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used in The Throne of Fire

55 uses
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to call forth
The exact meaning of summon can depend upon its context. For example:
  • "summon to court" — officially demand that someone appear in court (call them to court)
  • "summon the team to a meeting" — call upon the team members to attend a meeting
  • "summon help" — call others to come and help
  • "summon her courage" — call forth her courage from within
  • He hadn't quite mastered summoning a combat avatar, but he encased his fist in golden energy like a wrecking ball and punched the shabti.
    Chapter 5 (66% in)
  • Then there were the shabti, magical figurines that were supposed to come to life when summoned.
    Chapter 1 (65% in)
  • Sadie looked pretty silly with her hand and scroll on fire, like an overenthusiastic Statue of Liberty, but with her free hand she managed to summon her main offensive weapon—a five-foot-long staff carved with hieroglyphs.
    Chapter 2 (12% in)
  • I held out my hand, and another symbol blazed above my palm—a symbol I could always summon, the Eye of Horus: ... ,— "You're a sacred animal of Horus, aren't you?
    Chapter 2 (54% in)
  • Just summon the boat!
    Chapter 2 (78% in)
  • I summoned the Eye of Horus, and the spirit hissed.
    Chapter 2 (86% in)
  • I turned to the sphinx and summoned a gateway.
    Chapter 4 (93% in)
  • Now when he summoned hieroglyphs, they glowed red—the color of Set.
    Chapter 6 (18% in)
  • I tried to summon my staff and wand, but as I may have mentioned, I'm rubbish at retrieving things from the Duat on short notice.
    Chapter 7 (3% in)
  • He lifted his head and made a deep barking sound to the left and right, as if calling out, summoning friends for dinner.
    Chapter 8 (29% in)
  • You're going to summon cartoons?
    Chapter 8 (35% in)
  • I suppose my friends thought I'd summoned him by magic.
    Chapter 8 (45% in)
  • We used Walt's amulet for Shu the air god to summon a burst of wind and jump to Waterloo Bridge.
    Chapter 9 (4% in)
  • Even with the warm clothes Bes had summoned for us, my teeth couldn't stop chattering.
    Chapter 9 (80% in)
  • Sadie summoned her staff and pointed it at the nearest security camera.
    Chapter 10 (6% in)
  • Some kind of summoning ritual.
    Chapter 10 (33% in)
  • You know I need a sacrifice to summon such a major god.
    Chapter 10 (37% in)
  • The House of Life didn't allow mortals to summon gods.
    Chapter 10 (38% in)
  • Hieroglyphs burned around the summoning circle.
    Chapter 10 (46% in)
  • Menshikov didn't even look tired from the summoning.
    Chapter 10 (48% in)
  • I wasn't sure I could bust through it, even if I could summon a combat avatar.
    Chapter 10 (80% in)
  • It usually means Hey, I'm going to summon a big nasty thing to kill you while I stand safely inside my circle and laugh!
    Chapter 10 (81% in)
  • At first I thought we'd caught some luck, and Menshikov had summoned a monster with a rare genetic birth defect.
    Chapter 10 (82% in)
  • Summoning a Divine Word to break the vase had taken so much energy, I felt as if I'd been digging holes in the hot sun.
    Chapter 11 (7% in)
  • He said a word in Ancient Egyptian: "Heqat"—the command I always used to summon my staff.
    Chapter 11 (32% in)
  • He summoned this thing to kill us so we wouldn't blab about his plans to free Apophis.
    Chapter 11 (34% in)
  • As we raced toward it, I saw black stone sphinxes on either side—lady sphinxes with gilded pharaoh crowns—but the only thing that mattered to me was that they could summon a portal.
    Chapter 11 (96% in)
  • I'm going skip over our travel preparations, how Sadie summoned Walt and explained the situation, how Bes and I said our farewells at dawn and rented a car from one of Bes's "reliable friends," and how that car broke down halfway to Cairo.
    Chapter 13 (1% in)
  • I hadn't been able to summon it back.
    Chapter 13 (64% in)
  • And if you summoned him, you'll be put to death!
    Chapter 14 (56% in)
  • He summoned Set.
    Chapter 14 (84% in)
  • You may think But, Sadie, these were magical camels, summoned by one of Walt's amulets.
    Chapter 15 (2% in)
  • So we summoned the magic camels, charmed a handful of sand to point the way to Bahariya, and set out across the desert.
    Chapter 15 (10% in)
  • I'd never been good at summoning fire, but I managed to set the end of my staff ablaze.
    Chapter 16 (83% in)
  • To free Apophis, you have to wake Ra, but you want to control the summoning, make sure Ra comes back old and weak.
    Chapter 17 (8% in)
  • Those who summon the gods must be wiped out.
    Chapter 17 (14% in)
  • I saw you summon Set.
    Chapter 17 (14% in)
  • Why take the risk of summoning Ra?
    Chapter 17 (66% in)
  • Thoth, the god of knowledge, had once told us that we'd always have the power to summon a boat when we needed one, because we were the blood of the pharaohs.
    Chapter 18 (99% in)
  • Can you summon some?
    Chapter 19 (8% in)
  • But how to summon them?
    Chapter 19 (9% in)
  • Carter demonstrated his combat magic skill by summoning a bucket and bailing out water, while I concentrated on keeping the crew in line.
    Chapter 19 (29% in)
  • I summon your ba to awaken the Great One, for I am—
    Chapter 19 (67% in)
  • She summoned sheets of ice that probably matched her emotions, leaving several demon icebergs in our wake.
    Chapter 21 (92% in)
  • I stepped off the boat and summoned the hawk god's avatar.
    Chapter 22 (9% in)
  • Even if you summon it back to Ra, Apophis will still be freed!
    Chapter 22 (16% in)
  • I charged to protect her, while Desjardins summoned a whirlwind around his body and flew toward Vlad Menshikov.
    Chapter 22 (37% in)
  • I glanced over and saw a cloud of hieroglyphs and red light swirling around them as the Chief Lector summoned Ma'at, and Apophis just as quickly dissolved his spells with Chaos.
    Chapter 22 (71% in)
  • In the wrong hands, they could strengthen or even summon the being they represented, and a statue of Apophis was way too dangerous to play with.
    Chapter 22 (77% in)
  • Alyssa was summoning the powers of Geb to repair a massive hole the enemy had blasted in the far wall.
    Chapter 23 (44% in)
  • Julian had summoned a combat avatar for the first time, and was slicing demons with his glowing sword.
    Chapter 23 (45% in)
  • He stood at the base of Thoth's statue, swirling his staff and summoning lightning and thunder, blasting enemy magicians, and flinging them away in miniature storm clouds.
    Chapter 23 (51% in)
  • The woman who'd summoned it spit on our floor.
    Chapter 23 (67% in)
  • You should learn the spell for summoning headache medicine.
    Chapter 24 (7% in)
  • Bast had repeatedly told us she's no good at summoning portals.
    Chapter 24 (20% in)

There are no more uses of "summon" in The Throne of Fire.

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