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used in Sycamore Row

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a pretrial questioning of a witness or the resulting transcript
  • Or, if he's in jail, you will certainly have time to conduct a proper deposition.
    p. 631.6
  • As they talked, and as she began to relax, Jake could envision her deposition in the near future, in a room full of hyped-up lawyers all clamoring for the floor and the chance to grill her about what she and Mr. Hubbard did and did not do.
    p. 136.3
  • Lettie's deposition is set for Monday and Tuesday.
    p. 282.4
  • Five straight days of depositions.
    p. 282.5
  • "It's just depositions," Jake had said.
    p. 285.6
  • Death by deposition.
    p. 285.7
  • "It's just a deposition."
    p. 286.1
  • "I'm here for the deposition.
    p. 286.7
  • And this deposition is closed.
    p. 287.7
  • "Come on, Judge, it's just a deposition, not some secret meeting.
    p. 287.8
  • These depositions will be sealed until I review them.
    p. 287.9
  • Jake introduced Lettie to the court reporter, the other lawyers, all names and faces blurred by the sheer number, and he went into a lengthy explanation of the purposes of a deposition.
    p. 288.6
  • The court reporter would take down every word, and the video camera would record the entire deposition.
    p. 288.9
  • She was well prepared, though in a deposition it was impossible to predict what might be discussed.
    p. 289.1
  • Not so in a deposition, which often turned into a prolonged fishing expedition.
    p. 289.2
  • Portia had gone to the attic and found dozens of old depositions that she had spent hours poring over.
    p. 289.4
  • Welcome to the mindnumbing dullness of deposition warfare.
    p. 291.9
  • Jake had also explained that depositions drag on for days because the lawyers are being paid by the hour, or at least the ones who are asking the banal and monotonous questions.
    p. 292.0
  • Nowadays, everything has to be fully disclosed and every witness has to be available for a deposition.
    p. 294.4
  • Bad lawyers tried to trick witnesses, or pin them down, or confuse them, all in an effort to win the deposition.
    p. 297.1
  • Good lawyers preferred to win at trial, and used depositions as a means to gather information that could be used to set traps later.
    p. 297.1
  • Great lawyers skipped depositions altogether, and orchestrated beautiful ambushes in front of the jury.
    p. 297.2
  • Death by deposition continued on Wednesday as Jake took charge and quizzed Herschel Hubbard for several hours.
    p. 300.5
  • Her deposition kicked off at 9:00 on Thursday morning, and by then the lawyers were cranky and fed up with the case.
    p. 302.2
  • Spending five consecutive days in deposition was a rare event, though not unheard-of.
    p. 302.2
  • The lawyers partied hard every night, suffered through the depositions with awful hangovers, and two of them entered rehab when the ordeal was over.
    p. 302.4
  • From their depositions, it slowly became apparent that Seth Hubbard was a neglectful father who viewed his children as little more than nuisances.
    p. 302.7
  • And these were only preliminary depositions.
    p. 303.4
  • I'm not denigrating the woman, Jake; hell, I came to like her during her deposition.
    p. 306.9
  • From Lettie's deposition we learned that her mother was about sixteen when she was born, out of wedlock, and that she never knew her father.
    p. 317.5
  • You heard the rest of it in her deposition.
    p. 317.8
  • In her deposition, Lettie had given as many of these names as she could remember, or so she testified.
    p. 328.7
  • Last week we took eleven depositions in three days, all from members of the church who saw Mr. Hubbard the morning before he died.
    p. 346.6
  • Judge Atlee rustled some papers, then launched into a discussion about the remaining depositions.
    p. 364.6
  • Forget depositions—it would take another six months.
    p. 440.2
  • Judge Atlee asked Jake, "How many depositions have you taken?" lake replied, "Together, we've taken thirty depositions."
    p. 441.4
  • Judge Atlee asked Jake, "How many depositions have you taken?" lake replied, "Together, we've taken thirty depositions."
    p. 441.4
  • They had no plans to be nice to Lettie; indeed, based on their depositions, it was safe to expect them to lie considerably.
    p. 544.7
  • Lucien had visited Mr. Wolkowicz late the day before, retained him, and organized the deposition.
    p. 549.1
  • The purpose of the deposition is to record the testimony of Mr. Hubbard.
    p. 549.5
  • This was news to Jake and everyone else who'd read Herschel's depositions.
    p. 566.6
  • He had prepared Ramona well for her deposition back in December and taught her the art of sandbagging.
    p. 570.1
  • He knew that at trial there was no way Jake could rebut her testimony, so offer a few crumbs during the deposition, just enough to vaguely answer the questions, then load up the fiction for the jury.
    p. 570.2
  • I got deposition.
    p. 585.4
  • Deposition.
    p. 585.4
  • In her deposition she clearly stated she could not remember all the white families she'd worked for.
    p. 592.1
  • Lucien introduced himself and said that this was a deposition and he would be asking the questions.
    p. 599.1
  • The deposition was given two days ago.
    p. 600.2
  • You can't admit this deposition if I wasn't there and didn't have the chance to examine the witness.
    p. 600.5
  • It's not a proper deposition, Judge."
    p. 601.2
  • I'll withdraw it as a deposition and offer it as an affidavit.
    p. 601.5
  • When we took your deposition in December, the week before Christmas, you were not so sure about your ancestry.
    p. 603.1
  • At this time we will watch the videotaped deposition of Ancil Hubbard.
    p. 603.4

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