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used in The Hot Zone

12 uses
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very large in size, number, or effect
  • On the second day of the massive nuking-Wednesday—the Army caravan flowed with commuter traffic to Reston and deployed behind the monkey house.
    p. 334.8
  • He had no idea what was wrong with the man, except that he was obviously having some kind of massive hemorrhage.
    p. 25.7
  • Everything had gone wrong inside this man, absolutely everything, any one of which could have been fatal: the clotting, the massive hemorrhages, the liver turned into pudding, the intestines full of blood.
    p. 28.8
  • They performed an autopsy on him, and when they opened his skull, they found a massive, fatal hemorrhage at the center of the brain.
    p. 39.6
  • She turned right, drove past the parade grounds with its flagpole, and parked her car near a massive, almost windowless building made of concrete and yellow bricks that covered almost ten acres of ground.
    p. 57.8
  • Gene Johnson is a large man, not to say massive, with a broad, heavy face and loose-flying disheveled brown hair and a bushy brown beard and a gut that hangs over his belt, and glaring, deep eyes.
    p. 62.9
  • A few days after he died, two other salaried men who worked at desks near him in the same room broke with bleeding, went into shock, and died with massive hemorrhages from the natural openings of the body.
    p. 97.3
  • In women, the labia turn blue, livid, and protrusive, and there may be massive vaginal bleeding.
    p. 107.8
  • He waited outside in the forest while another member of the team put on a space suit and went inside and gave the monkeys massive shots of sedative, which put them to sleep forever.
    p. 149.9
  • That was a massive exposure.
    p. 262.6
  • The intestine was blitzed, completely full of uncoagulated, runny blood, and at the same time the monkey had had massive blood clotting in the intestinal muscles.
    p. 301.7
  • Finally the monkey got itself jammed down in a crack behind a cage with its tail sticking out, and Sergeant Amen hit the tail with a massive dose of anesthetic.
    p. 350.9

There are no more uses of "massive" in The Hot Zone.

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