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used in Sycamore Row

45 uses
  • As long as the assets are protected, I can keep them bottled up as tightly as I wish.
    p. 634.7
  • If Mr. Hubbard died with no will, and left behind a couple of ex-wives, maybe some adult children, maybe some grandchildren, who knows, then they'd probably spend the next five years fighting over his property, assuming of course he does have assets."
    p. 18.7
  • Mr. Amburgh was vice president of my holding company and has a working knowledge of my assets and liabilities.
    p. 30.2
  • These occasions were a bonanza to the local bar as the lawyers raged in and out of court and the assets evaporated in legal fees.
    p. 32.3
  • What about his assets?
    p. 47.5
  • He had good reason to be curious since most of his own assets were so heavily mortgaged.
    p. 47.5
  • To kill time, he looked through the Index of Wills to see if any Hubbard of note had handed down land or assets to Seth, but found nothing in the past twenty years.
    p. 54.4
  • The biggest asset was a sawmill and a lumber yard on Highway 21, near Palmyra.
    p. 57.7
  • He was particularly curious about Mr. Russell Amburgh, described in the handwritten will as once the vice president of Seth's holding company and the man with the knowledge of the assets and liabilities.
    p. 72.9
  • In his will he writes that you have a good knowledge of his assets and liabilities.
    p. 74.9
  • Only assets, and plenty.
    p. 75.1
  • He could put his finger on most of the man's assets, certainly not all, but he had learned early on that his boss loved secrets.
    p. 92.6
  • Plus, he accumulated other assets that he kept out of the holding company.
    p. 97.3
  • There's a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, and quite a few other assets.
    p. 97.4
  • Well, Mr. Amburgh, you as his executor and I as his lawyer have the job of tracking down all assets.
    p. 97.6
  • There was nothing liquid about his balance sheet, but when his liabilities were subtracted from his assets, there was an impressive figure for his equity.
    p. 102.6
  • Stillman Rush calmly replied, "The assets are substantial."
    p. 110.1
  • "In a few months we'll submit to the court an accounting and inventory of all your father's assets and liabilities.
    p. 111.3
  • To do so, we'll be required to hire a CPA firm, and we know several, to track down the assets.
    p. 111.4
  • Fortunately, your father had significant assets.
    p. 111.9
  • He had unloaded most of his assets less than a year ago.
    p. 119.1
  • The house, like most of Lucien's assets and burdens, was a hand-me-down from ancestors he deemed wretched, but who, with hindsight, had done an admirable job of securing for him a comfortable life.
    p. 122.9
  • He might've had some assets.
    p. 125.5
  • I tried to sue everyone with assets, which, as you know, is a pretty damned small class around here.
    p. 125.5
  • You have some assets, no wife, no kids, some distant relatives, and you have a lovely black housekeeper who gives appearances of being something a little more than just a housekeeper.
    p. 125.6
  • If you wrote a new will today, who might get your assets?
    p. 125.8
  • I have to work with the executor, and we're assuming it will be Mr. Amburgh, to do certain things the law requires, such as notifying potential creditors, protecting assets, preparing an inventory of everything he owned, and so forth.
    p. 136.7
  • Plus there are a few other assets, maybe some real estate here and there.
    p. 137.7
  • Between her emotional meltdowns, Jake laid out the basics of estate administration—time, the people involved, court appearances, taxes, and lastly, the transfer of assets.
    p. 138.1
  • Once the executor is in place, you and he will begin the task of locating assets and identifying liabilities.
    p. 154.6
  • Hubbard, in his will, directed his executor to sell all of his assets for fair value and reduce everything to cash.
    p. 186.1
  • Even if the estate gets bogged down in a will contest, Mr. Hubbard's assets will be protected by the court.
    p. 186.3
  • On the one hand, it was what you would expect from a country boy who had managed to put together some assets in his later years.
    p. 187.1
  • His job was to gather Mr. Hubbard's assets, appraise them, protect them, and report to the court.
    p. 209.9
  • Because in that will Seth Hubbard named me as the attorney to handle his assets and property.
    p. 219.0
  • "Yes, he's a big shot now, and he has to protect his asset—my momma.
    p. 254.1
  • If he wanted to pester Quince Lundy with questions about Seth Hubbard's assets, then who could stop him?
    p. 274.1
  • There were no hidden assets.
    p. 276.5
  • In the scheme of things, and in the normal transition of assets and estates, she just doesn't figure in.
    p. 306.3
  • If a person dies with no will, then all money and assets go to blood kin and no one else.
    p. 306.6
  • Fritz and his sister sold the house and property and split the assets evenly without a cross word.
    p. 330.8
  • Yes, but he loves their assets.
    p. 432.7
  • Along with almost nothing in the way of assets, they found thirty kilos of cocaine wrapped neatly in foil and seemingly untouched.
    p. 448.6
  • The binder consisted of Lonny's worldly assets, discounting of course the cocaine, which had a street value of roughly $1.
    p. 448.9
  • He had reviewed the inventory of assets filed by Quince Lundy, and he had reviewed the handwritten will signed by Seth Hubbard.
    p. 590.3

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