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Greek mythology:  the Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry


Greek mythology:  one of the three Graces
  • It'd been so long since anyone but Thalia—her former cell mate and her only friend in the world—had shown her compassion.
    p. 2.8
  • The year she'd spent with Thalia and their third cell mate, Lise, a hard-faced girl who smiled for the first time when they took Clarke away, had felt like an eternity.
    p. 3.8
  • She glanced to the side and saw Thalia grinning at her from a few rows ahead.
    p. 43.6
  • Thalia had that effect.
    p. 43.8
  • In the days after Clarke's arrest and her parents' execution, when her grief felt so heavy it was difficult to breathe, Thalia had actually made Clarke laugh with her impression of the cocky guard whose shuffle turned into a strut whenever he thought the girls were looking at him.
    p. 43.9
  • Thalia mouthed now, tilting her head toward Wells.
    p. 44.0
  • Thalia was the only person who knew everything—not just about Clarke's parents, but the unspeakable thing that Clarke had done.
    p. 44.1
  • Thalia motioned again.
    p. 44.2
  • Thalia tried to shout something to Clarke, but her words were lost in the din.
    p. 44.6
  • Clarke squinted as she scanned the rows for Thalia, her heart speeding up each time her eyes landed on another empty seat.
    p. 46.4
  • "You can breathe normally," Clarke told her, looking around to see if Thalia had emerged yet.
    p. 47.9
  • Clarke hadn't spotted Thalia, or Wells, either, although she wasn't sure whether that made her more anxious or relieved.
    p. 54.1
  • Thalia.
    p. 55.3
  • Thalia was breathing, but her gasps were labored and shallow.
    p. 55.5
  • "I swear, Thalia, it's all going to be okay."
    p. 55.7
  • Thalia was lying on one of the cots.
    p. 103.2
  • Clarke had already changed the wrappings three times since she'd found Thalia after the crash, blood pouring out of an ugly gash in her side.
    p. 103.4
  • Thalia had passed out from the pain and had been fading in and out of consciousness ever since.
    p. 103.5
  • "Hi," she whispered as Thalia's eyes fluttered open.
    p. 103.7
  • "I'm just great," Thalia said, but then winced, the pain flashing in her eyes.
    p. 103.8
  • Thalia protested.
    p. 104.2
  • She gestured toward the thin blanket draped over Thalia.
    p. 104.4
  • Thalia nodded, and Clarke pulled it back, trying to keep her face neutral as she unwrapped the bandage.
    p. 104.4
  • Thalia asked quietly.
    p. 104.7
  • "That wasn't your fault," Thalia said quietly.
    p. 104.9
  • Clarke just shook her head and turned back to Thalia, her eyes traveling from her friend's face back to the infected wound.
    p. 105.9
  • Thalia asked quietly, fatigue beginning to tug at the ragged edges of her voice.
    p. 106.1
  • Clarke stiffened and snatched her hand back from Thalia's blanket.
    p. 106.4
  • Thalia looked at Clarke with a mixture of frustration and pity.
    p. 106.7
  • Clarke sat in the dark infirmary tent, watching nervously as Thalia tossed and turned in her sleep, restless from the fever that set in as the infection grew worse.
    p. 129.1
  • Clarke turned and saw Octavia sitting up, staring at Thalia wide-eyed.
    p. 129.4
  • From the expression on Thalia's face, Clarke could tell she was thinking about her father again.
    p. 129.5
  • Thalia still didn't know what happened to him—whether he'd succumbed to his disease after her arrest, or whether he was still clinging to life, praying that he'd get to see his daughter again someday.
    p. 129.9
  • Thalia moaned and curled into a ball, reminding Clarke of Lilly on one of her bad nights, when Clarke would sneak into the lab so her friend wouldn't have to be alone.
    p. 130.1
  • Although no one was keeping Clarke from helping Thalia, she felt just as frantic, just as helpless.
    p. 130.3
  • She glanced at Thalia, whose face was still contorted in pain.
    p. 132.9
  • She watched them lumber out of the tent, then went back over to Thalia.
    p. 133.3
  • Clarke asked, moving to check Thalia's vital signs.
    p. 133.4
  • Clarke asked, and Thalia nodded.
    p. 133.6
  • Clarke pushed the blanket aside and lifted Thalia's shirt.
    p. 133.7
  • "No," Thalia said hollowly.
    p. 133.8
  • Clarke asked, purposefully changing the subject as she replaced Thalia's blanket.
    p. 133.9
  • Thalia's voice grew slightly stronger.
    p. 134.0
  • "He's done a lot to keep her safe," Thalia agreed, turning her face away from Clarke in an attempt to hide a grimace as a new wave of pain washed over her.
    p. 134.3
  • "We've all done things we're not proud of," Thalia said, her voice quiet.
    p. 134.6
  • Thalia paused to catch her breath.
    p. 134.7
  • Thalia exclaimed.
    p. 134.9
  • Thalia was the only one who knew what Clarke had really done, and Clarke couldn't bear to face that right now, to see the memory reflected in her friend's dark, expressive eyes.
    p. 135.1
  • Thalia closed her eyes and sighed, ignoring the question.
    p. 135.3
  • Clarke opened her mouth to launch a retort, but the words disappeared as she watched Thalia lean over, suddenly coughing.
    p. 135.6
  • Clarke refused to let Thalia die, and nothing was going to stop her.
    p. 135.9
  • It would give Thalia a little strength.
    p. 158.1
  • The tent was empty except for a delirious, feverish Thalia, and to Clarke's surprise, Octavia, who was just settling back in her old cot.
    p. 184.2
  • She flung the medicine chest onto the floor, filled a syringe, and plunged the needle into Thalia's arm.
    p. 184.4
  • She quickly gave Thalia a dose and smiled as her friend's face relaxed in sleep.
    p. 184.4
  • Clarke knelt next to Thalia for a few more minutes, breathing a deep sigh of relief at her steady pulse.
    p. 184.5
  • Thalia lay on her side, still asleep.
    p. 185.9
  • Clarke smiled as she hurried over to Thalia.
    p. 186.3
  • She gently pulled back the blanket to look at Thalia's stomach.
    p. 186.5
  • As long as Thalia had a full course of antibiotics, she'd make a full recovery.
    p. 186.5
  • It was hard to know exactly, but based on the strength of the light, she guessed that at least eight hours had passed since Thalia's last dose.
    p. 186.7
  • There were fewer than a hundred human beings on the planet, and Clarke wasn't going to rest until she found the thief who was jeopardizing Thalia's life.
    p. 187.4
  • She hovered wordlessly at Thalia's side, trying in vain to battle the infection that had already claimed her kidneys and seemed hell-bent on taking her liver next, seething in silent fury at Octavia's selfishness.
    p. 214.3
  • How could she sit there, watching Thalia slip in and out of consciousness, and not return the stolen medicine?
    p. 214.6
  • If Thalia could just hold on until the next wave of colonists arrived, she'd be okay.
    p. 215.1
  • Thalia's death, she knew, would matter as little to the Council as Lilly's had.
    p. 215.3
  • As she watched Thalia's labored breathing, Clarke felt a surge of white-hot fury.
    p. 215.4
  • I know you need that medicine for Thalia.
    p. 216.6
  • Octavia's eyes darted to Thalia, then shifted down.
    p. 230.4
  • She nodded, then turned to look at Thalia and seemed to deflate a little.
    p. 232.4
  • But I never meant to hurt Thalia, or anyone.
    p. 246.5
  • She put Thalia's life at risk.
    p. 248.8
  • He could just make out the shape of the infirmary tent where Clarke would be giving Thalia the long-awaited medicine.
    p. 252.5
  • Although it had been less than a few hours since Clarke burst into the tent, clutching the medicine under her arm, Thalia's fever had already gone down, and she was more alert than she'd been in days.
    p. 253.3
  • Clarke lowered herself to perch on the edge of Thalia's cot as her friend's eyes fluttered open.
    p. 253.4
  • Thalia's eyes darted around the empty tent, then looked up to meet Clarke's.
    p. 253.6
  • Thalia managed a smile.
    p. 254.0
  • Thalia raised her shoulders in an attempt to sit up, but settled back down with a groan.
    p. 254.2
  • You know I always manage to get your secrets out of you," Thalia deadpanned.
    p. 254.5
  • "Octavia had it," Clarke explained and quickly filled Thalia in on what had happened.
    p. 254.6
  • Thalia was staring at Clarke with a curious expression on her face.
    p. 254.9
  • She hadn't wanted to tell Thalia about what happened in the woods in case it made Thalia feel guilty—after all, she'd gone out looking for plants to help her and had ended up almost getting killed.
    p. 255.2
  • She hadn't wanted to tell Thalia about what happened in the woods in case it made Thalia feel guilty—after all, she'd gone out looking for plants to help her and had ended up almost getting killed.
    p. 255.3
  • She took a breath and gave Thalia a brief account of Wells rescuing her from the ruin.
    p. 255.5
  • Thalia was looking at her with a mixture of pity and understanding.
    p. 256.1
  • Clarke sighed and tucked her legs up underneath her, sitting on Thalia's bed just like she used to back in their cell.
    p. 256.6
  • Thalia's eyes were bright with excitement.
    p. 256.7
  • "How's Thalia doing?" he asked.
    p. 259.9
  • Thalia, Clarke thought in horror, and started to run.
    p. 280.1
  • Thalia!
    p. 280.9
  • Thalia had told her to make things right with Wells tonight—and then Wells had held Clarke back while they watched Thalia die.
    p. 285.4
  • Thalia had told her to make things right with Wells tonight—and then Wells had held Clarke back while they watched Thalia die.
    p. 285.5
  • So you let Thalia die instead.
    p. 285.8
  • "Thalia's dead?"
    p. 302.7

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