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Roman Emperor notorious for his monstrous vice and fantastic luxury (was said to have started a fire that destroyed much of Rome in 64) but the Roman Empire remained prosperous during his rule (37-68)
  • Our enemy is Emperor Nero.
    p. 253.9
  • Nero hadn't changed much in one thousand nine hundred and some-odd years.
    p. 271.1
  • Then again, Nero had always had expensive, impractical tastes.
    p. 271.5
  • "Emperor Nero," I said.
    p. 271.5
  • Nero will do.
    p. 271.6
  • Against Nero and his seven-foot-tall bodyguards, I had a Brazilian handkerchief, a packet of ambrosia, and some brass wind chimes.
    p. 271.8
  • Nero chuckled.
    p. 271.9
  • One of Nero's guards said something in his ear.
    p. 272.2
  • "Ah, sorry," Nero corrected.
    p. 272.4
  • Nero shrugged.
    p. 272.6
  • I found it just like Nero to go claiming major metropolitan areas that clearly belonged to me.
    p. 272.7
  • Nero made a snide little barking sound in the back of his nose.
    p. 272.9
  • Nero arched his eyebrows.
    p. 273.1
  • "Stop," Nero said.
    p. 273.4
  • Nero grinned at me.
    p. 273.5
  • Nero put his hand to his chest.
    p. 273.6
  • Nero had been the last of the Julian line.
    p. 273.9
  • Wh-what do you want, Nero?
    p. 274.0
  • Nero's eyes gleamed.
    p. 274.2
  • Nero shrugged.
    p. 274.7
  • I was now fully convinced of Nero's insanity.
    p. 275.4
  • Nero clasped his hands as if in prayer.
    p. 275.9
  • I realized the karpos was not here to protect us from Nero.
    p. 276.3
  • This is Nero.
    p. 276.7
  • I could not fully grasp this before Nero spread his arms.
    p. 276.8
  • Nero smiled.
    p. 277.8
  • I could not imagine her as Imperial anything—definitely not as a part of Nero's entourage.
    p. 278.1
  • Nero clapped politely.
    p. 278.2
  • I saw now that their fused trunks were marred from Nero's previous efforts—chain-saw scars, burn marks, bites from ax blades, even some bullet holes.
    p. 278.5
  • Nero, what have you done?
    p. 278.7
  • "Come now," Nero said.
    p. 279.1
  • "Don't say it," Nero warned.
    p. 280.0
  • Facing Nero, I remembered all the tawdry details of his rule—the extravagance and cruelty that had made him so embarrassing to me, his forefather.
    p. 280.2
  • Nero was that relative you never wanted to invite to Lupercalia dinner.
    p. 280.3
  • Nero snarled.
    p. 280.4
  • Nero rolled his eyes.
    p. 280.5
  • Talking seemed better than my other options, like helping Nero or dying.
    p. 280.7
  • "After the Great Fire," I told her, "instead of rebuilding the houses on Palatine Hill, Nero leveled the neighborhood and built a new palace—the Domus Aurea."
    p. 280.7
  • Nero got a dreamy look on his face.
    p. 280.8
  • "Indeed," Nero agreed.
    p. 281.1
  • I understand it became famous as the Colossus of Nero!
    p. 281.1
  • Nero puffed up his chest.
    p. 281.2
  • Nero waved dismissively.
    p. 281.7
  • "Nero, you wouldn't—"
    p. 281.9
  • "They will he released," Nero promised, "as long as Apollo cooperates."
    p. 281.9
  • Nero said.
    p. 282.2
  • "Nero .... you didn't say anything about making them into torches."
    p. 282.3
  • "I would be careful," Nero warned.
    p. 282.6
  • Nero cared about me, Apollo.
    p. 282.9
  • Nero snorted.
    p. 283.1
  • I did not understand everything Meg had been through, or what she was feeling now, but I knew Nero.
    p. 283.4
  • Nero's voice turned as hard as bronze.
    p. 283.7
  • "If we do this," I told Meg, "Nero will destroy the grove."
    p. 284.7
  • But then Nero or Peaches or the Germani would have just killed me.
    p. 285.2
  • But she was someone I didn't know at all: stepdaughter to the immortal crazy Nero.
    p. 286.2
  • I pictured the Brady Bunch in purple togas, lined up on the family staircase with Nero at the bottom in Alice's maid uniform.
    p. 286.2
  • Nero reeled, his hand raised as if to block an intense light.
    p. 287.3
  • Meg turned toward Nero, her eyes wide.
    p. 287.6
  • Nero recovered more quickly.
    p. 287.6
  • Then Nero stood, triumphantly holding a box of matches.
    p. 287.9
  • Nero laughed in exasperation.
    p. 288.2
  • "You're my daughter," Nero corrected.
    p. 288.6
  • Nero's frown hardened.
    p. 288.9
  • I want to relate what should have happened: how I leaped forward shouting, "N00000!" and spun like an acrobat, knocking aside the lit match, then twisted in a series of blazing-fast Shaolin moves, cracking Nero's head and taking out his bodyguards before they could recover.
    p. 289.4
  • He landed on Nero's arm, chomped the lit match from the emperor's hand, then landed a few feet away, wiping his tongue and crying, "Hat!
    p. 289.9
  • The scene might have been funny except that the Germani were now back on their feet, five demigods and a geyser spirit were still tied to highly flammable posts, and Nero still had a box of matches.
    p. 290.2
  • He hissed at me, Nero, and the Germani.
    p. 290.4
  • Nero ....
    p. 290.4
  • Nero sighed.
    p. 290.5
  • She turned to Nero.
    p. 291.1
  • Nero's tone had frayed like a weathered rope.
    p. 291.1
  • Nero took the same tone when he referred to himself as the Beast.
    p. 291.7
  • Meg had been trained to regard her kindly stepfather Nero and the terrifying Beast as two separate people.
    p. 291.9
  • I could not outtalk an orator like Nero.
    p. 292.3
  • Nero barely had time to blink before Peaches ripped the box from his hand and jumped back to Meg's side.
    p. 292.6
  • Nero raised his hand for restraint.
    p. 292.7
  • The blast was so powerful, it knocked Nero and his guards off their feet.
    p. 293.1
  • I wanted to follow, but I couldn't leave Nero and his guards alone with six hostages.
    p. 293.8
  • The trees screamed louder than ever, but Nero rose to his knees.
    p. 293.9
  • I faced Nero.
    p. 294.7
  • I just hoped I'd have enough time to rip off Nero's head and stuff it down his mauve suit.
    p. 294.8
  • Typical of Nero to keep several forms of fire-making close at hand.
    p. 295.1
  • Nero grinned.
    p. 295.2
  • I did not have the pleasure of tearing Nero's head off.
    p. 295.3
  • I let Nero go.
    p. 295.5
  • I was no less of a monster than Nero.
    p. 297.4
  • Meg was Nero's stepdaughter.
    p. 302.7
  • If I blamed her for the way Nero had twisted her emotions, I was no better than the Beast.
    p. 302.8
  • "You can't possibly believe in Nero now.
    p. 305.7
  • Meg ... Nero is the Beast.
    p. 305.9
  • Nero is my stepfather.
    p. 305.9
  • Nero is good to me.
    p. 306.0
  • Looking at the damage Nero had done to him, I added a few more items to a mental list I was preparing: Ways to Torture an Emperor in the Fields of Punishment.
    p. 308.9
  • "Nero," I said.
    p. 310.3
  • She .... she went after Nero.
    p. 310.3
  • Then you say Nero ....
    p. 310.3
  • As I recounted the story, Nero's words kept replaying in my mind: My wrecking crew will be here any minute.
    p. 310.4
  • Nero had always loved threats and grandiose statements.
    p. 310.6
  • Nero's plan became horribly clear.
    p. 310.9
  • Apollo's talking about the big replica of Nero that stood outside the amphitheater in Rome, right?"
    p. 311.2
  • "While we're standing here, Nero is going to try to destroy Camp Half-Blood.
    p. 311.3
  • If memory serves, Nero's Colossus was more than twice that."
    p. 311.9
  • What did Nero do—order it online ?
    p. 316.7
  • The Colossus was supposed to be Nero as the sun god, but the emperor had wisely made the face resemble mine more closely than his.
    p. 320.1
  • Only the line of its nose and its ghastly neck beard suggested Nero's trademark ugliness.
    p. 320.2
  • I supposed because Nero hadn't wanted his detractors trying to shoot arrows into his imperial noggin.
    p. 322.4
  • Looking up at that regal profile, I did not see Nero.
    p. 337.5
  • Nero's pride was no more than a reflection of mine.
    p. 337.5
  • But I could not stop thinking of the dryads raising their arms to the flames in the woods, and about Nero, and Meg.
    p. 343.5
  • Chiron told me about Nero and this weird holding company of his.
    p. 347.6
  • For a brief moment, I felt like Nero.
    p. 348.3
  • We know Nero is holed up in New York, so we're guessing this next Oracle is in the second dude's territory, maybe in the middle third of the U.S." "Oh, the middle third of the U.S.!"
    p. 356.1
  • I remembered how fearlessly she fought the myrmekes, and how she'd ordered Peaches to extinguish the match when Nero wanted to burn his hostages, despite her fear of unleashing the Beast.
    p. 359.9
  • I had to make her realize how evil Nero was.
    p. 359.9
  • If she tells Nero, he will know our plans as well.
    p. 360.0

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