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Your Privacy

(Our policy has never changed.*)™ is committed to preserving the privacy and security of its participants. Information about visitors will not be sold or willfully provided to third parties. Participants information is collected only to enhance the experience of the participant and subsequent participants.

In general, our service automatically gathers certain usage information like the numbers and frequency of visitors to different pages on our site, browser type, and the date and time of your request. We only use such data in the aggregate. This collective data helps us improve our site.

To prevent abuse, our servers also automatically record the IP address of visitors and the frequency of visits to specific URLs.

We will ask you for information about your interests so you can take advantage of the interactivity of the online medium, but you may always choose to respond or not and your answer is not stored on our computer. It is placed on a cookie on your computer. That cookie will also track information to help guide your experience, for example, which words you want to review.

If you click on an external link, such as Google®, or Wikipedia®, a new window will open and it will be apparent to average users that you have entered another site with its own privacy policy. When entering another site, reasonable steps such as specifying Google's SafeSearch® are taken.

If you send an e-mail to us, we may keep your address as appropriate for follow-up. We will not send you junk mail or willfully provide your address to third parties.

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes here so you can know what information we gather, how we might use that information and whether we will disclose it to anyone.

We do not anticipate changing our privacy policy in a significant way, but should events change that in the future, we promise to make reasonable attempts to assure users who previously read this page know about the new policy. For example, as this is written, our technology and format would permit these steps which we would take in event of a significant change: If a user didn't erase their cookies, pages that use cookies can see when a computer is returning since the policy changed and could therefore alert the user. Additionally, for the first year of the change, we would move the privacy policy to the links at the top of the Home page and include the date of the last change in the link. For the first month, we might highlight the link in red, so it stands out from the typical blue links.

We don't know what tomorrow's technology and program environment will be like, but we do promise to make reasonable attempts to alert users to any significant changes in privacy policy.
* In August 2017 we stopped using cookies on new pages, but we're not changing our policy that permits them since the old pages that use them are still accessable. Also, some functionality was sacrificed with the cookies and if enough users ask that the functionality be moved into the new pages, not changing our policy will permit us to do that without having to notify everyone of the change. In that event, this footnote will change.