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passed the bar examination
any of the state tests a person needs to pass to practice law in that state


the association of people qualified to practice law in a particular place
  • As you know, before I can be reinstated I have to pass the bar exam, no small feat for an old fart like me.
    p. 342.8
  • If Lucien wanted to be a lawyer again, he would be required to suffer through the ordeal of the bar exam.
    p. 144.9
  • Jake's trump card was a key provision in Mississippi law that required a disbarred lawyer to take the bar exam before being reinstated.
    p. 274.4
  • There was no way such an old drunk could study and pass the bar exam.
    p. 274.6

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  • Upon landing, he went straight to a bar and continued drinking.
    p. 579.6
  • He walked past the office of Harry Rex Vonner, perhaps his closest friend in the bar, and a warrior who rarely arrived before 9:00, often with a reception filled with edgy divorce clients.
    p. 20.3
  • Lucien wanted to corrupt him, but before he had the chance the State Bar Association yanked his license for the last time.
    p. 21.7
  • These occasions were a bonanza to the local bar as the lawyers raged in and out of court and the assets evaporated in legal fees.
    p. 32.3
  • Herschel owned a college bar near the campus of Memphis State.
    p. 40.1
  • By noon Monday the entire bar association of Ford County was buzzing with the news of the suicide and, much more important, with the curiosity of which firm might be chosen to handle the probate.
    p. 53.0
  • Beyond the bar and scattered across the rows of ancient wooden pews, there was an impressive crowd, its collective curiosity piqued.
    p. 147.9
  • She belonged beyond the bar on the benches with the rest of the spectators, but Sistrunk and Bost had jostled her into position and dared anyone to object.
    p. 149.0
  • Lettie was immediately engulfed by her attorneys, who whisked her away, through the railing of the bar and to the front row where she was circled by her family and other clingers.
    p. 158.1
  • He was alone at the bar.
    p. 198.4
  • Benjy dealt blackjack in a locked, windowless room behind the bar.
    p. 198.7
  • And I doubt if Sistrunk spends too much time reading the latest ethical guidelines from the American Bar Association.
    p. 223.8
  • They say Lucien Wilbanks has returned to the bar.
    p. 227.3
  • At the bar, Rufus managed to collect himself and his thoughts.
    p. 231.4
  • Like every courtroom, between the bar, or railing, and the judge's bench there were two large tables.
    p. 231.5
  • Minutes later, Stillman Rush and Sam Larkin appeared at the bar and said hello to their semicolleagues.
    p. 233.5
  • Sistrunk and his partner, Kendrick Bost, walked through the bar and exchanged solemn greetings with their co-counsel, Mr. Buckley.
    p. 234.7
  • Surrounded by deputies, Sistrunk was jostled through the bar and down the aisle.
    p. 240.1
  • He was working in a bar in Juneau, Alaska, in a seedy section of town where sailors and deckhands and roustabouts gathered to drink and shoot dice and blow off steam.
    p. 264.6
  • He worked behind the bar and studied every person who came and went.
    p. 265.4
  • He was happy tending bar, chatting up sailors and hookers and dispensing well-earned advice.
    p. 266.3
  • He closed the bar each morning at 2:00 and walked, half-sober, to his cramped room where he lay on a dirty bed and recalled with great nostalgia his days on the open seas, first in the Navy and later on cruise ships, yachts, even tankers.
    p. 266.3
  • In the center of the courtroom, between the bar and the bench, the tables had been joined together, with chairs crammed around them.
    p. 285.7
  • He walked through the swinging gate of the bar and took a seat at the table.
    p. 286.5
  • They met in a bar in the basement of an old building just off the square, walking distance from the courthouse.
    p. 304.4
  • I'll pay at the bar."
    p. 310.6
  • Anyway, I need written permission from a member of the bar to get into the old files.
    p. 406.9
  • The dean knew I would be too valuable an addition to the state bar to give up on.
    p. 409.5
  • The owner of the bar had threatened to post a sign barring all Russians, but of course he could not.
    p. 447.3
  • His bar had a tough reputation, which was one reason it paid so well, and in cash.
    p. 448.1
  • When another waitress was knocked down, he ducked around the bar to help her.
    p. 448.2
  • The owner of the bar reluctantly came forward and admitted he had no paperwork on the man.
    p. 448.4
  • He relayed the facts as he knew them—an assumed name of Lonny, a bar brawl in Juneau, a cracked skull, lots of cocaine, and fake papers.
    p. 450.5
  • The detective called the owner of the bar and insisted he come to the hospital.
    p. 455.3
  • After dark, he returned to his hotel, called Jake for the update, and went to the bar.
    p. 456.1
  • He plans to study for the bar and get reinstated.
    p. 464.9
  • Just because a man gets hurt in a bar fight does not give the police the right to rummage through his locked living quarters.
    p. 500.9
  • Not a bar, a dance club, a whorehouse, you name it, and Ancil's been there.
    p. 504.6
  • After dark, Lucien went to the hotel bar and said good evening to Bo Buck, the bartender, who was now a close friend.
    p. 538.3
  • They hurriedly walked three blocks to the law office of Jared Wolkowicz, a lawyer referred by Bo Buck at the Glacier Inn bar.
    p. 549.1
  • When the guards parked him he thanked them, then got up and staggered to the nearest bar and ordered a beer.
    p. 584.5

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Typical Usage  (best examples)
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