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used in Angelfall

30 uses
  • The soldiers have stopped shooting, although they continue to scan the skies as if expecting to see an army of demons bearing down on us.
    p. 280.2
  • I don't believe for a second that it's a real angel feather, although that's clearly what's being implied.
    p. 4.9
  • Although she was practically a baby, she still made the connection between the turkey that made her laugh and the sandwiches she ate.
    p. 6.7
  • Although the others are muscular, they look brutish and clumsy compared to him.
    p. 10.5
  • "Although even I wouldn't have predicted this kind of end for you."
    p. 11.4
  • It's been cold enough in here to keep him from smelling too badly, although I expect we'll have to move soon.
    p. 23.1
  • His touch is gentle and reverent, although his expression is hard and unreadable as stone.
    p. 66.1
  • Although the quarter-bag of cat food he's holding up does mess with the image a little.
    p. 69.5
  • Although Raffe hasn't said where the aerie is located, he's told me we need to head north.
    p. 77.9
  • Although he springs much higher than a normal man could, it is still not enough.
    p. 81.8
  • Although, frankly, I wasn't expecting a rescue attempt.
    p. 93.4
  • Although Raffe and I are prisoners here, no one is really guarding us.
    p. 107.9
  • There are mountain lions in these hills, although it's rare to see one.
    p. 130.3
  • No lights glow from the windows, although if I look hard enough, I can catch a glimpse of metal glinting in the moonlight in some of the windows.
    p. 133.3
  • Their small forms could be human or angel, although they don't move like either.
    p. 139.8
  • Eventually, the road is mostly cleared of cars, although not of people.
    p. 163.5
  • The people—although they aren't eating each other as far as I can tell—look hungry and desperate.
    p. 164.9
  • Might even be excited at how cute it is, although I have no idea if it's cute or not since I can't see myself.
    p. 166.5
  • My hair is so greasy that it's actually easier to style, although I'm not fond of the look.
    p. 167.8
  • The feathers still feel vibrant and alive, although they seem a bit wilted compared to the way they were when I first touched them a couple of days ago.
    p. 169.1
  • Although my crimson dress is tight and short, it's not out of place here.
    p. 183.3
  • It's not his utter lack of pigment, although I'm sure that would bother some people.
    p. 194.0
  • Although his voice is losing its edge, I can't help but notice that Josiah paces as far away from Raffe as he can get.
    p. 198.1
  • His eyes, although deferential when looking at Raffe, turn cold when he looks at me.
    p. 204.5
  • Although I wonder if he saw Raffe at the club with his wings displayed through his jacket slits.
    p. 213.5
  • Although I admit that late at night, I sort of fear her Devil.
    p. 217.4
  • She is revolted, although it's hard to tell if the revulsion is from her actions or from the taste.
    p. 247.5
  • He's had more time to recover than Raffe, although I'm willing to bet he's nowhere near full strength yet.
    p. 257.5
  • Although the pain obscures Raffe's warmth, I feel the pressure of his hug, the rocking of our bodies back and forth as he repeats the word, "No."
    p. 267.0
  • Although my throat feels torn out, I can hardly see the red mark where the stinger pierced me.
    p. 271.6

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