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used in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

35 uses
  • Although it was dark, there was brightness where he stood.
    Chapter 56 (84% in)
  • Although he had eaten four cents' worth of candy that morning, he was very hungry and made Francie run all the way home.
    Chapter 1 (54% in)
  • But although Mama urged her, Sissy wouldn't stay.
    Chapter 5 (20% in)
  • Francie laughed too, although she didn't understand what Sissy meant.
    Chapter 5 (22% in)
  • Although there was no signal nor agreement, the boys always gathered on the corner after supper where they stood the whole evening, hands in pockets, shoulders hunched forward, arguing, laughing, pushing each other around and jigging in time to whistled tunes.
    Chapter 6 (27% in)
  • Francie looked down on the floor and frowned although she was laughing inside.
    Chapter 6 (54% in)
  • They got along well although Hildy was Irish and Katie came from parents who had been born in Austria.
    Chapter 7 (1% in)
  • Although he did not belong to her, Katie was proud of him.
    Chapter 7 (9% in)
  • Although he hated the old country, he stubbornly refused to like the new country.
    Chapter 7 (32% in)
  • Evy really loved her husband although she could not resist mimicking him.
    Chapter 7 (94% in)
  • They were still very happy although Johnny was getting more and more worried as the time wore on.
    Chapter 9 (14% in)
  • "John," (she called him John although his name was Charlie), "what's that book on the dresser?"
    Chapter 9 (95% in)
  • Katie nursed her doggedly although the neighbor women told her that her milk was bad for the child.
    Chapter 10 (1% in)
  • Gradually, as the children grew up, Katie lost all of her tenderness although she gained in what people call character.
    Chapter 10 (82% in)
  • Although it was no question because they had very little and now there were two children.
    Chapter 12 (6% in)
  • Although she followed the band, Francie liked the organ grinder better.
    Chapter 13 (75% in)
  • But then she'd have to be a Sicilian and kidnap little children and she didn't want to do that, although drawing a black hand was fun.
    Chapter 13 (93% in)
  • Although she only came from downstairs, she was formally attired in street clothes.
    Chapter 17 (15% in)
  • Although it was a cruel and ugly routine, it had a purpose and a progression.
    Chapter 21 (15% in)
  • Although Katie had nothing but contempt for the Organization, she saw no reason why they shouldn't take advantage of the good time.
    Chapter 24 (38% in)
  • Although it was a hot day, she pulled them on.
    Chapter 24 (56% in)
  • Although Katie had this same flair for coloring an incident and Johnny himself lived in a half-dream world, yet they tried to squelch these things in their child.
    Chapter 26 (81% in)
  • Francie nearly burst with pride although she knew he was joking.
    Chapter 27 (30% in)
  • Francie had a lot of fun convincing him although she knew all the while that the whole thing was make-believe.
    Chapter 27 (33% in)
  • Although it was a broiling hot day, Johnny peeled off his tuxedo jacket, knelt down and wrapped it around the child.
    Chapter 29 (69% in)
  • For a long time, he had been molesting little girls, and although the police were on a continual lookout for him, he was never caught.
    Chapter 33 (12% in)
  • Although it was a warm May night, Evy built a fire in the range.
    Chapter 40 (51% in)
  • Although she was only fourteen, she and her mother agreed that she could pass for sixteen easily.
    Chapter 44 (3% in)
  • Although she had been raised to ten dollars a week when she went on reading, her runner-up received twenty-five dollars a week and the other readers received twenty.
    Chapter 44 (22% in)
  • Although Francie liked reading newspapers and was proud to earn ten dollars a week, she was not happy.
    Chapter 44 (23% in)
  • Her hands were steady as she worked although she considered this drinking tonight as something crucial.
    Chapter 46 (41% in)
  • If I told Sissy or Evy, they'd talk the same as Mama, although Sissy was married at fourteen and Evy at sixteen.
    Chapter 46 (66% in)
  • She learned "ballroom" dancing, although neither she nor her partners ever expected to set foot in something called a ballroom.
    Chapter 51 (4% in)
  • Although I'm not overlooking that.
    Chapter 54 (63% in)
  • It's not for your grand public position although it'll be fine to have a husband to be proud of.
    Chapter 54 (67% in)

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