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used in The Mysterious Benedict Society

24 uses
  • Although, wasn't something missing?
    p. 344.7
  • Although he was only eleven years old, he was quite used to figuring things out for himself.
    p. 2.3
  • "Things must change NOW!" was the slogan plastered on billboards all over the city (it was a very old slogan), and although Reynie rarely watched television, he knew the Emergency was the main subject of the news programs every day, as it had been for years.
    p. 3.2
  • And again, Reynie realized that he did not, although he was sure everyone else did.
    p. 10.5
  • Although there were two more answers to choose from, Reynie didn't read them.
    p. 22.7
  • With mounting excitement, Reynie read the next one, and sure enough, although the question itself made no mention of subatomic particles or Indian physicists, there was a long discussion of them in answer D. Not only were all the answers buried in the test, he realized, they were listed in order.
    p. 26.5
  • His thick white hair was shaggy and mussed, his nose was rather large and lumpy like a vegetable, and although it was clear he had recently shaved, he appeared to have done so without benefit of a mirror, for here and there upon his neck and chin were nicks from a razor, and occasional white whiskers that he'd missed altogether.
    p. 71.5
  • Although the condition takes different forms with different people, in my case an attack is usually triggered by strong emotion.
    p. 75.5
  • Although Constance yawned and scratched at an insect bite on her ankle, no one else moved or spoke a word.
    p. 85.6
  • Standing there in the lamplit room, reflecting upon Sticky's life as he slept, Reynie experienced a curious mixture of admiration, affection, and sympathy — curious because although he'd known the boy for only a day, it seemed as if they'd been friends for ages.
    p. 86.6
  • And yet, although in an important part of every mind this child's messages are being heard, understood, and taken seriously, in another part — the part that is aware of itself — the messages remain undetected.
    p. 99.6
  • "Although I wouldn't say 'just.'
    p. 100.9
  • "You see," Mr. Benedict began again, "although most people care about the truth, they can nonetheless — under certain circumstances, and given proper persuasion — be diverted from it.
    p. 102.4
  • Somehow it was believed that these missing agents chose to go away — were given plum assignments in sunny climates, perhaps, or else had gone into early retirement — although there was no evidence of any such thing.
    p. 104.2
  • It was true: A large patch in the middle was different from the rest, although the difference was so subtle only a botanist — or Sticky — would have noticed it.
    p. 161.8
  • And yet, in certain ways, the Institute did remind them of other schools: Rote memorization of lessons was discouraged but required; class participation was encouraged but rarely permitted; and although quizzes were given every day, in every class, there was always at least one student who groaned, another who acted surprised, and another who begged the teacher, in vain, not to give it.
    p. 188.3
  • In fact, I think I'll write an insulting poem about her .... although, come to think of it, 'Martina' makes for a tricky rhyme."
    p. 218.4
  • My Executives have just reported that although her quiz scores are improving, she remains quite unruly — sleeping during lessons, refusing to speak when questioned, making sour faces at the Executives, that sort of thing.
    p. 237.4
  • And although currently its proper function depends upon my being present and connected —
    p. 318.3
  • And so, although she might seem distracted, Kate was actually listening carefully as the boys told of their experience in the Whispering Gallery.
    p. 329.5
  • Although the origin and cure of this disease have yet to be found, they're being investigated by a group of experts headed by none other than Ledroptha Curtain, the highly regarded scientist and our newly named Minister And Secretary of all The Earth's Regions.
    p. 348.9
  • However, it occurs to me that although the drainpipe is mouse-sized, the culvert is human-sized, and would provide a perfect hiding place for some bold eavesdropper who managed to find its entrance.
    p. 381.9
  • Although the "stomach virus" had spread like wildfire (already the bathrooms and the Best of Health Center were crowded with students), the success of their scheme had done nothing to boost their spirits.
    p. 411.3
  • The next day, although the house once again teemed with agents and rattled with the noise of a thousand phone calls, Mr. Benedict found it necessary to abandon the projects for a time and attend to important matters of a more personal nature.
    p. 479.2

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