source)
  • Consequently, I'm also in training to be a High Priestess of Nyx, the vampyre Goddess, who is Night personified.   (source)
  • It is a mind propelled by emotional response to memory and frustration; consequently, however wise her admonishments might be, they fail to inspire resolve, unless it would be the resolve to retaliate by hurting her in your next letter.   (source)
  • But I have seen the consequences in the real world and they can be very grave indeed.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • The townspeople had been given advance warning and consequently no one was killed, but the entire population was without homes on the eve of winter.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • Consequently, Changazi had protein bars with German labels tucked into every crevice of his office, like a squirrel's winter hoard of nuts.   (source)
  • Consequently, the town remained the same size for over 150 years.   (source)
  • Or she could just THINK she's had the real thing, and consequently thinks she's drunk.   (source)
  • Although, I must admit it makes me feel pretty nervous being around them, like I have to act all perfect and everything—and consequently I can hardly eat at all, I just sort of pick at my food, which has caused Heather to suspect that I am slightly anorexic (which they thought was kind of cool), and I didn't say anything otherwise, although I'm pretty sure that I'm not (even if I am a little on the skinny side).   (source)
  • Consequently, the Formalities were pared down more and more each time the group gathered, and there had even been talk of eliminating them altogether.   (source)
  • Our district, and, consequently, our house as the first there, was called Waknuk because of a tradition that there had been a place of that name there, or thereabouts, long, long ago, in the time of the Old People.   (source)
  • Consequently, I would have more time to hunt and fish.   (source)
  • She was wearing her usual at-home vesture—what her son Buddy (who was a writer, and consequently, as Kafka, no less, has told us, not a nice man) called her pre-notification-of-death uniform.   (source)
  • I knew that couldn't be a good sign, but still, it was a chance to be alone in a car with her and I'd take it, no matter the consequences.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • Well, he is a man, he is mortal, death comes to us all, etcetera, and consequently he would have died anyway, sooner or later.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • There was a bathtub, but the stopper did not fit and consequently it would not hold water for more than a few minutes.   (source)
  • Though it was much the largest, the Freedom League was only one of the organizations that opposed Karellen-and, consequently, the humans who co-operated with the Overlords.   (source)
  • Consequently, both her monks and those of the saffron robe wondered as to her appearance and sought to gain possible favor in her eyes.   (source)
  • Consequently, when the Pevensie children had returned to Narnia last time for their second visit, it was (for the Narnians) as if King Arthur came back to Britain, as some people say he will.   (source)
  • Consequently, he belonged to "The League of Esper Patriots," an extreme right-wing political group within the Guild, dedicated to the preservation of the autocracy and incomes of the upper grade Espers.   (source)
  • The consequences of every act are included in the act itself.   (source)
    consequences = results
  • Two, four, eight, the buds in their turn budded; and having budded were dosed almost to death with alcohol; consequently burgeoned again and having budded–bud out of bud out of bud–were thereafter–further arrest being generally fatal–left to develop in peace.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • The wisest were just the poor and simple people. They knew the war to be a misfortune, whereas those who were better off, and should have been able to see more clearly what the consequences would be, were beside themselves with joy.   (source)
    consequences = effects
  • He could pack tenor twelve into the boat for each crossing, but as the river was too deep in the center to pole his way across, he had to paddle with the bamboo, and consequently each trip took a very long time.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • Consequently, there was a great surprise waiting for Johnny when he sauntered home to get a fresh dicky and collar for his evening's job.   (source)
  • Consequently I stopped studying.   (source)
  • Consequently their whole defense from a universe of dangers is the mother, under whose protection the intra-uterine period is prolonged.   (source)
  • Anne had amused her, and consequently stood high in the old lady's good graces.   (source)
    consequently = as a result
  • Consequently I go for admitting all whites to the right of suffrage who pay taxes or bear arms (by no means excluding females).   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • Windows were barred, lest the servants should see their mem-sahibs acting, and the heat was consequently immense.   (source)
  • This makes him a standing puzzle to the huge number of uncultivated people who have been brought up in tasteless homes by commonplace or disagreeable parents, and to whom, consequently, literature, painting, sculpture, music, and affectionate personal relations come as modes of sex if they come at all.   (source)
  • My friends, this is much, it is a terrible task that we undertake, and there may be consequence to make the brave shudder.   (source)
    consequence = something that comes of it (a result)
  • "Don't know or don't care anything about that," replied Griffiths senior, feeling that his son was a little jealous and in consequence disposed to be unfair to Clyde.   (source)
    consequence = result
  • Consequently he slept late the next morning—did not awaken until six o'clock, when he heard the Angelus ringing.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • The bourgeois is consequently by nature a creature of weak impulses, anxious, fearful of giving himself away and easy to rule.   (source)
  • That was in consequence of a misunderstanding between myself and a young person.   (source)
    consequence = result
  • Consequently, although Morel was a good miner, sometimes earning as much as five pounds a week when he married, he came gradually to have worse and worse stalls, where the coal was thin, and hard to get, and unprofitable.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • It was quite clean, and then he remembered that the door of his room had been open when he came down from his study, and that consequently he had not touched the handle at all.   (source)
  • The part of the country possessing this thick, dark, and naturally rich soil was, of course, the part of the South where the slaves were most profitable, and consequently they were taken there in the largest numbers.   (source)
  • He seized his opportunities, the opportunities that were given by the application of the steam-engine to ocean traffic, and by the birth of railway locomotion in the wealthy but undeveloped United States of America, and consequently he amassed an immense fortune.   (source)
  • Black-Mail House is what I call that place with the door, in consequence.   (source)
    consequence = result
  • But after all he is half justified; publicity is the lawful right of every man; consequently, Burdovsky is not excepted.   (source)
    consequently = resultantly (as a result)
  • I was familiar with the story of Troy before I read it in the original, and consequently I had little difficulty in...   (source)
  • Consequently, payments were accompanied by such frauds that Congress, by joint resolution in 1867, put the whole matter in the hands of the Freedmen's Bureau.   (source)
  • Consequently—and this set Kim to skipping—there was a mystery somewhere, and Mahbub Ali probably spied for the Colonel much as Kim had spied for Mahbub.   (source)
  • It was all done with clean hands, in clean linen, with French phrases, and above all among people of the best society and consequently with the approval of people of rank.   (source)
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consequence as in:  of little consequence

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  • It is the most consequential tax legislation in decades.
  • She is a consequential member of the faculty.
    consequential = important or significant
  • I may have set something of great consequence in motion.   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance
  • It was an uncharacteristic break from his cover that might easily have alerted his parents to his whereabouts, although the lapse proved to be of no consequence because the private investigator hired by Walt and Billie never caught the slip.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • There's a sense of sovereignty that comes from life on a mountain, a perception of privacy and isolation, even of dominion. ... It's a tranquillity born of sheer immensity; it calms with its very magnitude, which renders the merely human of no consequence.   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance
  • Just bad luck. That's what you say. Of no consequence. That's what you make yourself believe—because deep down, you know that this small piece of changing fortune is a signal of things to come.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • People have a notion that animals can eat anything without the least consequence to their health.   (source)
  • A person of consequence at last.   (source)
  • He sensed it was an object of enormous consequence.   (source)
  • But he was no longer of any consequence in the search for Charles Wallace.   (source)
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  • But these exact same biases also show up in areas of much more consequence, like education.   (source)
  • Hygiene became a matter of small consequence.   (source)
  • "No one of consequence," answered the Shade, his maroon eyes alight with controlled menace.   (source)
  • She said it as if it was of no particular consequence.   (source)
  • The agent shrugged as though it was of no consequence to him,   (source)
  • Nothing of consequence, that is.   (source)
  • I guess that is about as consequential as it gets.   (source)
    consequential = important
  • For the better part of the next hundred years, little of consequence happened in Clarkston.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • Mom spoke to me kindly, asking how schoolwork was going, but nothing of consequence.   (source)
  • In an ideal world the gossip of the idle would be of no consequence.   (source)
  • Cedric laughs, surprised to be looking down slightly at the teacher, who is consequential and wide-shouldered, and must be about five-foot-ten.   (source)
    consequential = important
  • To prove to newcomers that he really had been a man of consequence once, he still had the letter of commendation he had received from Colonel Cathcart.   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance
  • Meanwhile, Hutu and Tutsi refugees outside Burundi and Rwanda became some of the principal and angriest keepers of the memories of massacre and injustice, and their camps became staging areas for opposition movements -- most consequentially, settlements of Rwandan Tutsis in Uganda and of Burundian Hutus in Tanzania.   (source)
    consequentially = importantly
  • My father was a man of local consequence.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • "It's of no consequence," said the judge.   (source)
  • I had talked with him perhaps half a dozen times in the past month and found, to my disappointment, that he had little to say: So my first impression, that he was a person of some undefined consequence, had gradually faded and he had become simply the proprietor of an elaborate road-house next door.   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance
  • I think no more of the dead man, he is of no consequence to me now.   (source)
  • He was folding up his napkin, pushing back his plate, and I wondered how it was he spoke so casually, as though the matter was of little consequence, a mere adjustment of plans.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • He wrinkled lugubriously, consequentially, at the thought of the letters he would write to the heads of Government offices about "my old friend, Peter Walsh," and so on.   (source)
    consequentially = self-importantly
  • The pathos of this deplorable figure, with its innocent vanity and consequential air, touches Pickering, who has already straightened himself in the presence of Mrs. Pearce.   (source)
    consequential = important
  • ...he was a person of consequence, just the same.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • I trust that there is nothing of consequence which I have overlooked?   (source)
  • He was a stout, ruddy, middle-aged man, well dressed; three days before, he must have been walking the world, a man of considerable consequence.   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance
  • I met with one accident which, as it brought on no consequence, I shall no more than mention.   (source)
    consequence = significant result
  • As became persons of their rising consequence, the Gormers were engaged in building a country-house on Long Island; and it was a part of Miss Bart's duty to attend her hostess on frequent visits of inspection to the new estate.   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance (often used in that day to refer to wealth)
  • ...and as to the candlestick, it warn't no consequence, it would blow over by and by.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • I must have read parts of many books (in those early days I think I never read any one book through) and a great deal of poetry in this uncomprehending way, until I discovered "Little Lord Fauntleroy," which was the first book of any consequence I read understandingly.   (source)
  • He only remembered his face as he remembered all the faces he had ever seen; but he remembered, too, that it was one of the faces laid by in his memory in the immense class of the falsely consequential and poor in expression.   (source)
    consequential = important
  • I ought to have replied that it was not easy to give an impromptu answer to a question about appearances; that tastes mostly differ; and that beauty is of little consequence, or something of that sort.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • "Beauty is of very little consequence in reality," said Rosamond, turning her head towards Mary, but with eyes swerving towards the new view of her neck in the glass.   (source)
  • A man's life is of more consequence than one evening's neglect of the horses:   (source)
  • Of what consequence?   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance
  • The whisper that my master was my father, may or may not be true; and, true or false, it is of but little consequence to my purpose whilst the fact remains, in all its glaring odiousness, that slaveholders have ordained, and by law established, that the children of slave women shall in all cases follow the condition of their mothers;   (source)
  • Had my children, then, become of so little consequence to him?   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • That he has somehow or other, and how is of no consequence, attained a very good position, no one can deny.   (source)
  • Oh! it is of no consequence.   (source)
  • Gurth, whose occupation, though now held so mean, gave him as much consequence in Saxon England as that of Eumaeus in Ithaca, was offended at the familiar and commanding tone assumed by the Palmer.   (source)
  • This, however, was not then of much consequence, as he was totally unable; and in the loss of his friendship I found myself relieved from a burthen.   (source)
  • But of greater consequence ...†   (source)
  • I was pretty certain it was a plot to get me to make out with her, and had I been any older or wiser, or one of those guys for whom make-out sessions with hot girls were so frequent as to be of no consequence, I might've had the emotional and hormonal fortitude to demand that we have our talk right then and there.†   (source)
  • Too busy to write notes of consequence, too busy to have phone calls she could be proud of, she'd said.†   (source)
  • "A few cuts," Ser Jorah answered, "nothing of consequence.†   (source)
  • And after breakfast everybody kept talking about things of little consequence.†   (source)
  • Very few men of consequence patronized the Shirae.†   (source)
  • The note—it's a thing that could have great consequence or no consequence.†   (source)
  • Yet, for the person who is indifferent, his or her neighbor are of no consequence.†   (source)
  • I suggested that I might drop by his next lecture, informally, unannounced, simply to lend a note of consequence to the proceedings, to give him the benefit of whatever influence and prestige might reside in my office, my subject, my physical person.†   (source)
  • The same pride one takes in more consequential tasks outside of prison one can find in doing small things inside prison.†   (source)
  • Of itself it is of no consequence to one's major scheme.†   (source)
  • Nothing of consequence.†   (source)
  • Time was of no consequence because he controlled the clock.†   (source)
  • In the Sandleford warren, Holly had been a rabbit of consequence.†   (source)
  • I see that you've put them back up, but that's of no consequence; I can easily do it again.†   (source)
  • Mark sat up, too, hoping there would be no consequence.†   (source)
  • I wondered if this was how Gwendolyn felt running wild at night, this lost, loose feeling that no consequence could be so harmful as the sense of staying where you were, or of being who you are.†   (source)
  • Pietro was broad in the chest, had perhaps been a man of consequence, but those days were long past.†   (source)
  • The reply from Washington, written in Joseph Reed's hand, said, "We have made no discovery of any movement here of any consequence."†   (source)
  • Do you know how, when you are on the verge of a breakdown, the world pounds in your ears—a rush of blood, of consequence?†   (source)
  • Otis forced a bitter laugh, as if D'Ablo's twisted plan was of no consequence to him.†   (source)
  • He shrugs as if it's of no consequence.†   (source)
  • Alas, my plan has had little consequence.†   (source)
  • I said then, and I say now, that my life and the lives of my family are of more consequence to me than some possible risk to strangers.†   (source)
  • Why is it every time there's a killing of consequence, we ascribe it to Cain?†   (source)
  • I can assure you this is of no consequence.†   (source)
  • "Miss Taggart," asked the man with the quavering voice, "would you say that there are any shippers of consequence left on the Rio Norte Line?"†   (source)
  • My name is of no consequence, but the message I bring is of such importance, it might change your life.†   (source)
  • There have been moments when I've felt a spark, but it is short-lived, no more consequential than a single drop of rain in a drought.†   (source)
  • When he saw them spinning together in the waves, scandal was of no consequence.†   (source)
  • Even in the darkness, small as she was, she had an imposing presence, an aura of mystery but also of consequence and prodigious wisdom, probably the same power with which great generals and holy women alike elicited sacrifice from their followers.†   (source)
  • Had a thought of some consequence?†   (source)
  • She is not of any consequence, except as a kind of rare vessel of us, to be observed and stewarded.†   (source)
  • And the handsome creature who had just intruded on her Sunday-morning coffee, who had dared to touch the hem of her sleeve, was of no consequence.†   (source)
  • This was a thought that she impatiently rejected as of no consequence.†   (source)
  • It was of no consequence.†   (source)
  • But it is so bound up into the fabric and mood of that summer that to deprive this story of its reality would be like divesting a body of some member—not an essential member, but as important, say, as one of one's more consequential fingers.†   (source)
  • This was the first time I had ever heard that my father was of no consequence.†   (source)
  • The fact that it was a mind not yet born was of no consequence, for Time is very much stranger than you think.†   (source)
  • Sometimes on these evenings his father would hum a little and the humming would break open into a word or two, but he never finished even a part of a tune, for silence was even more pleasurable, and sometimes he would say a few words, of very little consequence, but would never seek to say much, or to finish what he was saying, or to listen for a reply; for silence again was even more pleasurable.†   (source)
  • But no politician of consequence would speak out—certainly not after the verdict had already been announced and preparations for the executions were already under way—none, that is, but Senator Taft.†   (source)
  • It is of no consequence.   (source)
  • I said that it was of no consequence.   (source)
    consequence = importance or significance
  • "It isn't of any consequence," said the young man, in truth a little uneasy about his umbrella.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • "We're hunting in couples again, Doctor, you see," said Jones in his consequential way.   (source)
    consequential = important
  • The place was grandly lighted, and everybody that was of any consequence in the village was there.   (source)
    consequence = importance
  • Margaret said that it was of no consequence, hurried downstairs, and took a hansom to King's Cross.   (source)
  • 'Never mind it, my dear,' observed Squeers in a soothing manner; 'it's of no consequence.'   (source)
  • "It was not of much consequence—to me," said Henchard.   (source)
  • It is not an illness of any serious consequence, Sir Leicester.   (source)
  • Then why doesn't she choose, when I tell her of what consequence it is?   (source)
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