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used in Looking for Alaska

31 uses
  • I wasn't even worried about getting the Colonel expelled, although maybe I should have been.
    p. 207.1
  • Although I was more or less forced to invite all my "school friends," i.e., the ragtag bunch of drama people and English geeks I sat with by social necessity in the cavernous cafeteria of my public school, I knew they wouldn't come.
    p. 3.3
  • Between Mom and Dad and me, it only took a few minutes to unload the car, but my unair-conditioned dorm room, although blessedly out of the sunshine, was only modestly cooler.
    p. 6.5
  • Alaska had cigarettes, although the Colonel neglected to ask whether 4.
    p. 14.4
  • "Okay," I said, although I wondered: If someone punches me in the face, I'm supposed to insist that I ran into a door?
    p. 17.5
  • Although I'd never ridden in it, Alaska apparently had a car, and she offered to drive the Colonel and me to McDonald's, but the Colonel didn't have any money, and I didn't have much either, what with constantly paying for his extravagant cigarette habit.
    p. 44.8
  • Although, man, the Culver Creek football team would be a thing of beauty.
    p. 45.2
  • Although we tried to ration our smoke breaks amid the shower's steam, we ran out of cigarettes before dark, necessitating a trip to Alaska's room.
    p. 55.2
  • "Although it isn't due for more than two months, you'll be receiving your paper topic for this semester today.
    p. 69.5
  • Hyde talked about the Gospel of Mark, which I hadn't read until the day before, although I was a Christian.
    p. 69.8
  • Although she certainly does not excel at endeavors such as teaching the French language, Madame O'Malley makes a mean stuffing, and she invites all the students who stay on campus to Thanksgiving dinner.
    p. 76.5
  • Although wine consumption has risen a bit this semester, so we'll need to take a trip tomorrow.
    p. 81.1
  • It's nice to have people who will feel guilty for you, although I could have lived without my mom crying during every single family dinner.
    p. 96.9
  • He could actually have a Southern accent when he wanted to, although like most everyone at Culver Creek, he didn't usually speak with one.
    p. 101.2
  • They still stored hay there, although I don't know what for.
    p. 101.9
  • And then Alaska decided that although it wasn't nearly dark yet, it was time for us to get shitfaced.
    p. 113.7
  • We had something important in common, then, a personality quirk I didn't share with Alaska or anybody else, although almost by definition Lara and I couldn't express it to each other.
    p. 118.2
  • I could feel it, although there were two sleeping bags between us.
    p. 121.6
  • "It suits you," I said, although it didn't.
    p. 125.5
  • And I think, although I can't know, that I felt Alaska get up.
    p. 131.9
  • She had lost, although not recently, her mother.
    p. 166.5
  • "Although it sure doesn't make sense as an accident," the Colonel said.
    p. 168.6
  • Although I guess I'll have to start going to Latin.
    p. 178.8
  • Although, really, he could never suspect anything.
    p. 178.9
  • We rolled down the windows, although the February cold bit at my face and the loud wind made conversation impossible.
    p. 191.1
  • And although Katie and I were not well acquainted, she felt comfortable enough to knee me in the balls.
    p. 192.6
  • And she was awfully upset about something, although she'd been awfully upset without committing suicide many times before.
    p. 194.1
  • "She was really drunk, so she could have thought she wasn't going to hit the cop, although I don't know how," Takumi said.
    p. 194.5
  • Although it killed the Colonel to do it, the prank could not work without the assistance of the Weekday Warriors—specifically junior-class president Longwell Chase, who by now had grown his silly surfer mop back.
    p. 202.7
  • The Colonel taught us a semester's worth of precalc, although he was too good at math to teach it very well—"Of course it makes sense.
    p. 214.5
  • Although no one will ever accuse me of being much of a science student, one thing I learned from science classes is that energy is never created and never destroyed.
    p. 220.5

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