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used in The Magic Mountain

25 uses
  • Mirth and delight reigned around the table.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (33% in)
  • The murmur of isolation reigned above this beautiful, remote spot.
    4.5 - Hippe (44% in)
  • Behind her, where the door had opened, it was much darker than in the white hallway—the clinical brightness of these lower rooms apparently did not penetrate that far; Hans Castorp noted that murky twilight, deep dusk, reigned in Dr. Krokowski's analytical chamber.
    4.7 - Doubts and Considerations (**% in)
  • He did take satisfaction in one thing, however, as he lay there listening to his heart, his physical heart, pounding rapidly and audibly in the stillness— the stillness that was prescribed by house rules and reigned over the entire Berghof during the main rest cure of the day.
    4.8 - Table Talk (96% in)
  • Bright daylight reigned in the west—glassy, cool, definitive light; but if he turned his head, he found himself gazing into utterly magical moonlit night draped in a web of mist.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (70% in)
  • The gloomy and cold weather that had reigned in the valley outside when Hans Castorp had first taken to his bed had given way to splendid bright summer days, a whole series of such days, which seemed to have no end.
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (96% in)
  • As he had noticed previously when the Swede had gone in, Hans Castorp saw that semidarkness, a kind of artificial twilight, reigned in the X-ray room—just as it did in Dr. Krokowski's analytical chamber.
    5.2 - My God, I See It! (48% in)
  • For a good two and a half weeks a splendid sky reigned above mountains and valley, each new day outdoing the last for sheer blue purity; and the sun burned with such intensity that everyone found good reason to dig out his or her lightest summer clothes, the cast-aside muslin dresses and linen trousers; and even the large white canvas sunshade, which had no handle but was ingeniously fixed with a peg and several holes to the arm of the lounge chair, offered only inadequate protection...
    5.4 - Mercury's Moods (5% in)
  • It was yet another of those celebrated October days, a day that was both hot and gentle, festal and austere, with a dark blue southern sky above the valley, whose meadows, crossed with paths and dotted with settlements, were still a cheerful green and from whose rugged, wooded slopes came the sound of cowbells—a metallic, serene, simple tone that drifted clear and untroubled through the quiet, thin, empty air and enhanced the gala mood reigning in those high regions.
    5.6 - Humaniora (1% in)
  • A bright, pure frost reigned, winter's splendor settled over mid-November, and the panorama beyond the arches of the balcony was magnificent—snow-powdered forests, ravines filled with soft white, a glistening sunlit valley under a radiant blue sky.
    5.7 - Research (18% in)
  • Laughter reigned, streamers dangling from the chandeliers wafted in the breeze, confetti floated in the gravy, and soon the dwarf appeared with the first ice-bucket and hurried past with the first bottle of champagne.
    5.9 - Walpurgis Night (11% in)
  • But ever since the Mardi Gras party and Settembrini's heated departure from the music room, a coolness had reigned between Hans Castorp and the Italian, the result both of the former's bad conscience and the latter's deep pedagogic indignation, so that they avoided one another and had not exchanged a single word for weeks now.
    6.1 - Changes (42% in)
  • I recognize today's mood; it is the same mood that reigns when the holidays of terra firma are religiously observed on those great arks—as reminders of a world outside, nostalgia as per calendar.
    6.1 - Changes (48% in)
  • Lao-tzu teaches that doing nothing is more beneficial than anything between heaven and earth, that if humankind were to stop all activity, perfect peace and happiness would reign on earth.
    6.2 - Someone Else (47% in)
  • He took his excellent meals in a huge refectory, where the rule of silence reigned—which was also the case in the corridors—and where a young prefect sat at his lectern in the middle of the room, high above the diners, and read to them.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (17% in)
  • The pear had been shoved into the open mouth, the famous pear, not a very tasty fruit, to be sure—and then silence had reigned as they went about their business, "Porcheria," Settembrini muttered.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (65% in)
  • He felt an insurmountable need for tidiness that kept him out of that realm where a reverence for human misery—as experimental youth had put it earlier—reigned, not only in a physical but also in a psychological sense, a realm where, in short, virtue, reason, and health meant nothing, but where vice and illness were held in extraordinary honor.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (77% in)
  • Confusion reigned.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (91% in)
  • You and your country allow unconditional silence to reign, a silence so opaque that no one can judge its depths.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (45% in)
  • One would have to be a Renaissance man of letters, a verbal dandy, a Gongorist, a Marinist, a fop of the estilo culto, to endow the disciplines of reading and writing with such exaggerated educational importance and imagine that intellectual night reigned where such skills were lacking.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (56% in)
  • Where uniformity reigns, movement from point to point is no longer movement; and where movement is no longer movement, there is no time.
    7.1 - A Stroll by the Shore (90% in)
  • Herr Settembrini let silence reign.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (26% in)
  • He suffered as long as it reigned, or if it reigned too long; not out of vanity, however— Hans Castorp felt sure of that.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (45% in)
  • He suffered as long as it reigned, or if it reigned too long; not out of vanity, however— Hans Castorp felt sure of that.
    7.4 - Mynheer Peeperkorn (Continued) (45% in)
  • And he almost lost his composure when at the last moment Herr Settembrini called him by his first name, said "Giovanni," and casting aside the forms appropriate to the educated West, let informal pronouns reign.
    7.10 - The Thunderbolt (63% in)

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