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used in The Sunlight Dialogues

24 uses
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in keeping with; or in agreement/harmony/unity with
This sense of accord is often seen in the form according to or accordingly where it can take on more specific meanings. For example:
  • "According to Kim, ..." — as stated by
  • "To each according to her ability." — based upon
  • "Points are scored according to how well they perform." — depending upon
  • "The dose is calculated according to body weight." — in proportion to
  • "We got a flat tire. Accordingly, I pulled to the side of the road." — because of what was just said; or as a result
  • According to the law—
    1 — The Watchdog (35% in)
  • Arson, according to the State Police.
    1 — The Watchdog (52% in)
  • Acting according to your instructions, you know.
    2 — When the Exorcist Shall Go to the House of the Patient... (38% in)
  • His temper fits gave him splitting headaches—histamine headaches, according to the doctor in Rochester.
    4 — Mama (6% in)
  • Seven-thirty, according to her watch.
    4 — Mama (21% in)
  • Every word he said was moronic, according to you, and any fool could see what you said was moronic, not that the Old Man didn't trouble to point it out.
    4 — Mama (75% in)
  • And if by magic, well, according to a piece he'd seen in the Reader's Digest once, there were police departments in big cities like New York that used people like the Sunlight Man all the time.
    5 — Hunting Wild Asses (27% in)
  • It was locked when Hodge got there, according to Hodge—I don't think Hodge has realized the importance of that just yet.
    5 — Hunting Wild Asses (33% in)
  • They bought and sold by the horoscope, fanned according to the omens, catalogued the organs of living things for their simultaneous physical and spiritual meanings.
    7 — The Dialogue on Wood and Stone (56% in)
  • There, according to the boy's version, one of the cops said, "You're a wiseguy, ain't you," and struck him.
    8 — The Kleppmann File (46% in)
  • Like a robber, I shall proceed according to my will.
    9 — "Like a robber, I shall proceed according to my will." (0% in)
  • " He dropped out of school; volunteered for the Peace Corps but didn't get in; burned his draft card; marched to Mississippi and came home profoundly disillusioned with Negroes; moved to Buffalo, N.Y., where according to a friend there were going to be riots any day.
    10 — Poetry and Life (70% in)
  • Like a robber, I shall proceed according to my will!
    11 — The Dialogue of Houses (71% in)
  • According to the Jews, a man is responsible for obeying laws, performing his duties.
    11 — The Dialogue of Houses (72% in)
  • According to the Babylonians, the greatest responsibility is to remain absolutely free.
    11 — The Dialogue of Houses (72% in)
  • According to recent statistics—or anyway recent in 1906—there are in the United States, in round numbers, 19,500,000 horses, mules, and burros, 61,000,000 cattle, 47,000,000 hogs, and 51,600,000 sheep.
    12 — A Mother's Love (83% in)
  • Nicodemus is the Chief according to him.
    13 — Nah ist—und schwer zu fassen der Gott (46% in)
  • According to the old women Sun-on-the-Water's the Chief.
    13 — Nah ist—und schwer zu fassen der Gott (46% in)
  • ...(it was bitter as alum: he'd never yet had a pipe that wasn't, and the taste made his stomach knot tighter than usual—when he'd searched his pockets, a minute ago, he'd found he had only a half-roll of Tums remaining: have to stop at a drugstore, he'd thought, but despite the rage of his stomach he'd forgotten it already), a BBB, one of the best pipes made in England, according to the man at the counter, the band sterling silver, a steal—pure highway robbery—at fourteen dollars.
    14 — The Wilderness (25% in)
  • According to the clock on the dashboard, it was five-to-two in the morning.
    17 — Benson versus Boyle (92% in)
  • When the whole thing blew up, sixteen years ago, she wrote letters to the paper that the Communists had her husband locked up in a cellar, whole town full of secret agents, according to Kathleen.
    19 — Workmen in a Quarry (54% in)
  • According to Jung life is like the daily course of the sun.
    19 — Workmen in a Quarry (74% in)
  • He was a madman, close to violence, according to the opinion of the psychiatrist, and Clumly could believe it.
    21 — The Dialogue of Towers (27% in)
  • In San Francisco, California, according to what I read, every time they arrest a person they have to hand him a card that tells him what his rights are.
    24 — Law and Order (68% in)

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