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used in The Magic Mountain

39 uses
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in various senses, including:
  • to say something is not true — as in "She contradicted his testimony."
  • to say something else is true when both can't be true — as in "I don't believe her. She contradicted herself as she told us what happened."
  • to be in conflict with — as in "Her assertions contradict accepted scientific principles."
  • Strictly speaking, the contradictions in his attitude toward work needed to be resolved.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (70% in)
  • Given your hilarity"—he fell silent for a moment and the furrowed curl at the corner of his mouth deepened—"one could draw contradictory conclusions.
    3.4 - Satana (14% in)
  • You are viewing the matter from a higher standpoint, Herr Settembrini, as a writer, so to speak, and I would not want to contradict you there.
    4.4 - Politically Suspect (79% in)
  • And then, of course, there was Settembrini himself—naysayer, windbag, and homo humanus, as he called himself—who had rebuked him with a lot of taut words for calling sickness and stupidity a contradiction and a dilemma for human emotions.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (40% in)
  • It seems to me you're getting tangled up in contradictions.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (49% in)
  • He was very serious—he had not spoken in a conversational tone, had refused to allow Hans Castorp any opportunity to pick up the thread or contradict him, and had lowered his voice decisively to mark the end of his statement.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (85% in)
  • At any rate, his heart had shrunk beneath those looks which in his eyes had contradicted and denied, in a most flagrant and intoxicating fashion, the reality that he and the sick woman were not so much as social acquaintances—had, in fact, shrunk almost painfully at the first rattle of the glass door, and his breath had come short and shallow as he sat waiting for that moment.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (12% in)
  • And so, planting their walking sticks firmly, they strolled off bareheaded—because since taking vows, Hans Castorp had, for God's sake, complied with the local custom of not wearing a hat, despite his strong feelings at the beginning about how the practice contradicted his own civilized style of life.
    5.4 - Mercury's Moods (84% in)
  • There you see the kind of humanism that absolutely does not become ensnared in contradictions, that is in no way guilty of a retreat into Christian toadying, even though it resolves to see in the body the evil force, the antagonist.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (96% in)
  • The contradiction that you believe you see is always one and the same.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (97% in)
  • The theory behind such a commonplace phenomenon as fever was self-contradictory.
    5.7 - Research (76% in)
  • As they left, young Fritz wept a little again, and although it was only out of weakness, the tears he shed stood in curious contradiction to the dry, businesslike way he spoke and thought.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (51% in)
  • ...ago become a comrade—Dr. Krokowski frequently called him that when he stopped to check on him, and although, as Hans Castorp remarked to Joachim, that military word, with its exotic r, a single palatalized tap of the tongue, sounded dreadful coming from the assistant, it did not fit all that badly with his rugged, virile, jovial manner, which both demanded your cheerful trust and yet at the same time had its dubious side, since it was always contradicted somehow by his black pallor.
    6.1 - Changes (92% in)
  • Particularly unpleasant was the way he contradicted you with his "False!
    6.2 - Someone Else (39% in)
  • "Such a triumph is an impossibility," Naphta replied, "because the authority is man himself—his interests, his dignity, his salvation—and there can be no contradiction between man and truth.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (43% in)
  • With our very own eyes, we have witnessed a hieratic death-defying leap—and if that is a contradiction in terms, then Herr Naphta has 'temporarily abrogated' it.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (67% in)
  • Whereas an individualism that proceeds from the cosmic, astrological importance of the individual soul, an individualism that is not social, but religious, that experiences its humanity not as a contradiction between self and society, but between self and God, between flesh and Spirit—such a genuine individualism can be reconciled very nicely with a community rich in ties of commitment and obligation.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (69% in)
  • For (and Naphta was particularly fond of that conjunction—in his mouth it gained something triumphantly inexorable, and his eyes would flash behind his glasses whenever he could insert it), for politics and Catholicism, as concepts, were psychologically related; they formed a single category embracing all objective, actual, active, actualizing reality, and as such stood in contradiction to pietist Protestantism, which had emerged out of mysticism.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (11% in)
  • His days and part of his nights were filled with operationes spirituales, with examinations of conscience, with introspection, deliberation, and mediation, and he went about it with such malicious, peevish passion that he found himself ensnared in a thousand difficulties, contradictions, and disputes.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (20% in)
  • Herr Settembrini hoped he was not wrong in assuming that Hans Castorp had made such a remark merely so that it could be contradicted.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (85% in)
  • But there was no clarity, no order, not even of a dualistic and militant sort; for it was ail not only contradictory, but also topsy-turvy, and the disputants not only contradicted one another, but also themselves.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (91% in)
  • But there was no clarity, no order, not even of a dualistic and militant sort; for it was ail not only contradictory, but also topsy-turvy, and the disputants not only contradicted one another, but also themselves.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (91% in)
  • ...and larger social units, and so was wedded to a bourgeois morality that was tied to life, understood life as an end in itself, saw its sole purpose in unheroic utility, and viewed all moral law as invested in the state; whereas he, Naphta—well aware that mankind's inner conflict was based instead on the contradiction between what the senses register and what transcends the senses—represented true, mystical individualism and was in actuality the genuine man of freedom and subjectivity.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (93% in)
  • But if that was the case, Hans Castorp thought, how did that square with "anonymous and communal"—just to select one of the many contradictions?
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (94% in)
  • Ah, principles and viewpoints were constantly at loggerheads, there was no lack of inner contradictions, making it all extraordinarily difficult for a civilian to exercise responsibility, not merely to decide between opposites, but also to keep them apart as neat, separate specimens—until a civilian was sorely tempted to plunge headlong into Naphta's "morally chaotic void.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (98% in)
  • It was as if veils, visible to no one before, were falling away one by one—and now the last, or so they thought, revealing the purest, most intense light, and then one more, the ultimate, and then, incredibly, the absolute last, releasing a glory shimmering with tears and a brilliance so lavish that a hollow sound of rapture had gone up from the audience, almost in protest and contradiction, it seemed, and even he, young Hans Castorp, had felt a sob well up within him.
    6.7 - Snow (74% in)
  • Their arguments and contradictions are nothing but a guazzabuglio, the hubbub and alarum of battle, and no one whose head is a little clear and heart a little devout will let himself be dazed by that.
    6.7 - Snow (92% in)
  • Are those really contradictions?
    6.7 - Snow (92% in)
  • And in that state let him commune with himself, fine, gallant, genial, and respectful—for he alone is noble, and not that set of contradictions.
    6.7 - Snow (93% in)
  • Man is the master of contradictions, they occur through him, and so he is more noble than they.
    6.7 - Snow (93% in)
  • Hmm, hmm, isn't that a pretty twist, a nasty twist, a hard fact to contradict all ideals.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (4% in)
  • It was clear, as Hans Castorp was; not surprised to discover, that she did not understand, was in fact slightly offended by Joachim's good cheer, his rapid breathing, his impulsive words—behavior that presumably contradicted his disposition at home or during the trip.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (12% in)
  • The Word, even the most contradictory word, binds us together.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (46% in)
  • Eh, eh—that was indeed a dreadful sort of contradictory consistency, a consistent contradiction.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (35% in)
  • Eh, eh—that was indeed a dreadful sort of contradictory consistency, a consistent contradiction.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (35% in)
  • His adversary, Naphta responded, showed no lack of the same contradictions and consistencies; he thought of himself as a democrat, and yet expressed himself as something less than a friend of the common man and equality, indeed displayed a reprehensible aristocratic arrogance by describing the world's proletariat, who were called to provisional dictatorship, as a mob.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (35% in)
  • Was not the very idea of a world of senses that existed in and of itself the most ridiculous of all possible self-contradictions?
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (39% in)
  • He took delight in pointing out the contradiction, it gratified him ... But here we are selecting general items from Naphta's inexhaustible hostility, when we have matters that are only all too concrete to talk about.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (45% in)
  • His youthful listener was sure to have noticed, he said, the difference, or even contradiction, between external and internal freedom—and at the same time the ticklish question as to which form of unfreedom was least or most likely, hee hee, to be compatible with a nation's honor.
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (53% in)

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