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used in A Prayer for Owen Meany

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clear or obvious; or appearing as such but not necessarily so
  • Apparently; various "buddies" had been involved in bringing home the AK-47 assault rifle; different guys brought home different parts.
    p. 609.9
  • It was, apparently, the kind of story you had to be "old enough" to hear.
    p. 11.9
  • It was apparently enough revenge upon the Catholics to be sending Owen there; either the added defiance of his own attendance was unnecessary, or else Mr. Meany had suffered such an outrage at the hands of the Catholic authorities that he was rendered unreceptive to the teachings of any church.
    p. 28.6
  • Apparently, Mrs. Meany was frightened by it—Owen gave his parents no forewarning that the armadillo was visiting; but Owen maintained that this small shock served his mother right for going into his room uninvited.
    p. 66.7
  • In her T-shirt, there was little doubt that she would one day have an impressive bosom; its early blossoming was as apparent as her manly biceps.
    p. 71.7
  • My grandmother told Aunt Martha and Uncle Alfred that if the family were all together, my mother's absence would be too apparent.
    p. 150.2
  • The apparent impossibility of sustaining unobnoxious behavior for even part of the day weighs heavily on the lad, and overwhelms him with a claustrophobia as impenetrable as the claustrophobia of church itself.
    p. 178.5
  • Yet, apparently, it was good for him—for there she was, standing over him.
    p. 187.9
  • To this artful question, my grandmother and Lydia exchanged their usual glances; but I considered the question carefully— its many levels of seriousness were apparent to me.
    p. 195.9
  • It was instantly apparent to Owen and me that Ginger Brinker-Smith had not brought her husband to this empty room in order to nurse him; the twins were not with them—it was "nap time" for the twins, too.
    p. 196.9
  • It was apparent that the audience wanted Owen alone; Mr. Fish had already been out onstage with Owen, and by himself—it was clearly Owen whom the crowd adored.
    p. 210.8
  • Apparently the director intended to pick up a few pointers, too.
    p. 214.1
  • I saw the faces of the Rev. Lewis Merrill and his California wife; it was apparent that they also thought Owen meant them.
    p. 224.2
  • Among the older members of the congregation—with whom the jocular Captain Wiggin and his brash wife were not an overnight success—there was a stewing anger, apparent in their frowns and scowls, as if the shameful pageant they had just witnessed were the rector's idea of something "modern."
    p. 232.2
  • Mr. Merrill gazed undistracted toward center stage, apparently transfixed by the crack where the curtain would part; he appeared to believe that by his special scrutiny of this opening, by a supreme act of concentration, he might inspire the curtains to open.
    p. 241.3
  • Even my grandmother—so detached, so superior—drew her fur closer around her shoulders and shivered: an apparent draft had touched the necks of my fellow townspeople; the shiver that passed through my grandmother appeared to pass through them all.
    p. 246.9
  • We left scarcely any marks on Mary Magdalene's ground-length robe, on her bland, snowy face, or on her open hands—outstretched in apparent supplication.
    p. 275.9
  • The apparent secret was "belief without miracles"; a faith that needed a miracle was not a faith at all.
    p. 314.4
  • Several Gravesend students came from there, and they unanimously groaned to hear the announcement of Randolph White's appointment as headmaster at the academy; apparently, the idea that anyone from Lake Forest had followed them to New Hampshire depressed them.
    p. 321.6
  • Apparently, Sam White liked to "entertain."
    p. 333.1
  • Apparently, it was either my blood or my pain—or both—that disgusted her with me.
    p. 348.4
  • He sat behind the wheel—with apparent jolts of extreme discomfort assailing him from the region of his lower back—and commanded the faculty to push him.
    p. 399.5
  • Until the summer of '62, I thought that childhood and adolescence were a purgatory without apparent end; I thought that youth, in a word, "sucked."
    p. 423.5
  • I was surprised that he had no health insurance; apparently, there was no policy for coverage in his family and he hadn't even paid the small premium asked of students at the university for group benefits.
    p. 486.4
  • We found her asleep on the couch; the only light that flashed over her was the ghastly, bone-colored glow from the TV, which she had turned to another channel—apparently, Hester hadn't been in the mood for Moon over Miami, either.
    p. 491.6
    p. 504.8
  • Apparently, Owen had made a favorable impression upon some grieving Arizona family who had connections at the Pentagon; through the chain of command, the major general had received a special letter of commendation—the Casualty Branch at the post had reason to be proud: a Second Lieutenant Paul 0.
    p. 505.2
  • And now—in my very own English Department—I must endure a woman of an apparently similar temperament, a woman whose prickly disposition is also upheaved in a sea of sexual contradictions ....
    p. 539.5
  • That was when I asked Dan Needham—since he had no apparent religious faith—why he had insisted that my mother and I change churches, that we leave the Congregational Church and become Episcopalians!
    p. 559.8
  • It was perfect how the dark-colored light from the chancel threw exactly the right amount of illumination upon her—there was just enough light to accentuate the scarlet glare of her dress, but not enough light to make her headlessness too apparent.
    p. 564.4
  • Apparently the family had planned a kind of "picnic wake"; the wake was now in its third day.
    p. 588.9
  • But although he'd kept me out of the war, it was apparent—from his diary—that I'd remained in the dream.
    p. 595.6
  • Apparently, that was where we were driving next—to the "picnic wake" that was now in its third, merrymaking day.
    p. 605.3
  • Owen had booked no special flight to Tucson—apparently, there were frequent flights from Phoenix to Tucson, and Owen was going to wait until I left; then he'd take the next available plane.
    p. 618.3

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