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used in The Brothers Karamazov

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angered or annoyed at something unjust or wrong
  • "An unseemly farce which I foresaw when I came here!" cried Dmitri indignantly.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (64% in)
  • Hearing all about Adelaida Ivanovna, whom he, of course, remembered, and in whom he had at one time been interested, and learning of the existence of Mitya, he intervened, in spite of all his youthful indignation and contempt for Fyodor Pavlovitch.
    Book 1 — The History Of A Family (15% in)
  • Miuesov pronounced, not so much with heat as with latent indignation.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (56% in)
  • Holy Father, I am indignant with you.
    Book 2 — An Unfortunate Gathering (94% in)
  • But five or six months later, all the town was talking, with intense and sincere indignation, of Lizaveta's condition, and trying to find out who was the miscreant who had wronged her.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (11% in)
  • I saw how they glowed with fire—a fire of gentle indignation.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (24% in)
  • She went away furiously indignant, while I shouted after her once more that the secret should be kept sacred.
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (29% in)
  • As he's an honorable person there's a hidden indignation boiling within him at having to pretend and affect holiness."
    Book 3 — The Sensualists (63% in)
  • You must forgive me, Alexey Fyodorovitch, I cannot think without indignation of that disgraceful action of his .... one of those actions of which only Dmitri Fyodorovitch would be capable in his anger .... and in his passions!
    Book 4 — Lacerations (62% in)
  • The girl at the window turned her back indignantly on the scene; an expression of extraordinary cordiality came over the haughtily inquiring face of the woman.
    Book 4 — Lacerations (78% in)
  • Varvara went on indignantly.
    Book 4 — Lacerations (81% in)
  • I would rather remain with my unavenged suffering and unsatisfied indignation, even if I were wrong.
    Book 5 — Pro And Contra (47% in)
  • If the evil-doing of men moves you to indignation and overwhelming distress, even to a desire for vengeance on the evil-doers, shun above all things that feeling.
    Book 6 — The Russian Monk (93% in)
  • Yet he himself (if the whole truth must be told), secretly at the bottom of his heart, cherished almost the same hopes and could not but be aware of it, though he was indignant at the too impatient expectation around him, and saw in it light-mindedness and vanity.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (3% in)
  • But even this thought of the smell of corruption, which had seemed to him so awful and humiliating a few hours before, no longer made him feel miserable or indignant.
    Book 7 — Alyosha (90% in)
  • And swelling with indignation and importance he went to the door.
    Book 8 — Mitya (85% in)
  • He was very indignant, too, at the peasant girls drinking liqueur, and eating sweets.
    Book 8 — Mitya (86% in)
  • Kalvanov was positively indignant.
    Book 8 — Mitya (89% in)
  • They were at once greatly interested, and even, to Mitya's intense indignation, thought it necessary to write the fact down as a secondary confirmation of the circumstance that he had hardly a farthing in his pocket at the time.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (36% in)
  • A sort of paroxysm of indignation seized on Mitya's soul.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (42% in)
  • But what was his indignation when Nikolay Parfenovitch came back with quite different clothes, brought in behind him by a peasant.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (59% in)
  • You can't be speaking in earnest?" he said, with indignation, looking the prosecutor straight in the face, and seeming unable to believe his ears.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (74% in)
  • He had, on the contrary, an air of stern and severe indignation with the accused, which gave him an appearance of truthfulness and personal dignity.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (82% in)
  • At last they let the young man go, and he left the room with unconcealed indignation.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (85% in)
  • But this was received with positive indignation by the ladies, who immediately called him a "naughty man," to his great satisfaction.
    Book 9 — The Preliminary Investigation (89% in)
  • "I've a regular pug nose, a regular pug nose," Kolya used to mutter to himself when he looked in the looking-glass, and he always left it with indignation.
    Book 10 — The Boys (37% in)
  • So I must confess I wasn't quite straightforward, and pretended to be more indignant perhaps than I was.
    Book 10 — The Boys (42% in)
  • "I haven't the slightest desire to show off my knowledge to him," Kolya thought indignantly.
    Book 10 — The Boys (82% in)
  • This playful paragraph finished, of course, with an outburst of generous indignation at the wickedness of parricide and at the lately abolished institution of serfdom.
    Book 11 — Ivan (12% in)
  • Ivan looked with indignation on Katerina Ivanovna's love for his brother.
    Book 11 — Ivan (44% in)
  • Ivan got up, shaking all over with indignation, put on his coat, and without replying further to Smerdyakov, without even looking at him, walked quickly out of the cottage.
    Book 11 — Ivan (58% in)
  • When, after his conversation with Alyosha, Ivan suddenly decided with his hand on the bell of his lodging to go to Smerdyakov, he obeyed a sudden and peculiar impulse of indignation.
    Book 11 — Ivan (61% in)
  • He was astounded and indignant.
    Book 11 — Ivan (87% in)
  • But he repelled with indignation the suggestion that his brother might have committed a murder for the sake of gain, though he recognized that the three thousand roubles had become almost an obsession with Mitya; that he looked upon them as part of the inheritance he had been cheated of by his father, and that, indifferent as he was to money as a rule, he could not even speak of that three thousand without fury.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (20% in)
  • The same lady, bathed in tears of long-concealed indignation, alleged that he, he of all men, had despised her for her action, which, though incautious, reckless perhaps, was still dictated by lofty and generous motives.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (44% in)
  • The charge of robbery I repudiate with indignation.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (79% in)
  • What troubles me and makes me indignant is that of all the mass of facts heaped up by the prosecution against the prisoner, there is not a single one certain and irrefutable.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (86% in)
  • —no, he only brandished the pestle in a burst of indignant disgust, not meaning to kill him, not knowing that he would kill him.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (93% in)
  • The public was restless: there were even exclamations of indignation.
    Book 12 — A Judicial Error (96% in)

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