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used in The Magic Mountain

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to stick out from
  • "And why not?" she asked, letting her protruding lower lip dangle in the air.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (30% in)
  • He gazed at the roofed-over slips, which were wrapped in webs of smoky fog and from which the ribs of ships under construction protruded, while engineers, blueprints and pump-charts in hand, gave orders to the workers.
    2.2 - At the Tienappels' / Hans Castorp's Moral State (24% in)
  • He was a bony man, a good three heads taller than Dr. Krokowski, with a shock of white hair; his neck vertebrae stuck out, and his watery, bloodshot blue eyes protruded; he had a snub nose above a little short-cropped moustache, which sat slightly askew because his upper lip was turned up at one comer.
    3.2 - Breakfast (79% in)
  • Her watery-blue, bloodshot eyes wandered unsteadily, and to make matters worse, one had a sty in a very advanced stage; the nose was turned up, the mouth froglike, the lower lip protruding at an angle and moving like a shovel as she spoke.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (27% in)
  • Behrens was just emerging from the portico—tall, with protruding neck vertebrae, a bowler shoved to the back of his head, a cigar in his mouth, purple-cheeked and pop-eyed; he was at full swing in his daily routine, about to attend to his private practice and make calls in town, having just been on the job in the operating room, as he declared.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (59% in)
  • And he pointed with one massive forefinger at his own two bloodshot, watery, protruding blue eyes.
    4.10 - The Thermometer (63% in)
  • He had used the grainy surface of the canvas under the oils to suggest its uneven texture, particularly where the collarbone delicately protruded.
    5.6 - Humaniora (44% in)
  • In the melancholy mood that had suddenly come over him, his neck vertebrae seemed to protrude even more than usual.
    5.6 - Humaniora (98% in)
  • Its weight was on one leg, so that flesh protruded where the bone of the supporting hip stuck out, while the relaxed leg was raised so that the knee bent a little to nestle against the inside of the supporting leg and the foot rested on just the toes.
    5.7 - Research (50% in)
  • With a volume on embryology propped at the bottom of his sternum, our young adventurer followed the development of the organism from the moment when the sperm, out in front of many just like itself and driven onward by the whipping motion of its taii, crashed headfirst into the gelatin coating of the egg and bored its way through to what is called the mount of conception, a conical protrusion in the outer rim of the egg's protoplasm formed in reaction to the approach of the sperm.
    5.7 - Research (60% in)
  • Its two epithelia, the outer and inner, ectoderm and endoderm, turned out to be primitive organs, from whose folds and protrusions were formed glands, tissues, sense organs, the body's appendages.
    5.7 - Research (63% in)
  • They both enjoyed, however, their visits with Anton Karlovitch Ferge from Saint Petersburg, a fellow with a huge good-natured moustache and a protruding Adam's apple that somehow seemed equally good-natured; he lay there in his bed, recovering very slowly and with great difficulty from an attempted pneumothorax, which, Herr Ferge said, had come within an inch of costing him his life.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (66% in)
  • He listened to it all with anthropological interest, even asked to hear some Russian spoken as well; and the muddy, barbaric, boneless tongue from the East flowed swiftly out of Herr Ferge's good-natured protruding Adam's apple and from under his good-natured moustache.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (71% in)
  • Frau Chauchat had likewise dressed for the occasion and was wearing a new gown, or at least a gown that Hans Castorp had never seen on her—of thin, dark, almost black silk that sometimes took on a tawny shimmer; the rounded cut of the neck was small, almost girlish, barely deep enough to expose the throat or even a hint of the collarbone—or her protruding neck bones visible beneath a few stray hairs when she thrust her head forward in that special way.
    5.9 - Walpurgis Night (15% in)
  • He was seated between Herr Wehsal and the hunchbacked Mexican, with whom he spoke Spanish—because he was a master of many languages, including Turkish and Hungarian—and folding his gigantic hands before his plate and hitching his moustache more askew, he watched with protruding, bloodshot, blue eyes as Consul Tienappel raised his glass of bordeaux to Frau Redisch at her table.
    6.5 - An Attack Repulsed (90% in)
  • He passed through them as well, and now the temple stood before him—its massive foundation was weathered a grayish green; a steep flight of stairs led up to the broad facade, its pediment resting on the capitals of powerful, squat, tapering columns; here and there a fluted, round block had slipped out of position and protruded slightly.
    6.7 - Snow (85% in)
  • He was chivalrous, he addressed her as "gracious lady," his bloodshot, protruding eyes gazed at her with manly sincerity, and despite her grief she could not help laughing at all his fraternity phrases.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (18% in)
  • "You're fond of your cousin, aren't you, Hans Castorp?" the director asked, suddenly grasping the young man's hand and gazing down at him from his blue, bloodshot, protruding eyes with their white lashes.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (75% in)
  • An idyllic affair of the heart, my gracious lady," he said, holding Luise Ziemssen's hand in his two shovel-size mitts and gazing down at her from his protruding, watery, bloodshot blue eyes.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (90% in)
  • And he left, taking long strides and bent forward so that his neck vertebrae protruded.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (96% in)
  • His one minor sorrow of long ago, his protruding ears, was not noticeable under whatever that strange, unidentifiable thing was that he had on his head.
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (97% in)

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