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used in Bleak House

2 meanings, 60 uses
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1  —54 uses as in:
a direct consequence of
a result of something (often an undesired side effect)
  • If you get into debt, you must pay your debts or take the consequences.
    Chapters 34-36 (26% in)
consequences = results
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • All through dinner—which was long, in consequence of such accidents as the dish of potatoes being mislaid in the coal skuttle and the handle of the corkscrew coming off and striking the young woman in the chin—Mrs. Jellyby preserved the evenness of her disposition.
    Chapters 4-6 (14% in)
  • In consequence of the necessity of attending on the Chancellor.
    Chapters 4-6 (45% in)
  • In consequence of the judgment I expect being shortly given.
    Chapters 4-6 (48% in)
  • "I have a presentiment that he WILL mention it the first thing this morning" She stopped to tell us in a whisper as we were going down that the whole house was filled with strange lumber which her landlord had bought piecemeal and had no wish to sell— in consequence of being a little—M—.
    Chapters 4-6 (49% in)
  • In consequence of which he never kept an appointment, never could transact any business, and never knew the value of anything!
    Chapters 4-6 (76% in)
  • Why should I regret my incapacity for details and worldly affairs when it leads to such pleasant consequences?
    Chapters 4-6 (80% in)
  • The idea of Harold Skimpole with designs or plans, or knowledge of consequences!
    Chapters 4-6 (96% in)
  • I have got ten pounds more than I expected to have, and consequently I can afford to spend it without being particular.
    Chapters 7-9 (72% in)
  • Guster is minding the shop, for the 'prentices take tea in the kitchen with Mr. and Mrs. Snagsby; consequently, the robe-maker's two daughters, combing their curls at the two glasses in the two second-floor windows of the opposite house, are not driving the two 'prentices to distraction as they fondly suppose, but are merely awakening the unprofitable admiration of Guster, whose hair won't grow, and never would, and it is confidently thought, never will.
    Chapters 10-12 (15% in)
  • In consequence of which, she got into a habit of saying to me at meals, ...
    Chapters 10-12 (37% in)
  • Mrs. Perkins, who has not been for some weeks on speaking terms with Mrs. Piper in consequence for an unpleasantness originating in young Perkins' having "fetched" young Piper "a crack," renews her friendly intercourse on this auspicious occasion.
    Chapters 10-12 (42% in)
  • Besides being accomplished in all the knowledge appertaining to her post, she is almost an Englishwoman in her acquaintance with the language; consequently, she is in no want of words to shower upon Rosa for having attracted my Lady's attention, and she pours them out with such grim ridicule as she sits at dinner that her companion, the affectionate man, is rather relieved when she arrives at the spoon stage of that performance.
    Chapters 10-12 (79% in)
  • He perceives with astonishment that supposing the present government to be overthrown, the limited choice of the Crown, in the formation of a new ministry, would lie between Lord Coodle and Sir Thomas Doodle—supposing it to be impossible for the Duke of Foodle to act with Goodle, which may be assumed to be the case in consequence of the breach arising out of that affair with Hoodle.
    Chapters 10-12 (85% in)
  • Consequently, though she was very light, she was out of breath and could not speak at first, as she stood panting, and wiping her arms, and looking quietly at us.
    Chapters 13-15 (83% in)
  • Consequently we went without him, and my darling was delighted to praise him for being so busy.
    Chapters 16-18 (61% in)
  • In consequence of Mrs. Snagsby looking deeply edified, Mr. Snagsby thinks it expedient on the whole to say amen, which is well received.
    Chapters 19-21 (10% in)
  • Mr. Guppy, who has an inquiring mind in matters of evidence and who has been suffering severely from the lassitude of the long vacation, takes that interest in the case that he enters on a regular cross-examination of the witness, which is found so interesting by the ladies that Mrs. Snagsby politely invites him to step upstairs and drink a cup of tea, if he will excuse the disarranged state of the tea-table, consequent on their previous exertions.
    Chapters 19-21 (22% in)
  • Now it has been one of my duties of late to pay Flite a certain weekly allowance, deducting from it the amount of her weekly rent, which I have paid (in consequence of instructions I have received) to Krook himself, regularly in her presence.
    Chapters 19-21 (48% in)
  • If when you first came here, in consequence of our advertisement in the newspapers—when I say 'our,' I'm alluding to the advertisements of my friend in the city, and one or two others who embark their capital in the same way, and are so friendly towards me as sometimes to give me a lift with my little pittance— if at that time you could have helped us, Mr. George, it would have been the making of you.
    Chapters 19-21 (91% in)
  • In consequence of which she employs it—I should say upon every individual thing she can lay hold of, whether it concerns her or not—especially not.
    Chapters 22-24 (4% in)
  • Consequently you're very far from wanting to give trouble.
    Chapters 22-24 (91% in)
  • Consequently she is like a thoroughly fine day.
    Chapters 25-27 (92% in)
  • But she is a little dreaded elsewhere in consequence of an indiscreet profusion in the article of rouge and persistency in an obsolete pearl necklace like a rosary of little bird's-eggs.
    Chapters 28-30 (4% in)
  • From the village school of Chesney Wold, intact as it is this minute, to the whole framework of society; from the whole framework of society, to the aforesaid framework receiving tremendous cracks in consequence of people (iron-masters, lead-mistresses, and what not) not minding their catechism, and getting out of the station unto which they are called—necessarily and for ever, according to Sir Leicester's rapid logic, the first station in which they happen to find themselves; and from...
    Chapters 28-30 (24% in)
  • Consequently, I rely upon your ladyship's honour.
    Chapters 28-30 (43% in)
  • There would be more of an adventurous spirit in it, and consequently more of a certain sort of poetry.
    Chapters 31-33 (18% in)
  • We made the discovery in consequence of his having, in his eccentric way, an appointment with you at twelve o'clock at night, when you were to explain some writing to him as you had often done before on account of his not being able to read.
    Chapters 31-33 (80% in)
  • Inside the coach, and consequently not so manifest to the multitude, though sufficiently so to the two friends, for the coach stops almost at their feet, are the venerable Mr. Smallweed and Mrs. Smallweed, accompanied by their granddaughter Judy.
    Chapters 31-33 (83% in)
  • G. B. is induced to do so at a considerable extra expense in consequence of a wish which has been very generally expressed at the bar by a large body of respectable individuals and in homage to a late melancholy event which has aroused so much sensation.
    Chapters 31-33 (91% in)
  • "I think," replies Phil after pensively tracing out a cross-wrinkle in his forehead with the brush-handle, "that mischeevious consequences is always meant when money's asked for."
    Chapters 34-36 (2% in)
  • Consequently I was obliged to lead the way, as before; and in this order we returned home, to the great delight of the village.
    Chapters 34-36 (74% in)
  • The remark being made to me in consequence of my being next him as we walked, I assented and enumerated its chief attractions.
    Chapters 37-39 (38% in)
  • You see, my dear, to save expense I ought to know something of the piano, and I ought to know something of the kit too, and consequently I have to practise those two instruments as well as the details of our profession.
    Chapters 37-39 (46% in)
  • ...on him to observe a crushing aspect towards Volumnia because it is whispered abroad that these necessary expenses will, in some two hundred election petitions, be unpleasantly connected with the word bribery, and because some graceless jokers have consequently suggested the omission from the Church service of the ordinary supplication in behalf of the High Court of Parliament and have recommended instead that the prayers of the congregation be requested for six hundred and fifty-eight...
    Chapters 40-42 (23% in)
  • Consequently there was by good fortune ample occupation for my little woman, and only me to answer the shop.
    Chapters 40-42 (82% in)
  • Whether he was a better tenant than one might have supposed, in consequence of his friend Somebody always paying his rent at last, or whether his inaptitude for business rendered it particularly difficult to turn him out, I don't know; but he had occupied the same house some years.
    Chapters 43-45 (8% in)
  • If I was to partake of solid food at this period of the day, I don't know what the consequences might be.
    Chapters 43-45 (72% in)
  • Observant of these signs of improvement, Allan engages him in conversation and elicits to his no small wonder the adventure of the lady in the veil, with all its consequences.
    Chapters 46-48 (26% in)
  • "Well, sir," says Mr. George, "I can assure you that I would willingly be knocked on the head at any time if it would be at all agreeable to Miss Summerson, and consequently I esteem it a privilege to do that young lady any service, however small."
    Chapters 46-48 (33% in)
  • Consequently, it is to be expected that he takes a natural interest in this poor creature.
    Chapters 46-48 (39% in)
  • Consequently he fills and empties his glass with a smack of his lips and is proceeding with his refreshment when an idea enters his mind.
    Chapters 52-54 (34% in)
  • "Thank you!" and also with a wave of his hand, implying not only that there is an end of the discourse, but that if high families fall into low habits they must take the consequences.
    Chapters 52-54 (44% in)
  • "Once had a friend and brother serjeant of the same name," says Mr. Bucket, offering his hand, "and consequently feel a liking for it."
    Chapters 52-54 (66% in)
  • "You're a man of business, you are," returns Mr. Bucket, very attentive, "and consequently you're going on to mention what the nature of your secret is."
    Chapters 52-54 (73% in)
  • "If you WILL PARLAY, you know," says Mr. Bucket parenthetically, "you must take the consequences."
    Chapters 52-54 (86% in)
  • And Miss Summerson's wishes being to me a law (except as connected with circumstances over which I have no control), I consequently never expected to have the distinguished honour of waiting on your ladyship again.
    Chapters 55-57 (28% in)
  • For as her murderous perspective, before the doing of the deed, however subtle the precautions for its commission, would have been closed up by a gigantic dilatation of the hateful figure, preventing her from seeing any consequences beyond it;
    Chapters 55-57 (35% in)
  • ... and as those consequences would have rushed in, in an unimagined flood, the moment the figure was laid low—which always happens when a murder is done;
    Chapters 55-57 (35% in)
  • Volumnia, not being supposed to know (and indeed not knowing) what is the matter, has found it a ticklish task to offer appropriate observations and consequently has supplied their place with distracting smoothings of the bed-linen, elaborate locomotion on tiptoe, vigilant peeping at her kinsman's eyes, and one exasperating whisper to herself of, "He is asleep."
    Chapters 58-60 (11% in)
  • And so I took it from her, and she said she had nothing to give me, and I said I was poor myself and consequently wanted nothing.
    Chapters 58-60 (63% in)
  • "In consequence of which," said Mr. Bucket, dismissing his agreeable manner all at once and becoming strictly business-like, "you've got that will upon your person at the present time, and the only thing that remains for you to do is just to out with it!"
    Chapters 61-63 (57% in)
  • My mother will likewise live in the 'ouse when her present quarter in the Old Street Road shall have ceased and expired; and consequently there will be no want of society.
    Chapters 64-65 (49% in)
  • She has been disappointed in Borrioboola-Gha, which turned out a failure in consequence of the king of Borrioboola wanting to sell everybody—who survived the climate—for rum, but she has taken up with the rights of women to sit in Parliament, and Caddy tells me it is a mission involving more correspondence than the old one.
    Chapters 66-67 (72% in)

There are no more uses of "consequence" flagged with this meaning in Bleak House.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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2  —6 uses as in:
of little consequence
importance or relevance
  • It is not an illness of any serious consequence, Sir Leicester.
    Chapters 55-57 (42% in)
consequence = importance
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • This appeared to Mr. Skimpole to be the drone philosophy, and he thought it a very good philosophy, always supposing the drone to be willing to be on good terms with the bee, which, so far as he knew, the easy fellow always was, if the consequential creature would only let him, and not be so conceited about his honey!
    Chapters 7-9 (27% in)
  • consequential = important
  • In case you should think better at any time, however distant—THAT'S no consequence, for my feelings can never alter—of anything I have said, particularly what might I not do, Mr. William Guppy, eighty-seven, Penton Place, or if removed, or dead (of blighted hopes or anything of that sort), care of Mrs. Guppy, three hundred and two, Old Street Road, will be sufficient.
    Chapters 7-9 (99% in)
  • "I don't know nothing of consequential ground," says Jo, still staring.
    Chapters 16-18 (19% in)
  • consequential = important
  • The matter is not of that consequence that I need put you to the trouble of making any conditions, Mr. Guppy.
    Chapters 37-39 (97% in)
  • Sir, if I attend to my profession and do what is right by Kenge and Carboy, my friends and acquaintances are of no consequence to them nor to any member of the profession, not excepting Mr. Tulkinghorn of the Fields.
    Chapters 37-39 (98% in)

There are no more uses of "consequence" flagged with this meaning in Bleak House.

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