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used in The Lovely Bones

2 meanings, 27 uses
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1  —26 uses as in:
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verb: to concentrate, look at, or pay attention to

noun: the act of concentration, or the ability to concentrate

(to concentrate is to direct attention or effort towards a single thing)
  • But my father was focused on the prospect Len presented—my murder case reopening.
    Chapter Twenty-one (40% in)
focused = concentrating
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • As she left the outer office that day, she appeared to be looking into the eyes of the secretaries, but she was focusing on their misapplied lipstick or two-piece paisley crepe de chine instead.
    Chapter Two (91% in)
  • focusing = concentrating
  • She focused only on her breathing.
    Chapter Two (93% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • It took a few days and some non-Susie-Salmon-focused research, but Ruth discovered why she had eaten the entire pie in one sitting.
    Chapter Three (32% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • I focused very hard on the dead geranium in his line of vision. I thought if I could make it bloom he would have his answer.
    Chapter Four (82% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • I tried to keep my eyes focused on the gleaming gold rings on her fingers.
    Chapter Nine (47% in)
  • focused = looking
  • She focused again and looked at him.
    Chapter Nine (85% in)
  • focused = concentrated on the matter at hand
  • Once he was among the rows of corn, his focus solely on the light, the wind disguised his presence.
    Chapter Eleven (83% in)
  • focus = attention
  • He had to seek out her eyes. They weren't focusing on him.
    Chapter Twelve (37% in)
  • focusing = looking
  • She would focus on him for a few minutes, and then she would allow herself to drift away from her house and home and think of Len.
    Chapter Thirteen (14% in)
  • focus = concentrate
  • He ignored it and focused on the task.
    Chapter Thirteen (39% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • My mother focused her eyes in front of her but stayed connected to her mother with her hand.
    Chapter Thirteen (78% in)
  • focused = looked with
  • She stood only a few feet from the open window, knowing that she would, no matter what, be walking farther in and that she had to, no matter what, calm and focus herself to look for clues;
    Chapter Fourteen (33% in)
  • focus = get into a state of directed attention or concentration
  • My sister sat down on the wide steps at the bottom of the front hall and closed her eyes, focused on regaining her breath, on why she was in Mr. Harvey's house in the first place.
    Chapter Fourteen (53% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • Lindsey stood up the moment I focused back on her.
    Chapter Fourteen (67% in)
  • focused = looked
  • If, as she stretched out on the rug in the one warm spot that the house seemed to hold in the winter, she could not help but turn over and over again her husband's absences in her mind, she would let them consume her until her body pled for her to let him go and to focus—as she leaned forward, her arms outstretched toward her toes now—and move, to shut her brain off and forget everything but the slight and pleasant yearning of muscles stretching and her own body bending.
    Chapter Sixteen (1% in)
  • focus = concentrate
  • Here was this girl, focused, mad, fifteen.
    Chapter Sixteen (46% in)
  • focused = concentrating on the matter at hand
  • On her days off, she would walk down the streets of Sausalito or Santa Rosa—tiny upscale towns where everyone was a stranger—and, no matter how hard she tried to focus on the hopeful unfamiliar, when she walked inside a gift shop or café the four walls around her would begin to breathe like a lung.
    Chapter Sixteen (74% in)
  • focus = concentrate
  • But by mile three they were silent, pushing their feet forward in a natural rhythm they had both known for years, focusing on the sound of their own breath and the sound of their wet shoes hitting the pavement.
    Chapter Seventeen (64% in)
  • focusing = concentrating
  • It was what Lindsey, in her workouts, called an active rest; my muscles were still engaged but my focus relaxed.
    Chapter Seventeen (90% in)
  • focus = attention
  • And then, when they finally shivered to a halt, she gave up and focused only on getting off the plane.
    Chapter Nineteen (53% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • She focused solely on my father.
    Chapter Twenty (24% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • The woman did not see my mother looking at her, and as soon as she saw her face my mother turned her attention away, focusing on the bright lights of the old diner she had as her goal.
    Chapter Twenty (32% in)
  • focusing = looking
  • Her dinner arrived, the chicken-fried steak and tea, and she focused on her food, on the gritty breading around the rubbery meat, on the metallic taste of old tea.
    Chapter Twenty (39% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • With each section of road he covered, I focused on Lindsey inside reading her textbooks, on the facts jumping up from the pages and into her brain, on how smart she was and how whole.
    Chapter Twenty-one (93% in)
  • focused = concentrated
  • I focused my eyes on his through the white translucent liner Hal kept for a curtain—he was a dark shape with a hundred small pinpoints of light surrounding him.
    Chapter Twenty-two (56% in)
focused = looked
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2  —1 use as in:
The camera focuses automatically
to adjust a lens to make an image clear
  • Smiling hard as our mother tried to focus her camera.
    Chapter Fourteen (47% in)
focus = adjust a lens for a sharp image
There are no more uses of "focus" flagged with this meaning in The Lovely Bones.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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