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used in The Lost Hero

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bronze won't corrode in salt water
a brownish-colored metal with red or yellow hues that is made of copper and (usually) tin
  • It was about sixty feet long, snout to tail, its body made of interlocking bronze plates.
    Chapter 12 (27% in)
bronze = a type of metal
  • She stood in back of the chariot with Leo and Jason, while the bald guy, Butch, handled the reins, and the blond girl, Annabeth, adjusted a bronze navigation device.
    Chapter 3 (3% in)
  • bronze = made of a type of metal
  • Apparently kids fell into the lake a lot, because a detail of campers ran up with big bronze leaf blower–looking things and blasted Piper with hot air; and in about two seconds her clothes were dry.
    Chapter 3 (45% in)
  • bronze = made of a type of metal
  • Even our best weapons, Celestial bronze, will pass right through them unless you can catch them by surprise.
    Chapter 4 (12% in)
  • bronze = a type of metal
  • It's modified to shoot Celestial bronze, so it only kills monsters.
    Chapter 4 (48% in)
  • bronze = a type of metal
  • The sheath was worn black leather, bound in bronze.
    Chapter 4 (50% in)
  • It was white marble with big columns out front and polished bronze doors emblazoned with lightning bolts.
    Chapter 4 (75% in)
  • bronze = made of a type of high-quality metal
  • At the goddess's feet, a fire burned in a bronze brazier.
    Chapter 4 (82% in)
  • The building sat at the edge of a stream, with several waterwheels turning a series of bronze gears.
    Chapter 6 (12% in)
  • Even with Celestial bronze—".
    Chapter 6 (34% in)
  • The walls were carved with alcoves, each holding a bronze brazier or a golden eagle statue on a marble pedestal.
    Chapter 14 (4% in)
  • Their bronze swords were jagged, like icicles.
    Chapter 18 (14% in)
  • bronze = made of a type of high-quality metal
  • His bronze plating stacked together.
    Chapter 18 (59% in)
  • Next to that was a dented bronze breastplate pitted with corrosion —acid, maybe?
    Chapter 28 (10% in)
  • bronze = made of a type of high-quality metal
  • Hot enough to melt Celestial bronze or Imperial gold.
    Chapter 28 (23% in)
  • Immediately a turret popped up from the brick wall and a beam of pure heat incinerated the bronze plating to ashes.
    Chapter 30 (93% in)
  • She picked up a burned and stained bronze breastplate and held it up for Piper to see.
    Chapter 39 (65% in)
  • bronze = made of a type of high-quality metal
  • From the waist up, the giant appeared humanoid, his muscular chest clad in bronze armor, decorated with flame designs.
    Chapter 41 (69% in)
  • A gleaming bronze blade sliced up one side of the Earthborn and down the other.
    Chapter 42 (94% in)
  • Like Enceladus, the giant king was humanoid from the waist up, clad in bronze armor, and from the waist down he had scaly dragon's legs; but his skin was the color of lima beans.
    Chapter 50 (43% in)
  • He jumped off the table, ran to the nearest bronze brazier, and threw up in it—which was probably not a great burnt offering for the gods.
    Chapter 51 (96% in)
  • The only computer at camp was in Chiron's office, and the whole room was shielded in bronze plating.
    Chapter 52 (33% in)
  • And weaponry—Holy Hephaestus: rotating ballista, mounted crossbows, Celestial bronze plating.
    Chapter 53 (81% in)

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  • It is perhaps the greatest project Cabin Nine has even undertaken, even greater than the bronze dragon.
    Chapter 54 (26% in)
  • When she unsheathed it, she found a triangular blade eighteen inches long—bronze gleaming like it had been polished yesterday.
    Chapter 4 (51% in)
  • The bronze frame had a built-in game station at the footboard, a stereo system in the headboard, a glass-door refrigerator mounted into the base, and a whole bunch of control panels running down the side.
    Chapter 5 (71% in)
  • They passed a couple of guys making a bronze windup toy.
    Chapter 6 (38% in)
  • It's a bronze dragon," Nyssa said.
    Chapter 6 (52% in)
  • You've got a life-size bronze dragon, and you want to destroy it?
    Chapter 6 (58% in)
  • On the highest gable, a bronze eagle weathervane spun in the wind and pointed straight in his direction, as if telling him to turn around.
    Chapter 7 (4% in)
  • At the top of the Big House, the weathervane was still pointing his direction, that bronze eagle glaring as if to say, Turn around, kid, while you still can.
    Chapter 7 (24% in)
  • A third ran to the side of the amphitheater and grabbed a bronze three-legged stool, like they'd been trained for this duty.
    Chapter 10 (59% in)
  • But Leo looked closely, and in the dim light of the stars and his handheld fire, he could see the glint of metal beneath the dirt and leaves—a bronze net lining the entire crater.
    Chapter 12 (11% in)
  • Six large strips of bronze stretched out from the vat like the spokes of a wheel.
    Chapter 12 (12% in)
  • It's a trap, bronze brain," Leo said.
    Chapter 12 (33% in)
  • Under that, the poster showed the leading man—a three-quarters shot of bare-chested bronze flesh, with ripped pectorals and six-pack abs.
    Chapter 15 (25% in)
  • Sure enough, there he was, sitting atop a giant bronze death machine and grinning like a lunatic.
    Chapter 16 (1% in)
  • It glistened in the morning sun like a living penny sculpture —different shades of copper and bronze—a sixty-foot-long serpent with steel talons and drill-bit teeth and glowing ruby eyes.
    Chapter 16 (14% in)
  • Piper looked at the bronze dragon wings shining against the sky, and those talons that could've shredded her to pieces.
    Chapter 16 (66% in)
  • He leaned forward against the warm bronze of the dragon's neck, and closed his eyes.
    Chapter 17 (99% in)
  • Leo grabbed the handle of his bronze dragon suitcase.
    Chapter 18 (89% in)
  • Far below she saw city lights glimmering in the early dawn, and several hundred yards away the body of the bronze dragon spinning out of control, its wings limp, fire flickering in its mouth like a badly wired lightbulb.
    Chapter 22 (1% in)
  • Her image flickered, and Jason saw armor under her simple black robes, a goatskin cloak—the symbol of a Roman warrior—across her bronze mantle.
    Chapter 25 (29% in)
  • Piper sat behind him on the bronze dragon, holding his waist to keep him balanced.
    Chapter 25 (53% in)
  • Bronze dragon ain't exactly a stealth plane.
    Chapter 26 (1% in)
  • For the first time, Piper noticed two large bronze sundials —each about the size of a trampoline—inlaid on the marble tile floor to the north and south of the fountain.
    Chapter 28 (32% in)
  • Before Jason could go after her, the giant bronze sundials at either end of the fountain swung open.
    Chapter 28 (79% in)
  • The stained glass ceiling splintered in a rain of multicolored shards, and Festus the bronze dragon dropped into the department store.
    Chapter 28 (93% in)
  • The bronze dragon flapped his mighty wings, snatched the two cages with the satyr and the storm spirits in his claws, and began to ascend.
    Chapter 28 (97% in)
  • Hephaestus pointed to the nearest worktable, where a shiny bronze mirror showed a hazy image of Leo asleep on the dragon's back.
    Chapter 29 (48% in)
  • Now, looking at that bronze mirror, Leo thought about his dad watching his progress over the years, even his stupid science experiments.
    Chapter 29 (51% in)
  • The dragon's wings flapped once, but Leo caught a whiff of burning bronze.
    Chapter 30 (6% in)
  • Gold, bronze, steel—none of these are any good against my wolves, son of Jupiter.
    Chapter 34 (61% in)
  • Leo chimed in to add the important stuff: how he'd fixed the bronze dragon, could throw fireballs, and made excellent tacos.
    Chapter 35 (32% in)
  • Bronze walls marched all the way around the fortress grounds, though Jason couldn't imagine who would possibly attack this place.
    Chapter 37 (38% in)
  • He slipped his hands into his tool belt and started summoning supplies—gears, a tiny wrench, some strips of bronze.
    Chapter 41 (40% in)
  • He could use a fire-breathing bronze dragon right now.
    Chapter 41 (45% in)
  • His skin was bronze but sooty with ash.
    Chapter 41 (71% in)

There are no more uses of "bronze" in The Lost Hero.

Typical Usage  (best examples)
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