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used in The Hidden Oracle

131 uses
  • If she could do it, then so could the brilliant, fabulous Apollo.
    p. 361.8
    p. 1.3
  • Hoodlums punch my face
    I would smite them if I could
    Mortality blows
    p. 3.1
  • I knew my immortality had been stripped away, but I still considered myself the mighty Apollo!
    p. 7.1
  • "I am Apollo," I announced.
    p. 7.6
  • That's even worse than Apollo."
    p. 10.7
  • "You're the god Apollo?"
    p. 15.2
  • This is Apollo.
    p. 27.2
  • "The god Apollo," I said, thinking perhaps I should be more specific.
    p. 27.2
  • Urn, Apollo?
    p. 30.3
  • Mom, this is Apollo and his friend Meg.
    p. 30.5
  • Apollo can take a shower, then wear your extra clothes.
    p. 31.4
  • Percy, you take Apollo.
    p. 31.8
  • Apollo, I'm fine with driving you and Meg to camp if that's what you want.
    p. 35.3
  • "Apollo, if you're really mortal, like, one hundred percent mortal, can you even get in to Camp Half-Blood?"
    p. 43.7
  • "Apollo and Meg can have one, but I'm keeping the rest hostage until you're back safely.
    p. 45.7
  • Oh, yes, I hear you critics out there: You're the god of prophecy, Apollo.
    p. 48.9
  • I am the god Apollo!
    p. 53.4
  • Um, hey, Apollo ....
    p. 57.2
  • I resented that these two demigods could carry on a conversation while running for their lives while I, the immortal Apollo, was reduced to gasping like a catfish.
    p. 59.1
  • "I'm still not even sure Apollo can get in if he's fully mortal."
    p. 69.7
    p. 76.8
  • Apollo!
    p. 77.6
  • I'm Apollo!"
    p. 79.9
  • My dad, the god Apollo, is a fifteen-year-old—
    p. 84.9
  • I don't want everybody rushing Apollo at once."
    p. 87.0
  • If this is Apollo, and he dies, we're all in trouble."
    p. 91.8
  • "Apollo, it's good you are here.
    p. 92.9
  • You brought Apollo here despite many dangers.
    p. 93.9
  • Something is very wrong, Apollo.
    p. 103.6
  • "Apollo," Chiron said, "if demigods keep disappearing, we may not have a year.
    p. 105.1
  • When the giants started to wake, I drew up a very clear Twenty-Point Plan of Action to Protect Apollo and Also You Other Gods, but he didn't even read it!"
    p. 105.4
  • Apollo and I will wait on the porch.
    p. 105.7
  • I sat at the Apollo table with my children Austin, Kayla, and Will, plus Nico di Angelo.
    p. 109.9
  • "It's okay, Apollo ....
    p. 117.0
  • "Now, I know there were problems last time," he said, "but fortunately our healers in the Apollo cabin were able to reattach Paolo's arms."
    p. 119.9
  • Cursing rapidly, he pointed at Harley, the Apollo cabin, and pretty much everyone else.
    p. 120.2
  • First, please welcome the god Apollo!
    p. 123.7
  • Apollo's presence among us could be a good omen, a chance for us to ...."
    p. 124.0
  • For now, please make Apollo feel at home.
    p. 124.2
  • "Does that mean the Ares cabin should stick Apollo's head in a toilet?"
    p. 124.3
  • With any luck, she will be able to join us soon and help determine how we can best assist Apollo.
    p. 125.1
  • Will said, "Sleep well, Apollo."
    p. 131.9
  • I only heard the last, most important word: "—Apollo?"
    p. 134.3
  • "It's okay, Apollo," Austin said.
    p. 142.9
  • "Don't you worry, Apollo.
    p. 143.3
  • "Apollo," she said, "those shots were fantastic.
    p. 143.9
  • I would not he Apollo until I was really Apollo.
    p. 145.9
  • I would not he Apollo until I was really Apollo.
    p. 145.9
  • "Yes, I'm sorry, Apollo.
    p. 151.3
  • When will you destroy Apollo?
    p. 171.1
  • "Don't worry about Apollo.
    p. 171.5
  • I have well-placed help within the camp who will steer Apollo toward us.
    p. 172.0
  • Apollo will have no choice.
    p. 172.1
  • Apollo will have no choice.
    p. 178.6
  • I would have ignored Chiron's warning and run into the forest except for Will's panicked shout, "Apollo, I need you!"
    p. 178.9
  • Yes, me, Apollo .... ashamed.
    p. 181.2
  • Apollo means that we cannot send a quest without a prophecy, and we cannot get a prophecy without an Oracle.
    p. 194.5
  • Apollo ....
    p. 206.5
  • Just Apollo and me.
    p. 206.7
  • Apollo, you have to try.
    p. 207.5
  • If I hadn't let Python take over Delphi, if I'd paid more attention to the other ancient Oracles, if I hadn't lost my divinity— Stop it, Apollo, I scolded myself.
    p. 210.3
  • You're Apollo."
    p. 211.2
  • Apollo.
    p. 216.2
  • Lead on, Apollo.
    p. 216.5
  • Besides, I was Apollo!
    p. 218.5
  • I stumbled back, only remembering the geyser behind me when my shoulder blades began to blister, filling the air with Apollo-scented steam.
    p. 228.9
  • Let me just mark the location of the Apollo cabin—
    p. 235.4
  • The Apollo cabin can heal that head wound.
    p. 236.8
  • The smallest hellhound or dragon could have easily made a meal of the great Apollo.
    p. 239.4
  • The tree seemed to push me away, whispering in a voice I remembered so well: Keep moving, Apollo.
    p. 239.5
  • Peace, Apollo.
    p. 241.9
  • Apollo, Grandson, beautiful child ....
    p. 245.5
  • "They've had centuries, Apollo.
    p. 246.1
  • But there are always setbacks, Apollo.
    p. 247.3
  • Good luck, Apollo.
    p. 249.4
  • Apollo?
    p. 249.8
  • Oh, Apollo .... your sanity will be taken away, but do not ....
    p. 250.6
  • 'Apollo," Will said, "you had a concussion.
    p. 251.1
  • 'Apollo, we were worried.
    p. 251.6
  • "Look, Apollo, I don't think you're back to a hundred percent."
    p. 252.5
  • Apollo, if I'd known—"
    p. 259.6
  • Apollo, I ....
    p. 262.7
  • "Apollo," Meg urged, "let's go before she changes her mind."
    p. 266.7
  • Apollo.
    p. 270.4
  • "Lord Apollo, please," he said.
    p. 272.9
  • What made you a god, Apollo .... back when you were one?
    p. 273.2
  • And, of course, we are all descended from you, Lord Apollo.
    p. 273.7
  • You and Apollo will open the gates of Dodona for me.
    p. 274.3
  • I'm a reasonable god-emperor, Apollo!
    p. 274.5
  • Apollo, you have an affinity with Oracles.
    p. 275.6
  • You see, Apollo, Meg brought you here, just as I asked her to.
    p. 275.9
  • But, Apollo, you and Meg have been friends for just a few days—and only because I asked Meg to befriend you.
    p. 277.8
  • "We're all impressed, Apollo.
    p. 278.2
  • Apollo!
    p. 279.9
  • You know as well as I do, Apollo, we didn't have fiddles back then.
    p. 280.1
  • A statue of yourself as Sol-Apollo, the sun god.
    p. 281.0
  • "They will he released," Nero promised, "as long as Apollo cooperates."
    p. 281.9
  • Nero cared about me, Apollo.
    p. 282.9
  • Oh, Apollo .... you understand so little.
    p. 283.1
  • If Apollo objects, remind him that he is bound to follow your orders.
    p. 283.8
  • "Apollo, don't make it harder.
    p. 283.9
  • Apollo is of no use to us anymore.
    p. 288.9
  • As for Apollo and the little fruit demon, they will have to burn.
    p. 292.9
  • "You're a fool, Apollo.
    p. 294.8
  • Good-bye, Apollo.
    p. 295.2
  • I was Apollo.
    p. 296.4
  • Apollo.
    p. 297.9
  • A single voice boomed forth from the wind chimes, like a cheerleader screaming through a megaphone: There once was a god named Apollo
    Who plunged in a cave blue and hollow
    Upon a three-seater
    The bronze fire-eater
    Was forced death and madness to swallow
    The wind chimes stilled.
    p. 304.3
  • That prophecy was for a different Apollo!
    p. 304.8
  • "You're Apollo?
    p. 309.9
  • Like, the Apollo.
    p. 309.9
  • Apollo's talking about the big replica of Nero that stood outside the amphitheater in Rome, right?"
    p. 311.2
  • Apollo!
    p. 318.3
    p. 320.5
  • 'Apollo, what's wrong?"
    p. 322.5
  • Apollo!
    p. 327.5
  • Apollo, did you do this?
    p. 331.8
  • "Cecil," Chiron said, "you and Harley take Kayla and Austin to the Apollo cabin for healing."
    p. 335.9
  • "But they are the Apollo cabin," Harley complained.
    p. 335.9
  • Percy and I will assist Apollo.
    p. 336.1
  • "Apollo," Chiron said, "you must do this.
    p. 336.6
  • "You're Apollo.
    p. 336.9
  • At the moment, I did not want to be Apollo.
    p. 343.9
  • I know you, Lord Apollo.
    p. 345.9
  • Well, that made me feel much more like Lester Papadopoulos than Apollo.
    p. 346.8
  • Things can turn out differently, Apollo.
    p. 348.7
  • But I recited the lines: "There once was a god named Apollo
    Who plunged in a cave blue and hollow
    Upon a three-seater
    The bronze fire-eater
    Was forced death and madness to swallow"
    Rachel covered her mouth.
    p. 349.6
  • Apollo, your escort is on the way.
    p. 350.7
  • I don't know about calling the whole quest thing Apollo's trials, though.
    p. 359.1
  • "I can't believe I'm saying this, but for once I agree with Apollo.
    p. 361.9

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