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for that reason (what follows is so because of what was just said)
  • You were, therefore, taking your rest cure, just as duty, reason, and regulation demand.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (49% in)
  • And this was how the old man was viewed, both during his lifetime and after, by his fellow citizens; and even though little Hans Castorp understood nothing about the affairs of government, the perceptions gained by his own calm, alert child's eye were much the same—unspoken and therefore uncritical perceptions, though enthusiastic for all that, which when they later became conscious memories retained their exclusively positive stamp, immune to all discussion or analysis.
    2.1 - The Baptismal Bowl / Grandfather in His Two Forms (54% in)
  • It is not true clarity, but a dreamy, empty clarity that demands nothing of us, a clarity without consequences, and therefore dangerous, because it seduces us to take our ease beside it.
    4.4 - Politically Suspect (68% in)
  • This instructive entertainment took place after second breakfast, and, as Joachim likewise informed him, it was not permitted, or was at the very least frowned upon, for anyone to absent himself—and it was therefore considered an amazing license that Settembrini, who surely was fluent in German as few others were, not only had never attended these lectures, but also vilified them at length.
    4.5 - Hippe (16% in)
  • But since, and quite rightly so, Dr. Krokowski continued, one ought not conclude that the whole was itself a perversion simply because its parts were, one was therefore compelled to enlist the legitimacy of the whole, if not its whole legitimacy, and apply it to each of the perverse parts.
    4.6 - Analysis (44% in)
  • Joachim never spoke of tittering Marusya, which therefore precluded Hans Castorp from mentioning Clavdia Chauchat.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (23% in)
  • It seemed everything to him, in fact, except how it really was—always presuming, of course, that time is part of nature and that it is therefore permissible to see it in conjunction with reality.
    5.3 - Freedom (5% in)
  • And the unspoken suspicion rose up in him that if she was ill—which she surely was, almost hopelessly ill, since she had been forced to come up here so often and for such long periods—her illness was, if not entirely, then at least in large part, of a moral nature, and was therefore, just as Settembrini had said, not the cause or result of her "carelessness" but in fact identical with it.
    5.4 - Mercury's Moods (23% in)
  • The constituent element of his love, therefore, was not the amiable, tender melancholy found in our little song.
    5.4 - Mercury's Moods (38% in)
  • Literature is therefore to have its own volume, which is to contain, as solace and advice for those who suffer, a synopsis and short analysis of all masterpieces of world literature dealing with every such conflict.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (69% in)
  • That nobility, however, is contained within the mind, within reason, and therefore you will level the charge of Christian obscurantism against me quite in vain.
    5.5 - Encyclopedia (89% in)
  • The body hovering before him, this individual, living self was therefore a huge multiplicity of breathing and self-nourishing entities, which in the course of organic integration and specialization had forfeited their existence as selves to become anatomical elements, but with such a total loss of freedom and direct connection to life that some functioned only in response to stimuli like light, sound, touch, or warmth, whereas others could only cluster in new shapes or secrete...
    5.7 - Research (54% in)
  • And since the adjective "stunning" had been used for "splendid" or "excellent" for quite some time now—was totally washed out, enervated, prostituted, and therefore obsolete—she had of late seized upon the word "devastating," and now found everything "devastating," whether in earnest or in jest: the bobsled run, their dessert dumplings, and her own body warmth, which sounded equally repulsive coming from her.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (34% in)
  • The covert flight of the ladies was therefore also an expression of a certain modesty.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (38% in)
  • She did not take herself seriously and therefore did not let false pride prevent her from making full use of his decency—or was it enduring love?
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (74% in)
  • Certain persons have already withdrawn—and therefore we are permitted to make all sorts of assumptions.
    5.9 - Walpurgis Night (19% in)
  • I believe we can walk side by side a little farther down this path by tracing the state to a social contract, which takes sin into account and protects against injustice and which we both therefore regard as the origin of sovereign authority.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (56% in)
  • They repudiated private ownership, since, according to the divine law of nature, the earth is the common property of all mankind and therefore its fruits are likewise intended for the common use of all.
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (62% in)
  • He had a temperature of one hundred degrees, he could not believe he had been officially discharged, unless the director's recent remarks were to be taken as an order of expulsion, although he, the speaker, was unaware of having given any cause for such a measure; he had therefore decided, after considering the matter calmly and in conscious distinction to Joachim Ziemssen, to remain here and wait until he was completely detoxified.
    6.4 - An Outburst of Temper / Something Very Embarrassing (75% in)
  • Illness, therefore, was inhuman.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (87% in)
  • Therefore, the dignity and nobility of man was based in the Spirit, in illness.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (88% in)
  • It is, therefore, terroristic— that is, anti-liberal.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (25% in)
  • It was, therefore, perhaps counterproductive for Herr Settembrini to present the membership of such prominent men as an argument in favor of the lodges, since one might turn it around and assume that if so many of his brothers occupied important posts, that only proved the power of the society, which surely was much more deeply involved in the affairs of the world than Herr Settembrini was willing to admit.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (39% in)
  • And therefore I beg you—in your own best interest, as well as in the interest of your own country and of Europe itself—to imprint on your mind the 'secondly' that I am about to offer.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (40% in)
  • A matter that the Italian evidently preferred to take for granted would be the next item on that agenda: whether the classical tradition of the Mediterranean was intended for all humanity, and therefore eternal in human terms, or whether it had not merely been the intellectual fashion and trimmings of one particular epoch, the bourgeois liberal age, which could then die with it.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (54% in)
  • But what I mean is, vice is surely not insensitive to such terrors, but on the contrary, gives them their full and just due, to the extent that what drives a man to vice is the failure of feeling in the face of the classic gifts of life; which therefore does not imply, or does not necessarily imply, an insult to life, since it inasmuch as these refinements are meant to intoxicate or excite us—are stimulants, as they say—they support and enhance the intensity of feelings, which means,...
    7.3 - Vingt et un (62% in)
  • This personality had appeared on the scene as Clavdia Chauchat's traveling companion and therefore as a tremendous disruption—but Hans Castorp did not let that alter his judgment of the man.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (2% in)
  • With him, one can speak only of prejudices on a grand and therefore impersonal scale, of general pedagogic principles, upon which, I admit, given my status as a 'problem child of life,' Herr Settembrini has often insisted—but that would lead us too far afield.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (77% in)
  • Five million subscribers, the memorandum continued, would therefore in the course of twenty years recycle newspaper worth the immense sum of three hundred million marks, two-thirds of which would be applied to renewing subscriptions, making them much cheaper, and one-third, around one hundred million marks, made available for humanitarian purposes—to finance tuberculosis sanatoriums for the general public, to subsidize struggling artists, and so forth.
    7.6 - The Great Stupor (60% in)
  • ...and in his considered opinion most thorough and, given the circumstances, most appropriate course of action, after having been indirectly informed that Herr Kasimir Japoll intended to leave the aforementioned town the following day, "and therefore on 2 April 19—, between 7:30 and 7:45 p. m., in the presence of his wife, Jadwiga, Herr Michael Lodygowski, and Herr Ignaz von Mellin, administered several slaps to the face of Herr Kasimir Japoll, who was sitting and drinking alcoholic...
    7.9 - The Great Petulance (23% in)

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