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used in Gifted Hands

62 uses
  • Although I believe it was the correct decision, the process wasn't easy.
    p. 212.6
  • Although they were joined at the head, even at 7 months of age each had his own personality—one playing while the other slept or ate.
    p. 7.7
  • We were poorer then, and I could tell Mother worried, although she didn't say much to Curtis or me.
    p. 12.3
  • My mother is an attractive woman, five feet three and slim, although when we were kids I'd say she was on the plump side of medium.
    p. 15.9
  • Although I was only 8, my decision seemed perfectly natural.
    p. 24.5
  • Although no one specifically said anything to me about my being Black, I think my poor record reinforced my general impression that Black kids just were not as smart as White ones.
    p. 27.6
  • Although not a conscious thing on my part, I like to look back and think that my intellectual growth helped to erase the stereotypical idea of Blacks being intellectually inferior.
    p. 36.9
  • Although I wasn't quite at the top, only one or two others passed me in grades.
    p. 43.4
  • When I was 12 and more mature, I realized that although I'd been emotionally touched at age 8 and even had been baptized, I hadn't understood exactly what being a Christian meant.
    p. 49.7
  • "Although I've been baptized," I said, "I didn't really grasp the significance of what I was doing."
    p. 49.8
  • Although I had no question about wanting to be a doctor, the particular field of medicine wasn't always so clear.
    p. 58.2
  • I really admired my brother, although I would never have told him so.
    p. 59.3
  • It was a six-year program (although he did not re-enlist after his four-year stint).
    p. 59.9
  • He was Black, well-built, and serious most of the time, although he had a fine sense of humor.
    p. 62.1
  • Although I was doing well in most of the academic subjects, I realized I didn't know a lot about the arts.
    p. 66.3
  • Although I had been holding on to the bottom rung of the class from the first week at Yale, the professor had a rule that might save me.
    p. 72.9
  • Although said a little differently, my mother had given me the same advice.
    p. 85.6
  • Although I'd been walking aimlessly, I looked up and realized I was just outside Battell Chapel on the old campus.
    p. 86.2
  • And although Candy had played the organ for her high school baccalaureate service, she hadn't had much of an opportunity to keep in practice.
    p. 90.6
  • A light snow had fallen the day before, although most of it had melted.
    p. 92.4
  • After graduating in 1973 from Yale, I ended up with a fairly respectable grade point average, although far from the top of the class.
    p. 96.7
  • He and I used to play table soccer (sometimes called foosball), and, although I had never played before, almost from the first lesson I did it with speed and ease.
    p. 99.4
  • Fortunately, I always could, although I was still a medical student.
    p. 103.4
  • Only one problem faced me: Johns Hopkins accepted only two students a year for neurosurgery residency although they averaged 125 applications.
    p. 106.3
  • Although he didn't say it, I'm convinced that my interest in classical music was a decisive factor.
    p. 108.0
  • Actually this turned out to be an advantage, although I didn't plan it that way.
    p. 110.6
  • Although I didn't say it, I would like to have told her, "It's all right because I realize most people do things based on their past experiences.
    p. 112.9
  • Although he was the chief resident, I knew that the chiefs of the departments were the ones who made the decisions.
    p. 115.8
  • Aside from the racial matter, from my perspective I couldn't see that going to Australia for a year of residency would add anything in terms of my career, although it would certainly be interesting.
    p. 125.0
  • Yet, strange as it seemed, although I'd dismissed Australia, the topic dogged me.
    p. 125.4
  • Although the racial issue was settled, Candy and I still flew to Perth with a great deal of trepidation.
    p. 127.2
  • Although they had only four consultants in Western Australia, these men were all extremely good, among the most talented surgeons I've ever seen.
    p. 127.6
  • * He told the board that, although I was only 33, I had a wide range of experience and invaluable skills.
    p. 132.8
  • Although the results of previous hemispherectomies had been poor, surgeons felt they could now do a better job with fewer side effects.
    p. 136.8
  • Although born normal, Maranda Francisco had her first grand mal seizure at 18 months, a convulsion characteristic of epilepsy that we sometimes call an electrical storm in the brain.
    p. 137.0
  • Dr. John M. Freeman, the director of pediatric neurology at Hopkins, has said, "We're not even sure whether it's caused by a virus, although it leaves footprints like a virus."
    p. 137.9
  • Although the seizures affected only her right side, Maranda was forgetting how to walk, talk, eat, and learn, and she needed constant medication.
    p. 138.2
  • Although he had not performed any himself, he knew of two successful hemispherectomies and was convinced that they were viable surgical options.
    p. 140.0
  • Although I had warned them of the possible complications of surgery at the time they consented, I wanted to make certain they heard everything again.
    p. 142.7
  • Third, although I'd done my written examination for certification as a neurosurgeon, I hadn't yet taken my oral board exams.
    p. 149.6
  • Although that was my first encounter with the media, I've tended to shy away from certain types of media coverage on television, radio, and print.
    p. 150.3
  • Although both have distinct functions, one side has the major responsibility for language and the other for artistic ability.
    p. 150.6
  • Although she was older than any of my other patients, we went ahead with the hemispherectomy.
    p. 151.5
  • Although the cause for the emergency could have concerned half a dozen other cases, intuitively I knew that something had happened to Jennifer.
    p. 153.8
  • Although I continued to function, for the next several days I lived under a cloud of depression and pain.
    p. 155.5
  • At least they now had Beth alive, although she was obviously getting worse.
    p. 159.4
  • Our opposition deserved a fair hearing, although we insisted upon the final word.
    p. 164.7
  • In the months afterwards, although I didn't know it at the time, I would do other and more controversial surgeries.
    p. 166.8
  • Although rare, a plus four—for dire emergency—galvanizes everyone into action.
    p. 168.1
  • Six months after the event (when I last had contact with the family), Charles had still not fully recovered, although he is active, walking and talking, and is developing a dynamic personality.
    p. 172.2
  • Although I had consented to do the surgery, I had to explain to Craig and Susan that this tumor and cyst were probably in the brain stem.
    p. 181.8
  • Although I agreed to the surgery, I still did not know the best course of action.
    p. 182.1
  • Although lying in bed, he was smiling, moving around, even making jokes.
    p. 183.0
  • Although I'd known Craig and Susan were both strong Christians, more than at any other time, I saw it evidenced then.
    p. 183.6
  • The brain operates on electrical activity, and the activity coming through the brain stem on that side was gone although the other side remained undamaged.
    p. 184.9
  • Although I tried to keep from thinking about what would happen, I knew too well.
    p. 185.3
  • Mother love never deserted Theresa Binder, although the days ahead were difficult—heartbreaking at times.
    p. 193.0
  • Although the twins shared no vital organs, they did share a section of the skull and skin tissue, as well as a major vein responsible for draining blood from the brain and returning it to the heart.
    p. 193.2
  • Although free, the twins immediately faced a potentially deadly obstacle.
    p. 199.1
  • Although they were estimating, these two men were so skillful that when they handed the pericardium to Long and me, all of the pieces fitted perfectly.
    p. 200.8
  • Although we hadn't known it, the waiting room and corridors were alive with reporters.
    p. 205.0
  • Although some of the others responded to questions, as the chief spokesmen Mark Rogers and I answered most of them.
    p. 206.3

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