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used in The Lords of Discipline

3 meanings, 56 uses
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1  —24 uses as in:
directly above; or buy direct from
straight (exactly where stated); or without involvement of anything in between
The exact meaning of this sense of direct is subject to its context. For example:
  • "The road runs directly to Las Vegas." — straight (without varying from a straight line)
  • "It was a direct hit." — exact
  • "The plant is in direct sunlight." — unobstructed (without anything in between)
  • "She wants a direct meeting with him." — personal (without other people in between)
  • "She paid direct attention to what he was reading." — close
  • "a direct gaze" — straight, steady, or focused—not a brief glance taken while generally looking at other things; not a sideways look
  • He saluted the General and stood directly beside me facing him.
    Chapter 4.47 (25% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • "Sir, I do know this," I replied, meeting his gaze directly for the first time.
    Chapter 1.5 (45% in)
  • "Sir," I spoke directly to the General, "Cadet Alexander and I are not friends."
    Chapter 1.5 (64% in)
  • I walked over and stood directly in front of the freshman.
    Chapter 1.11 (81% in)
  • That's right, dumbhead," I answered him back meeting his gaze directly.
    Chapter 1.12 (81% in)
  • Directly across from us, a T Company freshman shuffled down the gallery to the latrine.
    Chapter 1.15 (52% in)
  • I've got confidence in my ability to survive anything, anywhere, and that confidence came directly from the plebe system.
    Chapter 1.15 (78% in)
  • "Sir," I said, keeping my eyes directly in front of me and addressing anyone who would listen, "I came here to play basketball for the Institute.
    Chapter 2.16 (10% in)
  • He mounted a table directly in front of the plebes.
    Chapter 2.16 (46% in)
  • When heopened my press, I saw the frightened eyes of my roommate, Harvey Clearwater, blazing with something that went beyond even terror, looking past the first sergeant directly at me.
    Chapter 2.16 (96% in)
  • He was screaming at Jim Massengale, who stood directly on my right.
    Chapter 2.18 (71% in)
  • He walked over to Pig's desk and looked directly into Theresa's eyes and screamed at her: "I'm farting like a motherfucking bastard, Theresa, you flapping twat.
    Chapter 3.22 (43% in)
  • When Annie Kate began to show through the raincoat, Mrs. Gervais moved her out to the family beach house on Sullivan's Island, a gray Victorian structure on the south end of the island, directly across from Fort Sumter, with an uncommonly beautiful view of the harbor and the city.
    Chapter 3.23 (1% in)
  • The pregnancy had deepened her, she said, and had made her wiser as she faced the lights of the city directly across from her porch on Sullivan's Island.
    Chapter 3.23 (7% in)
  • When his subjects saw the imprint of the ring in the sealing wax of documents, they were certain of the legitimacy of those documents, and they knew that they came directly from the hand of their ruler.
    Chapter 3.26 (40% in)
  • I was pacing back and forth across the room behind her rocking chair, gesticulating fiercely, and shouting at the motionless, defeated woman who sat in her rocking chair staring directly into the fire.
    Chapter 3.29 (66% in)
  • When I reached the front court, Reuben and the forwards cleared out of the middle; Johnny moved to the left of the court and stood directly in front of our bench.
    Chapter 3.30 (57% in)
  • You scored a direct hit on an intellectual wound when you asked me why I had not mentioned The Ten in my history.
    Chapter 4.34 (73% in)
  • But they might be able to reflect directly on the history of The Ten.
    Chapter 4.34 (93% in)
  • I asked, looking at him directly in the eyes.
    Chapter 4.34 (99% in)
  • He applied a cold compress to my eye and disinfected the deep cut in my hand by pouring alcohol directly on the wound.
    Chapter 4.38 (78% in)
  • His room was flooded with rays of direct sunlight in which numberless motes of dust rose and fell like colorless, microscopic balloons.
    Chapter 4.39 (51% in)
  • I looked directly into his eyes and said, "Not if you leave on an honor violation, Pig."
    Chapter 4.41 (27% in)
  • In 1928, when the Institute was still located at its old site in downtown Charleston, there was a vegetable stand frequented by cadets directly across the street from the school.
    Chapter 4.41 (45% in)

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2  —4 uses as in:
was direct in my instructions
straightforward (uncomplicated or simple — perhaps also indicating openness and honesty)
  • I'm giving you a direct order to report to me.
    Chapter 4.43 (58% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • That's a direct order.
    Chapter 4.43 (58% in)
  • I thought I gave you a direct order to get your fat ass over to see me on the double.
    Chapter 4.43 (81% in)
  • That is a direct order.
    Chapter 4.47 (38% in)

There are no more uses of "direct" flagged with this meaning in The Lords of Discipline.

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3  —6 uses as in:
directed her question to
to indicate direction; or to cause movement or focus in a direction or towards an object
The exact meaning of this sense of direct is subject to its context. For example:
  • "intentionally directed fire at unarmed civilians" — aimed a gun
  • "directed the question to her" — aimed a question
  • "directed her north" — pointed in a particular direction
  • "directed attention to the 3rd paragraph" — focused attention on a particular object
  • "The sound of her voice directed him to the kitchen." — guided or gave directions to someone to help them move to a particular place
  • "She directed him to the airport." — gave directions to send someone to a particular place
  • "She directed the boat north." — steered it
  • "directed the letter to" — send a letter to a particular person by putting a name and address on it
  • No knob can withstand the power and the fury of the brotherhood when it is directed at him alone.
    Chapter 2.16 (51% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • He had always opposed my militant flippancy about the plebe system, and I knew it would offend him deeply to see it directed at newly ordained aspirants to the invigorating rituals of that system.
    Chapter 1.9 (35% in)
  • "Hey," Pig said, uneasily feeling the hostile solidarity of the room directed against him now, "I feel the same way, Mark.
    Chapter 1.10 (88% in)
  • If you would be so kind as to direct me to my room.
    Chapter 2.16 (12% in)
  • The level of cruelty directed at this frail plebe was extraordinary, and there were boys who left our class because they could not stand to watch what the cadre was doing to him.
    Chapter 2.17 (49% in)
  • Glazed with sweat, we tensed for the moment of entry, the butterflies swarming in their familiar, nervous dance in our stomachs; we listened closely to the Corps's hymn of loathing directed at VMI, felt the eyes of the Corps turning toward us.
    Chapter 3.30 (36% in)

There are no more uses of "direct" flagged with this meaning in The Lords of Discipline.

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?  —22 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • Two of them came directly toward the window where I was positioned.
    Chapter 4.38 (36% in)
  • There was always something imponderably beautiful in the anachronism, in the synchronization of the regiment, in the flashing gold passage of the Corps past the reviewing stand in a ceremony that was a direct throwback to the times when Napoleonic troops strutted for their emperor.
    Chapter 1.1 (58% in)
  • In this, her small, green country, surrounded by an embrasure of old Charleston brick, there were camellias of distinction, eight discrete varieties of azaleas, and a host of other flowers, but she directed her prime attention to the growing of roses.
    Chapter 1.2 (30% in)
  • "Tell General Durrell to kiss my fanny if you see him, boys," Commerce shouted to the television, trying to direct the subject far away from the remark that had wounded his son.
    Chapter 1.2 (77% in)
  • She passed the girl and walked directly up to me, appraising me with clear, angry eyes.
    Chapter 1.6 (73% in)
  • But apprehension was loose in the room; it created a tremulous, undirected energy that danced above the crowd like phosphorous on a night sea.
    Chapter 1.7 (48% in)
  • We kept a tally of those fallen heroes and felt that we were in direct competition with the service academies as to who would have the most graduates killed in Vietnam.
    Chapter 1.10 (20% in)
  • Now, here's the scene," I said, speaking directly to Pig and Mark, ignoring the prisoner.
    Chapter 1.10 (44% in)
  • Would any of you gentlemen be so kind as to direct Mr. McLean to his room?
    Chapter 2.16 (12% in)
  • Are you telling me I can't run you out, scumbag?" he screamed directly in my ear.
    Chapter 2.16 (13% in)
  • As Pig extended his arm to shake hands, Otto jammed two fingers directly into Pig's eyes.
    Chapter 3.24 (54% in)
  • "Mother," Tradd said, "Greeks urinate directly into the ocean, and that's the very least of what they do."
    Chapter 3.25 (95% in)
  • And I never loved the game better than when we played at home and sprinted directly into the fierce embrace of the Corps.
    Chapter 3.30 (38% in)
  • Down the court he would lope toward me, directly toward me, looking at me with those blazing predator's eyes, his body moving with a cold fluency, his dribble confident.
    Chapter 3.30 (49% in)
  • The letter proves nothing, Mr. McLean, because nothing is stated directly or resolutely.
    Chapter 4.34 (72% in)
  • It exploded on the second division of N Company, directly opposite from Pig.
    Chapter 4.37 (75% in)
  • Pig had shot that one directly at the OG, who dove to the concrete to avoid losing an eye.
    Chapter 4.37 (82% in)
  • And we're going to take any deal they offer," Mark said, addressing me directly.
    Chapter 4.38 (85% in)
  • "Not so good," I said, turning away from them and facing Pearce directly.
    Chapter 4.39 (88% in)
  • I would rather confront and be confronted directly.
    Chapter 4.43 (2% in)
  • "Someone is really after us," Mark said directly to John.
    Chapter 4.43 (34% in)
  • I've always preferred men who speak straight, who get directly to the point.
    Chapter 4.47 (7% in)

There are no more uses of "direct" in The Lords of Discipline.

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