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  • The doors to the rest of the huts were closed up tight, not a sound heard from within, and the SEALs continued toward Objective Lake James.
    p. 270.9
  • Since late 2009, intelligence networks had been tracking a Kunar Province Taliban leader—code-named Objective Lake James—who had already taken credit for numerous deaths among coalition forces.
    p. 6.2
  • What made Objective Lake James one of the three most difficult (described by Command as "audacious") missions in the war up to then were two facts.
    p. 7.3
  • Located in a narrow valley deep within wooded mountains, the objective was surrounded by enemy who had chiseled their homes into formidable, often terraced slopes and rocky cliff faces.
    p. 7.3
  • Two days later, about forty-five minutes after the first bombs struck military targets outside Baghdad, President Bush addressed the nation and outlined the objectives of what would be a military invasion of Iraq: .... to disarm Iraq, to free its people, and to defend the world from grave danger....
    p. 161.6
  • He is the first to sneak up to an objective while the rest of the team holds security from a distance.
    p. 171.5
  • A different teammate describes how he and Adam were going after a bomb maker at another objective when they entered the interior room of a residence.
    p. 230.9
  • Objective Lake James
    p. 254.0
  • Since 2008, DEVGRU's intelligence networks had been tracking a Kunar Taliban leader, code-named Objective Lake James, who "had more blood on his hands than any other Taliban leader in his district," says an Army officer familiar with operations in the Pech River Valley.
    p. 260.1
  • That was what Objective Lake James was—a snake, and we had to find where his hole was.
    p. 260.9
  • In one word: brutal, and that didn't even include the enemy target, Objective Lake James.
    p. 265.4
  • American forces had never been to the valley where Objective Lake James was holed up.
    p. 265.5
  • He and his fellow snipers had helped choose the landing zone and mapped out the route over which they would lead their teammates through the mountains to Objective Lake James.
    p. 267.9
  • About three-quarters of the way to the objective, after the assault force's route merged into a man-made trail, a dog began to bark ferociously from a small enclave of rock-and-timber huts that air reconnaissance had missed.
    p. 270.6
  • It had taken over six hours for the final remnants of the assault force—the Afghans, prodded by Adam the entire way—to reach the objective rally point.
    p. 271.7
  • "IT'S HARD TO DESCRIBE TO SOMEBODY who hasn't been in these mountains, and visited these villages, just how badass the Objective Lake James op was," says an Army NCO (noncommissioned officer) who was on a mortar team at one of the forward operating bases that James had been attacking.
    p. 272.1
  • Vindicated by confirmation of the death of Objective Lake James, Adam's team loaded back into the helicopters that night and escorted his body from eastern Afghanistan to the military airbase at Bagram, where uniformed servicemen and women, hundreds this time, waited on the tarmac.
    p. 292.1
  • A week after Adam's death, leadership from the Army battalion based at the FOB, the unit that had been repeatedly attacked by Objective Lake James, requested a picture of Adam to post alongside those of the battalion's own men killed on their yearlong deployment in the Kunar.
    p. 306.4

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