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used in The Mysterious Benedict Society

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clear or obvious; or appearing as such but not necessarily so
  • Four doorways with four arrows each meant sixteen arrows to choose from, and there was no apparent pattern.
    p. 57.6
  • Reynie thanked him gratefully, noticing as he did so that a number of parents were casting grumpy looks at the man, apparently disliking the notion of being friendly to competitors.
    p. 9.0
  • It had been a nice idea, but apparently he did not have what it took.
    p. 23.1
  • It was all very mysterious, and not the least intriguing was Rhonda's behavior when she was dismissed along with the others: "Well, best of luck, kid," she'd chirped, playfully mussing his hair and scudding from the room in her cloud-dress, apparently not the slightest bit confused or disappointed that she hadn't passed.
    p. 29.9
  • Apparently they didn't do her any good, though.
    p. 34.2
  • Kate, apparently, felt otherwise.
    p. 53.6
  • "Apparently there's been some delay.
    p. 70.7
  • Well, perhaps you'll find this amusing: Instead of answering the questions on the second test, she composed a long poem about the absurdity of the test and its rules, particularly about the missing fourth step — which apparently reminded her of doughnut holes, because these were the topic of a second poem.
    p. 76.0
  • Next to him Sticky was squirming uncomfortably, apparently thinking the same thing.
    p. 78.6
  • She'd been awake longer than anyone, had already bathed and dressed in the fresh clothes Rhonda had given her, and — apparently unaffected by the storm — was in a much better mood than the others.
    p. 91.7
  • He started to laugh, then cut himself short, apparently not wanting to risk it.
    p. 94.3
  • "Apparently I'd received a serious blow to the head.
    p. 126.0
  • And apparently I had told the man this too.
    p. 126.7
  • Then one day he reappeared and founded the Institute, apparently having turned his genius to matters of education.
    p. 133.0
  • The sense of urgency was apparent in Mr. Benedict's tone, and Reynie lost no time hurrying back to relate his answer to Sticky and Kate, who sat cross-legged on the floor, thumb-wrestling to pass the time.
    p. 141.1
  • Then she left the room, apparently convinced that no more discussion was necessary.
    p. 145.6
  • There was only the guardhouse, the storage shed, and the loading area — all of which were apparently off limits — and a stone wall that blocked their view of the harbor.
    p. 152.9
  • "Apparently drapeweed isn't 'perfectly harmless' after all," Constance said.
    p. 164.4
  • The other group's finishing their tour, and apparently our Recruiters have brought in some unexpected new arrivals.
    p. 173.7
  • Jillson had taken her place at the front, apparently waiting for a cue from Jackson, who stood in the doorway.
    p. 175.8
  • For a long, expectant pause, they heard nothing except a sort of distant whine, but the whine grew louder by the moment, giving way to a tremendous grind and screech — as of a car changing gears and spinning its tires — and into the room shot a man in a motorized wheelchair, moving so quickly and with such apparent recklessness that every child in the room scooted backward in fear of being struck.
    p. 176.2
  • Apparently Mr. Curtain had laid down strict rules about this.
    p. 197.3
  • One girl even burst into tears; she'd once been to the Waiting Room herself, apparently, and was distraught at the mere mention of the place.
    p. 201.9
  • Graduates never spoke to a soul when they left — apparently they were too high and mighty even to say good-bye to old friends.
    p. 228.6
  • As Kate made a great production of fluttering her eyelashes and rolling her eyes loopily about, Reynie and Sticky edged past S.Q. to talk to Charlie Peters, who stood a little distance away, gazing impassively down the corridor, apparently not the least interested in Kate's fate.
    p. 229.6
  • Apparently Mr. Curtain can use his machine to wipe out specific memories without taking away everything — without doing a complete brainsweep.
    p. 269.7
  • Apparently, sir.
    p. 300.5
  • "Apparently not," said Jillson.
    p. 301.4
  • Apparently it preferred Sticky's given name.
    p. 327.7
  • Apparently there will be.
    p. 347.2
  • Apparently he took pleasure in toying with S.Q., which no doubt explained why Mr. Curtain hadn't booted him off the island years ago.
    p. 378.1
  • When suppertime came and the cafeteria roiled once again with rowdy students, the members of the Mysterious Benedict Society suddenly developed an apparent dislike for anything salty or sweet.
    p. 405.9
  • He's a lone operator, apparently.
    p. 408.4
  • Nor, apparently, was the ground a safer place to have remained, for there Kate was engaged in a furious struggle.
    p. 444.4
  • "Well, well, well, Constance Contraire," said Mr. Curtain with apparent satisfaction.
    p. 445.0

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