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Greek mythology:  the most supreme of the gods
  • My mind stewed in confusion, but one memory floated to the surface—the voice of my father, Zeus: YOUR FAULT.
    p. 4.1
  • YOUR FAULT, Zeus's voice rang in my head.
    p. 4.5
  • I could barely recall what Zeus looked like, much less why he'd decided to toss me to earth.
    p. 4.8
  • Zeus needed someone to blame, so of course he'd picked the handsomest, most talented, most popular god in the pantheon: me.
    p. 5.0
  • Zeus will reconsider, I told myself.
    p. 5.2
  • I wanted to be on my feet when Zeus came to apologize.
    p. 5.3
  • Zeus must have been really angry with me.
    p. 5.8
  • The cruelty of Zeus knew no bounds!
    p. 6.4
  • Also, on previous occasions when Zeus had punished me by making me mortal (yes, it had happened twice before), I had retained massive strength and at least some of my godly powers.
    p. 7.2
  • Did Zeus send you?
    p. 12.0
  • My father, Zeus, has exiled me from Olympus.
    p. 15.4
  • Zeus would not make it so easy.
    p. 16.9
  • Usually Zeus requires me to work as a slave for some important demigod.
    p. 18.1
  • Zeus did not answer.
    p. 19.2
  • Used to be goddy
    Now uptown feeling shoddy
    Bah, haiku don't rhyme
    AS WE TRUDGED up Madison Avenue, my mind swirled with questions: Why hadn't Zeus given me a winter coat?
    p. 20.2
  • I balled my fists and wailed to the cruel sky, "Zeus, what have I done to deserve this?"
    p. 21.6
  • Zeus had affirmed her right with a clap of thunder.
    p. 24.1
  • My own father, Zeus, once took the form of a shiny blob to woo a mortal woman.
    p. 26.5
  • Accelerated healing was the least Zeus could do for me.
    p. 32.5
  • Zeus probably just wanted me to get well quickly so I could endure more pain, but I was grateful nonetheless.
    p. 32.5
  • That's when Zeus turned on me.
    p. 33.5
  • Regardless, Zeus had held me responsible for Octavian's delusions of grandeur.
    p. 33.7
  • Zeus seemed to consider egotism a trait the boy had inherited from me.
    p. 33.7
  • "Last I saw you," Percy said, "Zeus was chewing you out at the Acropolis.
    p. 34.0
  • Had Zeus taken that long to decide what to do with me?
    p. 34.2
  • We tried to overthrow Zeus.
    p. 41.8
  • But as I was saying, the second time I became mortal, Zeus got mad because I killed some of his Cyclopes.
    p. 42.2
  • But if I suffer through them and prove I am worthy, Zeus will forgive me and allow me to become a god again.
    p. 42.9
  • Yet Zeus had created a strict rule for baseball and prison sentences: Three strikes, you're out.
    p. 43.1
  • I had been busy hiding from Zeus's wrath at the time, which was a perfectly legitimate excuse.
    p. 48.7
  • No. Zeus could not possibly expect me to fix this.
    p. 50.1
  • In fact—well, Zeus would not like me sharing this information, and if you tell anyone, I will deny I ever said it—but the truth is we gods are a little in awe of you mortals.
    p. 62.5
  • Are you sure, Zeus?
    p. 71.4
  • My bus is in flames
    My son is older than me
    Please, Zeus, make it stop
    I DREAMED I WAS DRIVING the sun chariot across the sky.
    p. 80.1
  • If Zeus went around retroactively yanking my divine power out of all my descendants, half the medical schools in the country would be empty.
    p. 86.7
  • After I've done whatever tasks she assigns me, Zeus will judge that my sentence has been served, and I can once again become a god."
    p. 104.6
  • Blame Zeus for his bad judgment!
    p. 105.3
  • I barely had time to master its major scales before Zeus zapped me at the Parthenon.
    p. 113.8
  • Zeus gave birth to Dionysus out of his own thigh.
    p. 145.2
  • Zeus had cursed me with mortality.
    p. 145.8
  • I was sure Zeus had threatened her with severe punishment if she tried to help me during my time as a mortal, but she could have at least sent me a care package from Olympus—a decent toga, some magical acne cream, and maybe a dozen cranberry ambrosia scones from the Scylla Cafe.
    p. 157.9
  • Or maybe Zeus was manipulating my brain—allowing me tantalizing glimpses of the truth, then snatching them away, turning my aha! moments into huh? moments.
    p. 183.0
  • I was more certain than ever that Zeus was toying with me, keeping my vision and memory limited.
    p. 198.2
  • And thanks to the cruelty of Zeus, where I went, Meg went.
    p. 207.1
  • For all I knew, Zeus was aware of the Beast and his plans, and he had sent me here specifically to deal with the situation .... a thought that did not make me any more likely to get him a nice tie for Father's Day.
    p. 207.1
  • My father, Zeus, did not love me.
    p. 210.4
  • Up in Mount Olympus, Zeus must have been having a good laugh at my expense.
    p. 214.3
  • I silently cursed Zeus for inventing ants.
    p. 227.7
  • The way I heard it, he got upset with some greedy man who was always stealing from his neighbors' crops, so Zeus turned him into the first ant—a species that does nothing but scavenge, steal, and breed.
    p. 227.8
  • Ares liked to joke that if Zeus wanted such a species, he could've just left humans the way they were.
    p. 227.9
  • Instead of punishing me directly, Zeus or the Fates or all the gods together had visited their wrath upon Meg McCaffrey.
    p. 233.9
  • Even Zeus, who knew her best, did not often speak of her.
    p. 242.7
  • I raised Zeus in a commune with a bunch of naiads and kouretes.
    p. 243.7
  • My kid, Zeus .... he's got this whole 'tough love' disciplinarian hang-up, you dig?
    p. 248.6
  • The curse of the River Styx could kill me in its slow cancerous way, or Zeus could strike me down.
    p. 254.5
  • Perhaps Zeus was too taken aback to react, but I knew he would never overlook such an insult.
    p. 254.7
  • Zeus used to scold me about that constantly!
    p. 282.5
  • Zeus used to say, Don't get on the wrong side of my lightning bolts, boy.
    p. 291.4
  • As if the lightning bolt had a mind of its own—as if Zeus had nothing to do with the punishments he meted out upon me.
    p. 291.5
  • Many years later, when I killed the Cyclopes who made Zeus's lightning, it was no rash decision.
    p. 291.6
  • Or perhaps Zeus was just messing with me again—giving me a taste of my old power before yanking it away once more.
    p. 298.8
  • This was exactly the pep talk I needed—just the sort of thing Zeus used to say to me before my soccer matches.
    p. 337.1
  • After that .... if I survive .... perhaps Zeus will restore me to Olympus.
    p. 347.5

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