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used in The Throne of Fire

79 uses
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a state of extreme confusion and disorder
  • The main ballroom was in chaos.
    Chapter 2 (41% in)
  • Chaos and screaming still filled the ballroom, but I tried to stay calm as I approached the monster.
    Chapter 2 (53% in)
  • Chaos is too powerful, boy, it said.
    Chapter 2 (83% in)
  • She'd been watching over me for six years, she'd told us, ever since our parents released her from a cell in the Duat, where she'd been sent to fight the chaos snake Apophis forever.
    Chapter 3 (18% in)
  • However, if Bast were freed, my mum believed she could play an important role in the coming battle with Chaos.
    Chapter 3 (20% in)
  • This will only help Chaos.
    Chapter 3 (90% in)
  • According to Sadie's vision, Desjardins is aware of our plan and will try to prevent it out of some misguided belief that we are working for the forces of Chaos.
    Chapter 4 (25% in)
  • He was trying to cause so much chaos that he could break out of his prison.
    Chapter 4 (36% in)
  • The hours of day and night are exactly balanced, meaning the forces of Chaos and Ma'at can be easily tipped one way or the other.
    Chapter 4 (40% in)
  • Ra is the Lord of Order, whereas Apophis is the Lord of Chaos.
    Chapter 4 (44% in)
  • With the gods on our side, Ma'at will overcome Chaos, as it always has before.
    Chapter 4 (75% in)
  • It was not Ra who fended off the creatures of Chaos.
    Chapter 5 (17% in)
  • Even in my godly form, I felt the power of Chaos washing over me like lethal radiation, cooking me from the inside out, eating into my soul—and I believed what Horus had said.
    Chapter 5 (26% in)
  • Who do you think has the best chance to stand against the Lord of Chaos—Ra or Horus?
    Chapter 5 (33% in)
  • Horus had asked me who stood the best chance against the Lord of Chaos.
    Chapter 5 (37% in)
  • I didn't ask Amos how he knew so much about possession and the ways of Chaos.
    Chapter 6 (16% in)
  • We were just kids, facing evil magicians, demons, monsters, spirits, and the eternal Lord of Chaos.
    Chapter 6 (21% in)
  • The god's image looked strange in red, glowing with the color of Chaos.
    Chapter 6 (35% in)
  • I remembered that glowing red eye beneath the scarab shells—a force of chaos so powerful, it could melt human senses.
    Chapter 10 (6% in)
  • Chaos would rule forever.
    Chapter 10 (76% in)
  • You can only choose whether you'll be destroyed, or whether you'll bow to the power of Chaos and survive.
    Chapter 10 (77% in)
  • Set volunteered to carry Carter, but I wasn't about to let the god of chaos take full charge of my brother, so we dragged him between us.
    Chapter 11 (50% in)
  • We create order out of chaos, beauty and meaning out of ugly randomness.
    Chapter 12 (21% in)
  • Otherwise Chaos wins.
    Chapter 12 (22% in)
  • The sun god's entire form glowed with fiery images of his long life: the first dawn; his sun boat shining on the newly risen land of Egypt; the creation of the other gods and mortal men; Ra's endless battles with Apophis as he passed through the Duat each night, keeping Chaos at bay.
    Chapter 12 (33% in)
  • The balance between Ma'at and Chaos will slowly degrade.
    Chapter 12 (39% in)
  • He volunteered the information because he wanted to cause chaos between us.
    Chapter 12 (86% in)
  • Chaos.
    Chapter 13 (55% in)
  • It wanted to break every dam, devour every city, and drown the world in a sea of chaos.
    Chapter 13 (85% in)
  • That's some serious protection against Chaos.
    Chapter 14 (18% in)
  • Zia had been having the same chaotic nightmare for three months, and her sanity was crumbling.
    Chapter 14 (28% in)
  • Chaos is rising.
    Chapter 14 (97% in)
  • Things down here are a bit ... chaotic.
    Chapter 15 (50% in)
  • "Apophis wants chaos," I said.
    Chapter 15 (61% in)
  • Ma'at and Chaos have to balance, right?
    Chapter 15 (64% in)
  • We have to make order from chaos.
    Chapter 15 (67% in)
  • Ma'at and Chaos are connected.
    Chapter 17 (8% in)
  • I liked the idea of smashing our enemies, getting back at the forces of Chaos that had turned our lives upside down.
    Chapter 17 (55% in)
  • Chaos feeds on weak leaders, divided loyalties.
    Chapter 17 (58% in)
  • He wants to see the world plunged into darkness and chaos.
    Chapter 17 (64% in)
  • Since when do we use creatures of Chaos?
    Chapter 17 (91% in)
  • It's going to be chaos, not much time for talking.
    Chapter 18 (46% in)
  • The armies of Chaos are much worse!
    Chapter 18 (91% in)
  • Two kids in a broken-down leaky barge, alone against the forces of Chaos.
    Chapter 18 (**% in)
  • The scroll was chock-full of terms like "first from Chaos," "breath into clay," "the night's flock" "reborn in fire," "the acres of the sun," "the kiss of the knife," "the gambler of light," and "the last scarab"—most of which made no sense to me.
    Chapter 19 (26% in)
  • I thought of a line from the Book of Ra—first from Chaos.
    Chapter 19 (59% in)
  • "Ra was the first god to rise out of Chaos," I said.
    Chapter 19 (59% in)
  • The two are connected—Ma'at and Chaos.
    Chapter 19 (62% in)
  • The world crumbles into Chaos.
    Chapter 19 (63% in)
  • "I name you First from Chaos," I said.
    Chapter 19 (66% in)
  • I explained why we needed to wake the sun god—the threat of Apophis's ascension, mass chaos and destruction, the world about to end at sunrise, et cetera.
    Chapter 20 (26% in)
  • I described how Ra rose from the sea of Chaos.
    Chapter 20 (78% in)
  • Twenty-four hours from now, when we finally managed to leave the Duat, we'd find the world a dark, frozen wasteland, ruled by Chaos.
    Chapter 21 (3% in)
  • Sadie had talked about hope—about believing that we could make Ma'at out of Chaos, even if it seemed impossible.
    Chapter 21 (4% in)
  • At least we'd shown them the sun one last time before Chaos destroyed the world.
    Chapter 21 (20% in)
  • Don't you care if the world crumbles into Chaos?
    Chapter 21 (72% in)
  • Change comes in phases, Ma'at and Chaos, Chaos and Ma'at.
    Chapter 21 (72% in)
  • Change comes in phases, Ma'at and Chaos, Chaos and Ma'at.
    Chapter 21 (72% in)
  • I will entertain the Lord of Chaos himself with a senile sun god!
    Chapter 22 (7% in)
  • Apophis will devour him, as the ancient prophecies predicted, and Chaos will destroy Ma'at once and for all.
    Chapter 22 (17% in)
  • The power of Chaos is seeping into our bodies, withering our souls.
    Chapter 22 (20% in)
  • Chaos always wins.
    Chapter 22 (29% in)
  • I will assure you both positions of honor in a new world ruled by Chaos, unrestricted by any rules.
    Chapter 22 (31% in)
  • Chaos is impatient.
    Chapter 22 (33% in)
  • But Chaos can also be appealing.
    Chapter 22 (33% in)
  • We won't let Chaos win.
    Chapter 22 (36% in)
  • Even in the body of a giant hawk warrior, I could feel the Chaos energy getting stronger and stronger, sapping my strength.
    Chapter 22 (51% in)
  • I am Chaos itself!
    Chapter 22 (54% in)
  • That wasn't so hard," Sadie said, though I could tell the Chaos energy was starting to wear her down, too.
    Chapter 22 (58% in)
  • The power of Chaos was sapping my life force.
    Chapter 22 (63% in)
  • Apophis stepped back, obviously confused by a comment that was even more chaotic than he was.
    Chapter 22 (67% in)
  • I glanced over and saw a cloud of hieroglyphs and red light swirling around them as the Chief Lector summoned Ma'at, and Apophis just as quickly dissolved his spells with Chaos.
    Chapter 22 (71% in)
  • "Apophis," Desjardins chanted, "I name you Lord of Chaos, Serpent in the Dark, Fear of the Twelve Houses, the Hated One—"
    Chapter 22 (80% in)
  • The Lord of Chaos hurled everything he had at Desjardins —ice, poison, lightning, boulders—but nothing connected.
    Chapter 22 (82% in)
  • They all simply turned into hieroglyphs in the Chief Lector's shield, Chaos forced into patterns of words—into the divine language of creation.
    Chapter 22 (83% in)
  • It's Chaos sickness," Sadie said.
    Chapter 22 (96% in)
  • The Chaos sickness had disappeared as soon as we'd risen from the Duat.
    Chapter 23 (20% in)
  • My head spun as if the Chaos sickness was returning.
    Chapter 23 (32% in)
  • You've devoted your life to studying the ways of Chaos.
    Chapter 23 (70% in)

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