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used in The Magic Mountain

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calm and untroubled
  • Herr Settembrini coordinated head, shoulders, and hands in a serene, polite gesture to illustrate his question: Yes, well?
    5.1 - Eternal Soup and Sudden Clarity (80% in)
  • ...which he now found displayed before him in the dining room, he gathered that his grandfather had now received solemn dispensation from his interim stage and had finally returned to the form appropriate to him—an event of which he could only approve, though old Fiete wept and constantly shook his head, even though Hans Castorp himself wept, just as he had wept at the sight of his unexpectedly deceased mother and, a short time later, of his father lying there equally serene and strange.
    2.1 - The Baptismal Bowl / Grandfather in His Two Forms (80% in)
  • The sky shone deep blue above the spear-shaped tops of the pines, the town glistened brightly in the heat of the valley floor, and the cheerful, serene sound of bells filled the air as cows wandered the slopes and grazed on short, sun-warmed Alpine grass.
    4.1 - A Necessary Purchase (2% in)
  • And so Hans Castorp's heart was filled with contentment at the thought that before him lay two empty, safely serene hours: the main rest cure, sacred to the rules of the house.
    4.2 - Excursus on the Sense of Time (34% in)
  • From the slope on his right, a mountain stream swept along a flat, stony bed, then rushed foaming over terraced boulders in its path, and finally flowed more serenely toward the valley, crossed at that point by a picturesque wooden bridge with simple railings.
    4.5 - Hippe (42% in)
  • This strange condition was held in balance for almost a quarter of an hour before it tipped in favor of night and the moon, and all the while Hans Castorp's dazzled and bewildered eyes moved in serene amazement between one landscape and luminary and the other, from day to night and out of night back into day.
    4.9 - Growing Anxiety / Two Grandfathers and a Twilight Boat Ride (70% in)
  • It was yet another of those celebrated October days, a day that was both hot and gentle, festal and austere, with a dark blue southern sky above the valley, whose meadows, crossed with paths and dotted with settlements, were still a cheerful green and from whose rugged, wooded slopes came the sound of cowbells—a metallic, serene, simple tone that drifted clear and untroubled through the quiet, thin, empty air and enhanced the gala mood reigning in those high regions.
    5.6 - Humaniora (1% in)
  • She dismissed the young men with her thanks, and her mood was now imposingly serene, given her anguished situation—in particular the stiff bill for oxygen her spouse had left her.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (20% in)
  • But within a very short time, Heir Popov was seen sitting serenely beside his equally serene young wife at the Good Russian table, and he finished his midday meal as if nothing had happened.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (39% in)
  • But within a very short time, Heir Popov was seen sitting serenely beside his equally serene young wife at the Good Russian table, and he finished his midday meal as if nothing had happened.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (39% in)
  • The silence, the solitude, the serenity of the place seemed both deep and secret, in many senses of those words.
    5.8 - Danse Macabre (97% in)
  • And instead—clarity, serenity, a dry, austere charm.
    6.2 - Someone Else (31% in)
  • ...her led humankind down a false path and then began in taut words to contrast an absurd formlessness—to which the Middle Ages and epochs that imitated it were addicted—with classicism, with the Greco-Roman heritage of form, beauty, reason, and serenity born of natural piety, for classicism alone was destined to further the human enterprise, Hans Castorp interrupted him and asked how all that fitted in with Plotinus, who, as was well known, was ashamed of his own body, and with Voltaire,...
    6.3 - The City of God and Evil Deliverance (34% in)
  • He was sitting alone on a bench in the park atop a little hill known as Margaret's Head, just west of town and with a view to the Ill River and the wide, serene Rhine valley—was sitting there lost in gloomy, bitter thought about his fate and his future, when a strolling member of the faculty of the Morning Star, the local boarding school run by the Society of Jesus, sat down next to him, laid his hat on the bench, crossed one leg over the other under his order's cassock, and after...
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (9% in)
  • The discipline and elegance, the hushed serenity and intellectual challenge, the well-ordered and well-tended life, the precise yet richly varied schedule—it all spoke to Leo's profoundest instincts.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (16% in)
  • And pulling himself up straight and regaining his serene dignity, he spoke about modern, progressive forms of humanitarian nursing, the slow, steady victory over epidemic disease, and went on to contrast such horrors with the achievements of medical science, hygiene, and social reforms.
    6.6 - Operationes Spirituales (36% in)
  • I'm so glad, so tremendously glad that things are taking this serene course, and that he will not have to suffer edema of the glottis and other such beastly problems—he will be spared a great many vexations.
    6.8 - A Good Soldier (90% in)
  • He called it smoke and mirrors, advised the prosecutor not to take this little game of tag so seriously, not to get so overheated, and spoke of the elastic turning points of which every circle consists, from its nonexistent beginning to its imaginary end, mentioning as well the mirthful melancholy of eternity, which has no permanent direction and keeps coming back onto itself—and spoke with such serene religiosity that it had a brief calming effect on the prosecutor.
    7.6 - The Great Stupor (57% in)
  • The glass dreamily tapped out the word "serene."
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (31% in)
  • Ah yes, so he felt "serene."
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (31% in)
  • And how long had Holger been in this serene state?
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (32% in)
  • The next time they would appoint someone to be secretary and then check how it sounded when you had it fixed in black and white and could read it as a whole; for the moment, however, and before Holger returned to the serenity of his hastening while, it would be much better, or in any event extraordinarily kind of him, if he would be willing perhaps to answer one or two practical questions the group still had for him— not that they had anything definite in mind, but, just on principle,...
    7.8 - Highly Questionable (39% in)

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