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used in The Hidden Oracle

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a prediction of the future (usually said to be obtained in a supernatural way)
  • Even when she was not channeling prophecies, Rachel was a wise young lady.
    p. 90.4
  • Me—the god of prophecy, plague, archery, healing, music, and several other things I couldn't remember at the moment—asking a colorfully dressed street urchin for help.
    p. 16.3
  • After all, I had been the god of prophecy, master of the Oracle of Delphi, distributor of the highest quality sneak previews of destiny for millennia.
    p. 25.1
  • "But," Percy continued, "I can't get involved in another Big Prophecy or whatever.
    p. 35.5
  • Oh, yes, I hear you critics out there: You're the god of prophecy, Apollo.
    p. 48.9
  • To go on a quest, we need a prophecy, right?
    p. 49.3
  • If there's no Oracle, there are no prophecies, so we're stuck in a—"
    p. 49.4
  • Were you—were you speaking a prophecy?
    p. 81.4
  • Check your spam folder
    The prophecies might be there
    p. 93.0
  • You know that during the war with Gaea, the Oracle of Delphi stopped receiving prophecies.
    p. 98.4
  • I brought the Oracle here to continue speaking prophecies on my behalf.
    p. 99.5
  • The branches and leaves of prophecy may extend across the world, and Rachel Dare may be our loftiest branch, but if the taproot is strangled, the whole tree is endangered.
    p. 100.3
  • "The larger problem," he said, "is that we have no other source of prophecies."
    p. 100.6
  • Meg McCaffrey, prophecies are the catalysts for every important event—every quest or battle, disaster or miracle, birth or death.
    p. 100.7
  • Prophecies don't simply foretell the future.
    p. 100.8
  • Imagine prophecies are flower seeds.
    p. 100.9
  • Prophecies are not the only things that have failed.
    p. 101.6
  • What if the only way to restore you to Olympus is by reclaiming the Oracle of Delphi, thus freeing the power of prophecy?
    p. 104.4
  • I caught the words Oracle and prophecies.
    p. 125.2
  • The sacred trees are trying to speak prophecies, reaching out to those with burning questions, luring them in.
    p. 155.7
  • Even Rachel's tripod stool, the throne of prophecy itself, lay on its side on a pile of paint-splattered drop cloths.
    p. 192.4
  • She had spent hours on elaborate murals of events from the past, images from the future she'd seen in prophecies, favorite quotes from books and music, and abstract designs so good they would have given M. C. Escher vertigo.
    p. 192.6
  • Rachel leaned forward and steepled her fingers, as she did when she spoke a prophecy.
    p. 193.9
  • Apollo means that we cannot send a quest without a prophecy, and we cannot get a prophecy without an Oracle.
    p. 194.6
  • Apollo means that we cannot send a quest without a prophecy, and we cannot get a prophecy without an Oracle.
    p. 194.6
  • "You know, she wrote the Sibylline Books—those prophecies that Ella the harpy memorized."
    p. 201.9
  • Sometimes they issued prophecies.
    p. 203.2
  • I believe our enemies want to cut us off from every possible source of prophecy.
    p. 205.1
  • It could provide us with prophecies.
    p. 205.6
  • "Aren't prophecies all twisted and mysterious and murky, and people die trying to escape them?"
    p. 205.8
  • To do that, you need a new source of prophecy for this camp—an Oracle that is older and independent.
    p. 246.9
  • If you get a prophecy, groovy.
    p. 248.5
  • Yet I reached out with all my willpower and sought the voice of prophecy, drawing it to me.
    p. 285.4
  • Indiana.
    Ripe banana.
    Happiness approaches.
    Serpents and roaches.
     None of it made sense, but each line carried the weight of prophecy.
    p. 301.0
  • But I was used to prophecies.
    p. 302.3
  • But only the deadliest prophecies are couched in the form of a limerick.
    p. 304.6
  • That prophecy was for a different Apollo!
    p. 304.8
  • "That prophecy," she said.
    p. 305.2
  • Those trees can give us prophecies?
    p. 309.7
  • Did you get a prophecy from the grove?
    p. 346.9
  • You found a talking arrow that gave you a prophecy?
    p. 347.1
  • The arrow talks, but I got the prophecy from the grove itself.
    p. 347.2
  • For now, it is our only source of prophecy.
    p. 348.0
  • Tell me the prophecy you heard in the grove.
    p. 349.4
  • I was afraid they might wake the grove and drown us in a cacophony of prophecies, bad jokes, and infomercials.
    p. 349.5
  • I thought about a snippet of prophecy I'd heard in the grove: something about Indiana.
    p. 356.5
  • The prophecy from Dodona speaks of the bronze fire-eater, but .... it feels wrong for me to ask you to risk your lives.
    p. 358.4
  • "Meg knows the prophecy," I said.
    p. 360.0

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