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used in The Throne of Fire

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Egyptian mythology:  god of tombs and ruler of the underworld (before Osiris); usually depicted as a man with the head of a jackal
  • The last picture was a painting of Anubis.
    Chapter 3 (49% in)
  • ] I had a bit of a crush on Anubis.
    Chapter 3 (51% in)
  • I remembered Anubis as he'd appeared in New Orleans when we'd met face-to-face—a boy of about sixteen, in black leather and denim, with tousled dark hair and gorgeous sad, melted-chocolate eyes.
    Chapter 3 (52% in)
  • The past seven weeks, since Walt Stone had arrived at Brooklyn House, I'd thought I might be able to get over Anubis.
    Chapter 3 (54% in)
  • Or it could be, just maybe, Anubis calling.
    Chapter 3 (62% in)
  • I turned and found myself face-to-face with Anubis.
    Chapter 7 (67% in)
  • I shot both of them a harsh look, then turned to Anubis.
    Chapter 7 (70% in)
  • Anubis pursed his lips, and I got the feeling that he wasn't there to bring me good news.
    Chapter 7 (70% in)
  • Anubis made me feel unbalanced in many ways, of course, but I recognized this effect.
    Chapter 7 (74% in)
  • We were slipping into the Duat—experiencing the graveyard on two levels at once: Anubis's world and mine.
    Chapter 7 (75% in)
  • Anubis gestured for me to sit.
    Chapter 7 (77% in)
  • "The Eighteenth Nome," Anubis said.
    Chapter 7 (77% in)
  • Anubis, not that I'm ungrateful, but I've got bigger problems at the moment.
    Chapter 7 (81% in)
  • "If I go on without my friends," I asked Anubis, "will the gods leave them alone?"
    Chapter 7 (85% in)
  • Anubis shook his head.
    Chapter 7 (85% in)
  • Anubis studied me with a kind of confused awe.
    Chapter 7 (87% in)
  • "Take this," Anubis said.
    Chapter 7 (90% in)
  • "Take the Underground," Anubis suggested, pulling me to my feet.
    Chapter 7 (93% in)
  • "Go," Anubis said.
    Chapter 7 (95% in)
  • I should've been very cross with Anubis.
    Chapter 7 (96% in)
  • Anubis had suggested traveling underground.
    Chapter 8 (2% in)
  • Anubis had warned that the vulture goddess would hunt down my friends and hurt them just to hurt me.
    Chapter 8 (13% in)
  • Besides, I was so mixed up about that bloody jackal Anubis, I didn't know where to begin.
    Chapter 8 (17% in)
  • I remembered what Anubis had said about sending my "driver" to meet me.
    Chapter 8 (45% in)
  • But Bast had promised us help, and Anubis had told me to expect a driver.
    Chapter 8 (50% in)
  • Then I remembered that he'd spoken with Anubis.
    Chapter 8 (92% in)
  • Sadie looked resentfully at the black knife in her lap—the ceremonial blade Anubis had given her.
    Chapter 9 (14% in)
  • Ever since Sadie had told us about her talk with Anubis, Walt had been awfully quiet.
    Chapter 9 (17% in)
  • "Bloody Anubis," she muttered.
    Chapter 9 (18% in)
  • Anubis said we should hurry.
    Chapter 9 (42% in)
  • The picture on the gravestone showed the deceased scribe honoring Anubis.
    Chapter 10 (13% in)
  • After talking with Anubis in person, Sadie must've found it strange to see him in a threethousand-year-old tomb painting, especially when he was pictured with the head of a jackal, wearing a skirt.
    Chapter 10 (13% in)
  • I was kind of angry at Sadie for giving him the cold shoulder and crushing so hard on Anubis, who was five thousand years too old for her and not even human.
    Chapter 10 (16% in)
  • Besides, Anubis is a god.
    Chapter 10 (18% in)
  • I wasn't looking at this stone because of Anubis.
    Chapter 10 (19% in)
  • Sadie had told me about Anubis's instructions: We were supposed to find Menshikov's desk.
    Chapter 10 (34% in)
  • The knife from Anubis?
    Chapter 11 (19% in)
  • On a bench against the wall, sitting together like old friends, were Anubis and Walt Stone.
    Chapter 12 (2% in)
  • Anubis talked to him in soothing tones, as if trying to ease his grief.
    Chapter 12 (3% in)
  • I'd never seen Anubis in traditional Egyptian clothes before: bare-chested with a gold and ruby collar around his neck, a simple black kilt wrapped around his waist.
    Chapter 12 (3% in)
  • It wasn't a look I'd recommend for most guys, but Anubis pulled it off.
    Chapter 12 (4% in)
  • Walt didn't react, but Anubis looked up.
    Chapter 12 (5% in)
  • "Sadie," Anubis said.
    Chapter 12 (5% in)
  • Anubis pointed at the door of the infirmary.
    Chapter 12 (6% in)
  • "Neither," Anubis said.
    Chapter 12 (6% in)
  • Anubis, what's wrong with him?
    Chapter 12 (7% in)
  • Anubis put his hand on Walt's shoulder.
    Chapter 12 (7% in)
  • I suppose it sounded harsher than I intended, but of all the gods Walt might've called, Anubis seemed the least likely choice.
    Chapter 12 (8% in)
  • Anubis looked up at me, his eyes even more melancholy than usual.
    Chapter 12 (8% in)
  • He wore a kilt and collar, which did not suit him nearly as well as it had Anubis.
    Chapter 12 (27% in)
  • You just kept muttering in your sleep about Walt, Anubis, secret names— "Fine!"
    Chapter 12 (49% in)
  • I described my vision of Anubis and Walt, my chat with Jaz's spirit, and my trip back in time to Ra's sun barge.
    Chapter 12 (73% in)
  • Though I can't say his eyes melted me like Anubis's, he did have a gorgeous face.
    Chapter 15 (24% in)
  • Next time I saw Anubis, I would ask him about this.
    Chapter 16 (26% in)
  • My hand acted quite on its own, reaching into my bag and bringing out the black netjeri blade Anubis had given me.
    Chapter 16 (35% in)
  • That's why Anubis gave it to me.
    Chapter 16 (43% in)
  • You know Anubis!
    Chapter 16 (43% in)
  • You're one of Anubis's chosen, aren't you?
    Chapter 16 (43% in)
  • I'm not a priest of Anubis.
    Chapter 16 (44% in)
  • Now, about this connection to Anubis, and using that knife ...
    Chapter 16 (47% in)
  • When he looked at me in that dusty tomb, his eyes were every bit as dark, tender, and sad as Anubis's.
    Chapter 16 (52% in)
  • Claude said he sensed the spirit of Anubis about you.
    Chapter 16 (58% in)
  • You've been talking to Anubis a lot?
    Chapter 16 (58% in)
  • Anubis once told me he'd been in the Land of the Dead for five thousand years, but he still felt like a teenager, as if no time had passed.
    Chapter 19 (22% in)
  • I also wished I hadn't thought of Anubis.
    Chapter 19 (24% in)
  • After all that had happened with Walt, the idea of seeing Anubis made me feel strangely guilty, but also a bit excited.
    Chapter 19 (24% in)
  • Perhaps Anubis would help us on our journey.
    Chapter 19 (24% in)
  • It was hard to see anything as we plummeted through the ash and smoke, but I thought I spotted a familiar island about a mile away—the black temple where I'd first met Anubis.
    Chapter 19 (85% in)
  • He rummaged through my bag and passed me the obsidian netjeri blade from Anubis.
    Chapter 20 (87% in)
  • Anubis?
    Chapter 21 (34% in)
  • Not Anubis, though I'm sure he'd be here if he could.
    Chapter 21 (34% in)
  • Anubis stepped through, looking annoyingly gorgeous as usual in his black jeans and leather jacket, with a white cotton shirt that hugged his chest so well I wondered if he was showing off on purpose.
    Chapter 24 (21% in)
  • Anubis looked embarrassed.
    Chapter 24 (44% in)
  • Yet I was sitting here, listening to the same songs as before, staring at my poster of Anubis and feeling helplessly conflicted about something as trivial and infuriating as ... yes, you guessed it.
    Chapter 24 (68% in)
  • With some horror, I realized it was still open, revealing my poster of Anubis.
    Chapter 24 (74% in)
  • He pointed to Anubis.
    Chapter 24 (77% in)
  • He eyes drifted to the picture of Anubis, then back to me.
    Chapter 24 (82% in)

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