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used in The House of Hades

38 uses
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to call forth
The exact meaning of summon can depend upon its context. For example:
  • "summon to court" — officially demand that someone appear in court (call them to court)
  • "summon the team to a meeting" — call upon the team members to attend a meeting
  • "summon help" — call others to come and help
  • "summon her courage" — call forth her courage from within
  • As you travel, practice summoning the Mist.
    p. 26.8
  • She crouched down and summoned a gold nugget from the earth.
    p. 12.4
  • When she searched for a spell to summon the god Pluto, I helped her find it.
    p. 20.3
  • She remembered her mother's confession just before she had died: how she'd summoned Pluto, how the god had fallen in love with her, and how, because of her greedy wish, her daughter Hazel had been born with a curse.
    p. 20.5
  • Hazel could summon riches from the earth, but anyone who used them would suffer and die.
    p. 20.6
  • She'd been so agitated by the visions in the doorways that she must have summoned every bit of silver in the surrounding countryside.
    p. 22.1
  • But if you do not lead us well, if we find you have lied about the summons of Gaea—
    p. 54.6
  • Unfortunately, Jason was too busy summoning his storm.
    p. 83.9
  • Leo summoned a fireball.
    p. 84.3
  • Leo summoned another fireball.
    p. 84.6
  • He started to work, summoning fire to dry out materials and do a little cooking that otherwise would have taken days to complete.
    p. 88.1
  • While the dwarfs were hacking and wheezing, he grabbed his tool belt from Akmon, calmly summoned some bungee cords, and tied up the dwarfs.
    p. 91.2
  • She didn't see how Bob could summon food in the midst of Tartarus.
    p. 164.1
  • It had been the first time Percy had summoned a hurricane—which wasn't something Annabeth would ever forget.
    p. 176.1
  • Annabeth remembered how Hyperion had summoned fiery explosions, and how many satyrs and nymphs he'd destroyed before Percy and Grover stopped him.
    p. 176.2
  • She'd tried to summon a cloud to hide the full moon.
    p. 190.2
  • I can go up there, summon gold, jewels, whatever he wants.
    p. 204.5
  • She hoped she hadn't accidentally cursed Jason's sword by summoning it, the way she cursed jewels and precious metals.
    p. 205.6
  • She wondered if the treasures she summoned would still bring bad luck.
    p. 207.8
  • If she could summon gold and diamonds, why not summon another kind of treasure—a vision of the world people wanted to see?
    p. 219.0
  • If she could summon gold and diamonds, why not summon another kind of treasure—a vision of the world people wanted to see?
    p. 219.0
  • She summoned the Mist, calling it from the depths of the earth the way she did with gold or silver or rubies.
    p. 220.7
  • The mound of riches she'd summoned sank back into the earth.
    p. 223.6
  • With a millisecond to spare, he'd summoned the winds and avoided becoming a floating patch of demigod grease on the surface of the Adriatic.
    p. 258.6
  • "Supposedly Diocletian's scepter could summon the ghosts of the Roman legions, any of them who worshipped the old gods."
    p. 266.7
  • Only a child of the Underworld can summon the dead legions.
    p. 286.9
  • Nico can summon
    p. 287.2
  • The skeletons had Cupid pinned now, but the invisible god laughed so cruelly that Jason wanted to summon another bolt of lightning.
    p. 291.3
  • Jason summoned another wind rope.
    p. 436.7
  • Leo summoned a white-hot ball of fire into his right hand.
    p. 485.4
  • If it really had the power to summon a legion of the dead .... well, Frank wasn't sure that was such a great idea.
    p. 488.6
  • He was worried he might become one of those ghosts if they lost this war—eternally doomed to pay for his failures, assuming there was anyone left to summon him.
    p. 488.9
  • Leo summoned a ball of fire to his hand, and for once Frank was glad to see the flames.
    p. 496.5
  • Jason summoned gusts of wind to blast aside javelins and arrows.
    p. 505.9
  • He summoned all his strength and yelled, "Cohorts—lock shields!"
    p. 507.8
  • Nico kept summoning more legionnaires to join the fight.
    p. 513.1
  • Leo summoned fire into his hand.
    p. 534.8
  • He summoned the spirits of some dead warriors, made them lead us here through .... um, well, I'm not sure, actually.
    p. 563.7

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