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used in The Bourne Identity

3 meanings, 47 uses
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1  —45 uses as in:
However, complications may...
though (or another expression that connects contrasting ideas)

(Based on idea 1 we might not expect idea 2, but this is a way of saying that even though idea 1 exists, we still have idea 2.  Synonyms include in spite of that, , nevertheless, nonetheless, on the other hand, in contrastand but.)
  • There is, however, one remaining detail which must be thoroughly understood.
    Chapter 35 (94% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • The Geoffrey R., however, had been changed to, George P., the eliminations and spaceline blockage expertly accomplished.
    Chapter 4 (16% in)
  • Her conclusion, however, was irritatingly clear.
    Chapter 4 (37% in)
  • However, successive repetitions will result in flaws if it's not authentic.
    Chapter 4 (65% in)
  • However, I don't believe you.
    Chapter 7 (44% in)
  • The men in one automobile, however, were aware of her.
    Chapter 7 (65% in)
  • There were, however, people talking excitedly on the pavement and up the stone steps of Number 37.
    Chapter 7 (71% in)
  • However, a statement had been made by the building manager when Bourne paid him.
    Chapter 7 (79% in)
  • The gunman's expertise, however, did not satisfy the bespectacled leader of the hunt.
    Chapter 8 (72% in)
  • The professional in him, however, demanded that he swerve into the dark wide alley ahead.
    Chapter 8 (97% in)
  • Three well-dressed men walking rapidly up rue Madeleine, talking to each. other, their eyes, however, directed straight ahead.
    Chapter 11 (91% in)
  • Marie, however, remained near the wide front window, keeping a perpetual eye on the entrance of the bank across rue Madeleine.
    Chapter 12 (0% in)
  • From there, however, the appearances veered; the cafe on rue Madeleine was totally French, carafes of wine replacing steins of beer.
    Chapter 12 (12% in)
  • Since our talk began, however, it now tells me something else.
    Chapter 12 (44% in)
  • There are facts, however.
    Chapter 13 (31% in)
  • However, we also recognize that the timing can be advantageous to Monsieur Bourne, and would expect no less than that advantage.
    Chapter 13 (63% in)
  • The cab's motor, however, was running, the passenger had insisted upon that.
    Chapter 13 (76% in)
  • It was, however, a beautifully appointed store on one of the most costly strips of real estate in Paris.
    Chapter 14 (16% in)
  • However, all our designs are exclusive.
    Chapter 14 (33% in)
  • However, Ire been away a lot and haven't paid much attention to her, so I guess I should make peace.
    Chapter 14 (65% in)
  • He could, however, continue building a foundation with the managing partner of Les Classiques.
    Chapter 14 (68% in)
  • He was in his late sixties now, but his bearing was still erect, his mind as sharp as it had ever been, his age, however, betrayed by a face lined from the tensions of a lifetime he would never reveal.
    Chapter 15 (9% in)
  • I thought, however, any background might be helpful.
    Chapter 15 (30% in)
  • It is of such importance, however, that your fee will be five times the usual.
    Chapter 16 (97% in)
  • In both places, however, U. S. government personnel had been watching the customs clerks-more precisely, watching the briefcase.
    Chapter 19 (2% in)
  • However, a long-range intelligence strategy doesn't change, not one like this.
    Chapter 19 (74% in)
  • However, if he can take Carlos-or trap Carlos so we can take him-then vanish, he's home free.
    Chapter 19 (91% in)
  • What was unusual, however, was the fact that two other men remained in the shadows of the deep back seat, neither making any move to get out.
    Chapter 20 (1% in)
  • There was, however, one positive feature to the place; an ice machine down the hall.
    Chapter 21 (31% in)
  • The enclosed part, however, was similar to the first floor.
    Chapter 24 (59% in)
  • The immediate objective, however, was to get Villiers to stop.
    Chapter 25 (6% in)
  • In too many areas, however, they see it happening.
    Chapter 25 (31% in)
  • There was, however, one sizable space on the left, across from the general's house; it could accommodate both their cars.
    Chapter 25 (54% in)
  • Not once, however, had he been able to listen to anything of substance; whenever he had picked up the phone, serious conversation had been replaced by innocuous banter.
    Chapter 27 (81% in)
  • I was adamant, however.
    Chapter 29 (4% in)
  • The identities of the dead, however, clearly established.
    Chapter 30 (16% in)
  • Personally, however, I wish no involvement.
    Chapter 30 (69% in)
  • Each time, however, I reject the idea.
    Chapter 30 (71% in)
  • There had been no fragments of glass found in the jungle paths of Base Camp Kilo, however.
    Chapter 31 (50% in)
  • As for your talking to my wife, however, I'm afraid that's not possible.
    Chapter 32 (**% in)
  • He pulled out his gun, the gesture pathetic, the threat, however, real.
    Chapter 33 (73% in)
  • One old man, however, did not float in the trancelike movements of the others.
    Chapter 34 (2% in)
  • Soviet defectors, however, insisted upon them.
    Chapter 34 (8% in)
  • However, the director of Cons-Op had learned one fact: Conklin had been attached to Medusa.
    Chapter 34 (75% in)
  • He may not be our concern, however.
    Chapter 35 (23% in)

There are no more uses of "however" flagged with this meaning in The Bourne Identity.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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2  —1 use as in:
However much she tried...
to whatever degree (regardless of how much; or whatever unspecified amount)
  • He had to concentrate on the space around them, at whatever movement-however slight-he might discern in the shadows of the large parking lot.
    Chapter 5 (91% in)
however = regardless of how
There are no more uses of "however" flagged with this meaning in The Bourne Identity.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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3  —1 use as in:
However you do it, get it done!
in whatever way
  • He's no fool, however; he lies quietly, dropping a hint here and there, knowing that they will be exaggerated in the telling into substance.
    Chapter 17 (72% in)

There are no more uses of "however" flagged with this meaning in The Bourne Identity.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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