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they are relatives
in various senses, including:
  • a person related by blood or marriage — as in "The hospital won't let me visit her because I'm not a relative."
  • a plant or animal related by origin or grouping — "The closest relative of the dog is the gray wolf."
  • The relatives come and visit him, and he treats them all to lavish restaurant meals, leaving huge tips for all the employees.
    p. 186.2
  • Whenever my relatives came to visit us in America, they would watch the evening news a few times, and then refuse to leave the house.
    p. 19.6
  • In my family, relatives' stays were marked by seasons, not nights.
    p. 24.8
  • Between frenzied shopping trips to Sears to buy presents for our relatives back home, my mother spent her last few weeks giving gifts to our American friends.
    p. 35.5
  • We remember the kindness more than ever, knowing that our relatives who immigrated to this country after the Iranian Revolution did not encounter the same America.
    p. 36.7
  • My relatives did not think Americans were very kind.
    p. 36.9
  • We always reached Tehran in the evening and spent the night at relatives' houses.
    p. 53.7
  • The next morning, we set off again, complete with fresh sandwiches and fruit courtesy of my relatives.
    p. 53.7
  • Every summer my relatives came from all over Iran to stay with us, and, sure enough, it was always some child's turn to learn to swim.
    p. 68.9
  • News of my European failure soon reached the rest of my relatives, thus cementing my reputation as The One Incapable of Swimming.
    p. 72.2
  • All the other relatives prepare their favorite Persian dishes and we place them next to the stuffed turkey with all the trimmings.
    p. 74.3
  • My relatives and I are proud to be Iranian, but we also give tremendous thanks for our lives in America, a nation where freedom reigns.
    p. 75.4
  • It's All Relatives
    p. 96.0
  • Growing up in Iran, I was surrounded not by snow or tanned people, but by relatives.
    p. 96.6
  • Not surprisingly, my native language, Persian, contains many more precise words for relatives than does the English language.
    p. 96.7
  • As boring as graduation ceremonies are, my relatives attend every one, rejoicing in the academic accomplishments of the children and grandchildren.
    p. 102.3
  • My relatives also attend one another's housewarming parties, New Year's celebrations, and baby showers, all en masse.
    p. 102.6
  • Together, my relatives form an alliance that represents a genuine and enduring love of family, one that sustains them through difficulties and gives them reasons to celebrate during good times.
    p. 103.2
  • Now, whenever we visit my relatives, all of whom dote on my husband, I realize that he didn't marry me despite my tribe, he married me because of them.
    p. 103.8
  • Without my relatives, I am but a thread; together, we form a colorful and elaborate Persian carpet.
    p. 103.9
  • For twelve days after the equinox, people visit relatives and friends, always starting with the eldest.
    p. 106.4
  • In Iran, whenever we had free time, we got together with relatives.
    p. 107.6
  • Not even when my relatives ended their fasts during the holy month of Ramadan had I seen people consume this much food.
    p. 128.6
  • Since the French also kiss twice on the cheek, Francois was not completely frightened by the throng of relatives waiting to give him a peck.
    p. 150.1
  • He did, however, complain about certain relatives whose pecks were a little juicier than he would have liked.
    p. 150.2
  • Even after my church ceremony, when everyone is supposed to leave the church quietly and in order, my relatives broke into a major kissing ceremony, making us look as if we had never been to a church wedding before, which was true.
    p. 150.4
  • Relatives in Iran, that's who.
    p. 152.3
  • And my female relatives had known them all.
    p. 162.5
  • I resembled my maternal relatives, but the nose wasn't quite bad enough to invite comparison to a puppet.
    p. 162.6
  • The consensus among my female relatives was that even though my nose wasn't horrific, it could use a little improvement.
    p. 162.7
  • Despite the ominous warnings from my female relatives that noses keep growing well into adulthood, I managed to graduate from college, get married, and have children, all with my original nose.
    p. 163.2
  • Each year, my relatives in Iran, a country whose people are known for hospitality, beg my parents to stay with them, but my father refuses, explaining that staying in a suite is not something he can afford anywhere else.
    p. 186.0

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  • To my family, a vacation usually meant going to a relative's house and sleeping on the floor, squeezed between several cousins.
    p. 59.8
  • For my American friends, "a visiting relative" meant a three-night stay.
    p. 24.7

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