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used in The Mark of Athena

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Greek mythology:  a handsome young man who fell in love with his own reflection
  • Her T-shirt read: MRS. NARCISSUS.
    p. 85.6
  • Narcissus?
    p. 85.6
  • "Narcissus," Echo agreed sadly.
    p. 85.6
  • Mrs. Narcissus tried to push Echo away, but she misjudged where the camouflaged girl was and ended up shoving several other nymphs.
    p. 85.7
  • She was holding an autograph pen and a crumpled poster of Narcissus.
    p. 86.1
  • But then Echo fell in love with our gorgeous guy, Narcissus—as if he would ever notice her.
    p. 86.6
  • "Now she's got some weird idea he needs saving," said Mrs. Narcissus.
    p. 86.7
  • "I'm so glad Narcissus is alive again," said another nymph in a gray dress.
    p. 86.7
  • She had the words NARCISSUS + LAIEA written up and down her arms in black marker.
    p. 86.8
  • The whole mob began arguing while Narcissus stared at the lake, ignoring them.
    p. 87.0
  • I need to ask Narcissus something.
    p. 87.1
  • So, Narcissus.
    p. 87.2
  • Narcissus asked distractedly.
    p. 87.2
  • His own reflection rippled next to Narcissus's on the surface of the submerged bronze.
    p. 87.3
  • Compared to Narcissus, he looked like an undergrown troll.
    p. 87.4
  • "No," Narcissus said.
    p. 87.9
  • She wrinkled her nose as if she'd come to the conclusion that Narcissus smelled worse than he looked.
    p. 88.1
  • "Man," Leo said to Narcissus.
    p. 88.1
  • "I am so great," Narcissus sighed.
    p. 88.2
  • Narcissus took the mirror, reluctantly, and admired himself "Even you carry a picture of me?
    p. 88.5
  • Marry me, Narcissus!
    p. 88.7
  • Leo had lost sight of Echo again, but now he realized she was kneeling on the other side of Narcissus, waving her hand in front of his face as if trying to break his concentration.
    p. 88.9
  • Narcissus didn't even blink.
    p. 88.9
  • "I am so hot," Narcissus said sympathetically.
    p. 89.4
  • Narcissus, listen.
    p. 89.4
  • Narcissus said.
    p. 89.5
  • Narcissus frowned.
    p. 89.6
  • "I love me so, so much," Narcissus agreed.
    p. 89.8
  • Narcissus shook his head.
    p. 90.3
  • "Excuse us," Leo told Narcissus.
    p. 90.5
  • The nymphs clustered around Narcissus again and began recording new videos and taking more photos.
    p. 90.6
  • Narcissus is going to stay there until he dies again.
    p. 90.7
  • If we take it away, it might give Narcissus a reason to snap out of it.
    p. 90.8
  • And Narcissus might still know how to shoot his bow.
    p. 90.9
  • Nemesis had mentioned that Narcissus got agitated after dark, probably because he couldn't see his reflection anymore.
    p. 91.1
  • "But Narcissus is looking at it all the time," she said.
    p. 91.8
  • Narcissus is weak!
    p. 93.1
  • You better just hang around that ugly dweeb Narcissus.
    p. 93.3
  • He had the nymphs' attention, if only because they were stunned; but Narcissus was still fixed on his own reflection.
    p. 93.6
  • You know how ugly Narcissus is?
    p. 93.7
  • Narcissus frowned, as though he was vaguely aware of a gnat buzzing around his head.
    p. 93.8
  • Narcissus turned and scowled at Leo.
    p. 94.0
  • Narcissus is a loser!
    p. 94.2
  • He's so lame, when you look up lame on Wikipedia, it's got a picture of Narcissus—only the picture's so ugly, no one ever checks it out."
    p. 94.3
  • Narcissus knit his handsome eyebrows.
    p. 94.3
  • Narcissus demanded.
    p. 94.5
  • Narcissus growled, which did make him look a little less handsome.
    p. 94.7
  • Narcissus?
    p. 95.1
  • Narcissus got to his feet.
    p. 95.2
  • Apparently Narcissus wasn't completely stupid.
    p. 95.4
  • But the others returned their attention to Narcissus.
    p. 95.6
  • Narcissus insisted.
    p. 95.6
  • Narcissus unslung his bow and grabbed an arrow from his dusty quiver.
    p. 95.8
  • Narcissus added, glaring very handsomely at Leo.
    p. 96.0
  • Narcissus was nocking an arrow, but it was so old and brittle, it broke into splinters.
    p. 96.3
  • Normally nymphs were quick—at least the ones at Camp Half-Blood were—but these were burdened with posters, T-shirts, and other NarcissusTM merchandise.
    p. 96.4
  • The mob was coming over the dunes, Narcissus in the lead, holding his bow like a band major's baton.
    p. 96.8
  • If we survive this, you should forget Narcissus.
    p. 97.5
  • "Forget Narcissus?" she said uncertainly.
    p. 97.5
  • Narcissus said.
    p. 97.6
  • Narcissus ordered.
    p. 97.8
  • Narcissus stumbled around blindly, swinging his bow like he was trying to hit a piñata.
    p. 97.9
  • "You don't think you can still save Narcissus ...."
    p. 98.3
  • "Save Narcissus," she said confidently.
    p. 98.4
  • Anion took off across the water, the nymphs screaming behind them, and Narcissus shouting, "Bring me back!
    p. 98.9
  • As Anion raced toward the Argo II, Leo remembered what Nemesis had said about Echo and Narcissus: Perhaps they'll teach you a lesson.
    p. 99.1
  • Leo had thought she'd meant Narcissus, but now he wondered if the real lesson for him was Echo—invisible to her brethren, cursed to love someone who didn't care for her.
    p. 99.2
  • "We met Narcissus," Hazel said, which didn't really explain much.
    p. 105.1
  • The crew compared notes on what had happened in Salt Lake City, but even Leo's ridiculous story about how he tricked Narcissus wasn't enough to cheer up the group.
    p. 107.6
  • No, I was just thinking about the way you tricked Narcissus and those nymphs ....
    p. 263.7
  • Sadly, the suits of armor were not as easily swayed as the Narcissus Fan Club had been.
    p. 459.3

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