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used in I Am a Seal Team Six Warrior

36 uses
  • Although people thought I would never walk without a limp, I did.
    p. 157.7
  • Although the middle of a city may not seem the logical place for navy commandos, SEALs are trained to fight anywhere.
    p. 3.7
  • Although I don't remember the exact physical screening test requirements when the SEALs tested me, they were similar to today's: a 500-yard swim within 12.
    p. 21.2
  • Although running and swimming came hard for me, the obstacle course turned out to be one of my favorite events.
    p. 25.2
  • Officer standards were 80 percent or higher, although we had already lost all our officers.
    p. 33.8
  • Although the Top Secret SEAL Team Six existed, I knew nothing about it.
    p. 39.2
  • Although I respect that he created Team Six, Marcinko gave us a black eye by disrespecting people who weren't SEALs—and by disrespecting SEALs who weren't part of his clique.
    p. 44.6
  • Although General Norman Schwarzkopf had used British special ops, the Special Air Service (SAS), at the beginning of the war, he didn't use American special ops.
    p. 44.9
  • On a side note, although the SEALs had specifically rehearsed to protect the oil wells in Kuwait, Schwarzkopf didn't use us.
    p. 45.2
  • Although we had sixteen guys in our platoon, one would remain as a sniper in each of the two circling helicopters.
    p. 46.8
  • Although SEALs often dress differently and carry a variety of weapons, the location of our blowout kit is universal.
    p. 53.4
  • Although blasting caps alone aren't powerful enough to blow off a hand, they have been known to blow off a careless finger or two.
    p. 53.9
  • Although we spent a little time on skills such as how to break into a car and how to start it with a screwdriver, we spent more time on how to maneuver the vehicle and shoot from it.
    p. 65.5
  • Although we had some injuries, none of them were fatal.
    p. 67.0
  • Although we would stay in Red Team, we would also become members of Black Team—the snipers.
    p. 68.3
  • Although other Somali leaders tried to reach a peace agreement, Aidid would have none of it.
    p. 85.8
  • Although he should've played a more central role in leading and planning, he limited his role to setting up who would stand watch on Pasha's roof at what times.
    p. 90.7
  • Our procedures were covert enough that an enemy wouldn't know a signal was being given, and although we kept the procedures simple enough for our assets to remember, we spent hours reviewing the procedures with them.
    p. 93.7
  • Although nothing happened this time, later SIGINT would vector in military strikes and succeed in destroying some of the mortar positions.
    p. 95.5
  • Although he was popular within his own clan, people outside Aidid's clan didn't like him.
    p. 96.4
  • Although Aidid moved around a lot, his daughter made a mistake, mentioning on the phone where he was staying.
    p. 100.3
  • Although I received formal training for such tactics, our guards figured this out on their own.
    p. 101.1
  • Although I didn't know it at the time, the al Qaeda advisers in Somalia probably included Osama Bin Laden's military chief, Mohammed Atef.
    p. 103.9
  • Although no communication traffic reached SIGINT, several large explosions came from the direction of the airport.
    p. 107.2
  • Although we had lost Pasha, we still had targets to act on.
    p. 110.9
  • Although the air force CCTs and PJs were not as specialized in skills like door-kicking, they were experts in their fields—to a higher level than SEAL or Delta operators.
    p. 111.8
  • Although we'd loaded up the Humvees for an assault on Attu's house, that was also canceled.
    p. 119.7
  • Although SEALs are known for their small numbers and efficiency, the military as a whole is huge and cumbersome— requiring us to be patient.
    p. 120.1
  • In reality, although he dressed in semiformal shirt and mucawi, he sniveled.
    p. 121.8
  • Later that day, although I didn't want to, we got together with Delta on the runway for a group picture.
    p. 126.1
  • Although Delta missed snatching Qeybdid, they'd captured a lieutenant of similar rank, Mohamed Assan Awale.
    p. 136.2
  • Although surprised for the second time during combat, I still felt superior as a SEAL Team Six sniper—Howard Wasdin.
    p. 143.2
  • Although the skin-grafted area was bandaged, the pins were visible.
    p. 152.9
  • Although twice wounded, he continued to pull security and engage a superior enemy force from his vehicle.
    p. 156.5
  • Although I should've known that family ties are stronger than job ties, I'd sacrificed my family for the Teams.
    p. 157.1
  • Although still experiencing daily pain and sleepless nights from my injuries, I recovered to the point that I could receive an assignment to protect Ambassador to the Philippines John Negroponte, who had received death threats.
    p. 157.8

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