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used in No Easy Day

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to attack someone or something physically or verbally; or to threaten violence
  • For the first time since getting the ten-minute call before the assault, I finally took my helmet off.
    p. 260.4
  • The mission was a team effort, from the intelligence analysts who found Osama bin Laden to the helicopter pilots who flew us to Abbottabad to the men who assaulted the compound.
    p. xii.8
  • His job was to cover the south side of the compound as the assault team fast-roped into the courtyard and split up to our assignments.
    p. 5.1
  • We had completed similar assaults countless times before.
    p. 5.9
  • We were going to circle around to the south, land, and assault from outside the wall.
    p. 7.6
  • It would add precious time to the assault and allow anyone inside the compound more time to arm themselves.
    p. 7.7
  • If you are lucky to complete this training and go to an assault squadron on the second deck, trust me, you won't be doing basic CQB.
    p. 26.4
  • The "second deck" was where all of the assault squadrons worked at the command back in Virginia Beach.
    p. 26.6
  • To fill out the squadrons, the instructors would rank the whole class and then assault squadron master chiefs would sit around a table and pick new members from my Green Team class.
    p. 37.4
  • DEVGRU assault squadrons are augmented by intelligence analysts and support personnel.
    p. 37.9
  • I had them set up my two M4 assault rifles, one with a fourteen-inch barrel and one with a ten-inch barrel.
    p. 44.7
  • We would land on the roof of a target compound and then assault down.
    p. 56.7
  • The rest of the force would arrive in armored vehicles and clear the ground floor and assault up.
    p. 56.8
  • Our team was tasked with flying via Little Bird to the roof and assaulting down.
    p. 57.9
  • "I want you to level the second floor," the assault leader yelled to the Bradley's commander perched in the hatch on top of the turret.
    p. 60.8
  • Pulling back, I saw the assault leader run up to the Bradley.
    p. 61.0
  • "I want you to level the whole second floor," the assault leader repeated.
    p. 61.1
  • Tactically, it didn't make sense to assault up the stairs.
    p. 62.6
  • "If we'd actually landed on the right building," Jon said, "the four of us would have assaulted into a barricaded position on the second floor.
    p. 64.5
  • We had a combat assault dog with us.
    p. 68.3
  • So, when I got to DEVGRU, I typically acted as the point man for my assault team.
    p. 73.0
  • He did several tours as an assaulter, then headed up the squadron's combat assault dog program before becoming my team leader.
    p. 80.0
  • He did several tours as an assaulter, then headed up the squadron's combat assault dog program before becoming my team leader.
    p. 80.1
  • Minutes later, I saw the small parachute attached to a massive gray high-speed assault craft (HSAC) snap open and start to drag the boat out of the back of the plane.
    p. 89.9
  • The plan was to drop them and the crews first, followed by the assault teams.
    p. 90.1
  • The USS Boxer, an amphibious assault ship used to carry Marines into battle, was going to rendezvous with us and we'd stage off of her deck.
    p. 90.6
  • The team that went over to the Bainbridge was made up of an assault team, multiple snipers, and a small command element.
    p. 94.8
  • Sending the combat assault dog, which Phil had nicknamed the "hair missile," ahead, we spent the rest of the night chasing down the remaining fighters.
    p. 101.8
  • Phil and another assaulter chased a fighter into one of the compounds, while the rest of us started to clear a field of waist-deep grass.
    p. 101.9
  • Behind me, I could hear intermittent gunfire as Phil and another assaulter were in a firefight with a barricaded shooter in one of the compounds.
    p. 102.4
  • Without a doubt, the shooter in the ditch would have ambushed us, which proved the value of the combat assault dog.
    p. 103.3
  • It wasn't as safe as patrolling in, but it wasn't as dangerous as flying to the X. It was the only way we could assault the target and clear it before the sun came up.
    p. 108.9
  • Phil took the dog team and one assaulter.
    p. 111.2
  • They sent the combat assault dog ahead.
    p. 115.3
  • We didn't expect to make contact until we assaulted the actual compound a few hours later.
    p. 118.9
  • No one was hurt badly, but shrapnel from the RPGs hit an Army Ranger, our interpreter, an Afghan soldier partnered with us, and our combat assault dog.
    p. 119.9
  • We decided to scrap the plan of my team going up the goat trail and we would all combine into a single patrol taking the road part of the way up the valley, then split off and loop around to the high ground and assault the target from above.
    p. 125.1
  • From the patrol up the mountain, to the assault, it was a textbook raid incorporating all of the lessons we had learned from previous missions.
    p. 137.4
  • Just load out your standard assault stuff, and we'll tell you more Monday."
    p. 147.6
  • The night I got into Pakistan, the Air Force started their bombing campaign leading up to the team's air assault into the area.
    p. 152.2
  • An interpreter and a combat assault dog, named Cairo, rounded out the team.
    p. 158.4
  • Kids are typically found at most targets we assault, so this was an issue we were very familiar with.
    p. 166.2
  • Two assaulters and the CAD (combat assault dog) would patrol the perimeter of the compound.
    p. 167.6
  • The president still had not signed off on the ground-assault option.
    p. 170.9
  • The assault was risky, but the air strike added additional complications.
    p. 171.9
  • This target wasn't any more complicated than hundreds of others we'd assaulted over the years.
    p. 174.2
  • We also practiced tracking down squirters if someone ran from the target before the assault.
    p. 175.3
  • Finally, each assault team leader got up and briefed their individual tasks.
    p. 176.9
  • We were going to assault a mock compound so the VIPs could watch.
    p. 177.7
  • She had made it known in the beginning that she was not a fan of the ground-assault option.
    p. 183.8
  • Because Will spoke Arabic, he was the only member of his squadron selected to go with us on the assault.
    p. 187.1
  • Using the massive CH-47 helicopters, which were basically flying school buses, the QRF would carry inflatable fuel bladders so the Black Hawks carrying the assault teams could stop for much-needed gas on the return flight to Jalalabad.
    p. 187.4
  • In one cargo pocket, I had my assault gloves and leather mitts for fast-roping.
    p. 202.6
  • Between the radios, I carried three magazines for my H&K 416 assault rifle and one baseball-size fragmentation hand grenade.
    p. 203.2
  • The task was to assault a house and capture or kill a target.
    p. 205.7
  • Each and every assaulter had sacrificed so much throughout their individual careers to get to this point.
    p. 212.7
  • Squinting against the assault of rocks and dust, I realized we were still about six feet above the ground at a steep angle.
    p. 215.1
  • The team was supposed to be assaulting the third floor by now, but they were still trying to gain entry.
    p. 219.9
  • Someone inside had an assault rifle.
    p. 221.1
  • We all wanted to continue the assault up the stairs, but Charlie reported over the radio that an additional metal gate was blocking our path to the second floor.
    p. 228.0
  • The assaulter stepped away from behind the door just as Charlie set off the charge.
    p. 230.1
  • I noticed another assaulter three or four steps up the stairs holding security on the landing between the second and third decks.
    p. 231.5
  • While holding security, the assaulter had seen a man quickly poke his head down around the landing.
    p. 231.6
  • "Khalid," the assaulter whispered.
    p. 231.8
  • The second he stuck his head back around the corner, the assaulter shot him in the face.
    p. 232.4
  • The assaulter holding security was now on point as we followed him up the stairs.
    p. 234.3
  • Another assaulter and I trained our lasers on his chest and fired several rounds.
    p. 236.5
  • After they were inserted, two assaulters and Cairo, the combat assault dog, did a sweep of the perimeter.
    p. 249.9
  • "Post assault, five minutes," Mike finally said.
    p. 250.7
  • About thirty-eight minutes ago, all I wanted to do was push the rope out of the helicopter, slide down it, and assault the compound.
    p. 258.4

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