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used in The Deerslayer

54 uses
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to stop or discontinue
  • The north wind had ceased—as was usual with the setting of the sun, and a light air arose from the south.
    Chapter 9 (68% in)
ceased = stopped
  • Several times the men ceased paddling, and looked about them at the scene, as new glimpses opened from behind points, enabling them to see farther down the lake, or to get broader views of the wooded mountains.
    Chapter 2 (36% in)
  • Both now pulled vigorously until they got within a hundred yards of the "castle," as Hurry familiarly called the house of Hutter, when they again ceased paddling; the admirer of Judith restraining his impatience the more readily, as he perceived that the building was untenanted, at the moment.
    Chapter 2 (47% in)
  • This tyrant of the human mind, which ruses on it prey through a thousand avenues, almost as soon as men begin to think and feel, and which seldom relinquishes its iron sway until they cease to do either, had made some impression on even the just propensities of this individual, who probably offered in these particulars, a fair specimen of what absence from bad example, the want of temptation to go wrong, and native good feeling can render youth.
    Chapter 3 (10% in)
  • He was fated to be disappointed, however; and they had got within a mile of the southern end of the lake, or a distance of quite two leagues from the "castle," which was now hidden from view by half a dozen intervening projections of the land, when he suddenly ceased paddling, as if uncertain in what direction next to steer.
    Chapter 3 (26% in)
  • The ark being in swift motion all this while, it was beyond the danger of pursuit by the time these little events had occurred; and the savages, as soon as the first burst of their anger had subsided, ceased firing, with the consciousness that they were expending their ammunition in vain.
    Chapter 4 (98% in)
  • Hetty's low, sweet tones had not been raised many moments, when the dip of the oars ceased, and the holy strain arose singly on the breathing silence of the wilderness.
    Chapter 5 (58% in)
  • As Deerslayer seldom thought it necessary to answer his companion's peculiar vein of humor, and Hutter was evidently indisposed to dwell longer on the subject, it's discussion ceased with this remark.
    Chapter 6 (10% in)
  • As Hutter ceased speaking, all three moved in the direction he had named.
    Chapter 6 (42% in)
  • Just as the sounds of the cracking bushes were ceasing, however, the voice of the father was again heard.
    Chapter 6 (91% in)
  • As soon as Deerslayer believed himself to be at a safe distance he ceased his efforts, permitting the little bark to drift, while he leisurely took a survey of the state of things.
    Chapter 7 (78% in)
  • Then, for the first time since their meeting, they ceased their efforts.
    Chapter 9 (27% in)
  • As Deerslayer ceased speaking, he laughed heartily, excited more perhaps by the delight of having got his friend safe at his side, under circumstances so trying, than by any conceit that happened to cross his fancy, and exhibiting this outbreaking of feeling in a manner that was a little remarkable, since his merriment was not accompanied by any noise.
    Chapter 9 (29% in)
  • The peculiarities at length caught the attention of Judith and the Deerslayer, and the conversation ceased, to allow each to gaze at the solemn stillness and deep repose of nature.
    Chapter 9 (80% in)
  • As for the fugitive, frightened at the menace she ceased paddling, and remained dimly visible, resembling a spectral outline of a human form, standing on the water.
    Chapter 9 (86% in)
  • They also gradually increased the distance between the fugitive and her pursuers, until Judith called out to her companions to cease rowing, for she had completely lost sight of the canoe.
    Chapter 9 (93% in)
  • L3-4, 6-g. Fear, as much as calculation, had induced Hetty to cease paddling, when she found that her pursuers did not know in which direction to proceed.
    Chapter 10 (1% in)
  • To follow would have been fruitless, since the darkness, as well as the dense cover that the woods everywhere offered, would have rendered her capture next to impossible, and there was also the never ceasing danger of falling into the hands of their enemies.
    Chapter 10 (26% in)
  • As respects the men, care was had to prevent them from getting possession of any of the rifles that lay scattered about, their own included; and there all open manifestations of watchfulness ceased.
    Chapter 11 (87% in)
  • After this, his eyes ceased to wander, but became riveted on the elephants, one of which, after a short hesitation, he even presumed to handle.
    Chapter 13 (68% in)
  • When the heavy moving craft was within fifty feet of him, Deerslayer hailed the Hurons, directing them to cease rowing, it not being his intention to permit them to land.
    Chapter 14 (28% in)
  • The previous dialogue had taken place in his own language, but it was evident by the sudden manner in which his feet ceased their treacherous occupation, and in which the countenance of Rivenoak changed from sullen ferocity to a smile of courtesy, that the call of the girl was understood.
    Chapter 14 (61% in)
  • Signing to his companion to cease his efforts to set the logs in motion, he advanced to the end of the raft which was nearest to the platform, and spoke.
    Chapter 14 (61% in)
  • The sun was set, and the rays of the retiring luminary had ceased to gild the edges of the few clouds that had sufficient openings to admit the passage of its fading light.
    Chapter 15 (1% in)
  • Hurry had felt angered at his sufferings, when first liberated, it is true, but that emotion soon disappeared in the habitual love of gold, which he sought with the reckless avidity of a needy spendthrift, rather than with the ceaseless longings of a miser.
    Chapter 15 (54% in)
  • In short, the motive that urged them both so soon to go against the Hurons, was an habitual contempt of their enemy, acting on the unceasing cupidity of prodigality.
    Chapter 15 (55% in)
  • A few minutes sufficed, however, to carry the canoe the necessary distance, when both the young men ceased paddling as it were by instinctive consent, and the boat became stationary.
    Chapter 16 (27% in)
  • Most of the toil had ceased, and even the hungriest child had satisfied its appetite.
    Chapter 16 (47% in)
  • Hist, however, instantly ceased talking, and sat motionless.
    Chapter 16 (85% in)
  • These were in no manner material, though they were of a nature to arouse all the fury of a woman who had long ceased to attract by means of the gentler qualities, and who was much disposed to revenge the hardships she had so long endured, as the neglected wife and mother of savages, on all who came within her power.
    Chapter 17 (23% in)
  • Deerslayer ceased, for a sort of spectre stood before him, that put a stop to his words, and, indeed, caused him for a moment to doubt the fidelity of his boasted vision.
    Chapter 17 (74% in)
  • It was not a moment for hesitation, and ere Judith had ceased speaking her paddle was in the water.
    Chapter 18 (86% in)
  • Chingachgook was already in the canoe, and he dipped the implement the other named into the water, just as Hurry's limber tongue ceased.
    Chapter 19 (53% in)
  • When he ceased rowing, the Ark might have been a hundred yards from the platform, and half that distance to the southward of it, the sail being lowered.
    Chapter 19 (88% in)
  • From the moment when the first fall was heard within the building to that when the Delaware ceased his awkward attempts to row, it might have been three or four minutes, but it had evidently served to weaken the combatants.
    Chapter 19 (89% in)
  • The canoe of the girls, by the time the struggle on the platform had ceased, was within three hundred yards of the castle, and here Judith ceased paddling, the evidences of strife first becoming apparent to the eyes.
    Chapter 20 (29% in)
  • The canoe of the girls, by the time the struggle on the platform had ceased, was within three hundred yards of the castle, and here Judith ceased paddling, the evidences of strife first becoming apparent to the eyes.
    Chapter 20 (29% in)
  • All worldly distinctions have ceased; it is thought that the veil has been removed, and that the character and destiny of the departed are now as much beyond human opinions, as they are beyond human ken.
    Chapter 21 (51% in)
  • March ceased his efforts, immediately dropping the kedge and taking the warp in his hand in order to check the scow.
    Chapter 21 (61% in)
  • Once she had even been so far influenced by the former as to have bethought her of performing some of those physical rites at her mother's grave which the redmen are known to observe; but the passing feeling had been obscured by the steady, though mild light of Christianity, which never ceased to burn in her gentle bosom.
    Chapter 21 (66% in)
  • This she had long ceased to do directly, though anguish of spirit frequently wrung from her mental and hasty appeals to the great source of benevolence, for support, if not for a change of spirit.
    Chapter 22 (44% in)
  • Less than a quarter of an hour sufficed for the object, and, at the end of that time, being within the shadows of the shore, and quite near the point they sought, each ceased his efforts in order to make their parting communications out of earshot of any straggler who might happen to be in the neighborhood.
    Chapter 23 (85% in)
  • As soon as the girl got a glimpse of the canoe, she ceased her hurried walk up and down the platform and stood ready to receive the young man, whose return she had now been anxiously expecting for some time.
    Chapter 24 (2% in)
  • There what may be called the historical part of the papers ceased.
    Chapter 24 (36% in)
  • Judith now removed her hands from her face, her tears had ceased, and she unveiled a countenance so winning with the smile which rendered it even radiant, that the young man gazed at her, for a moment, with speechless delight.
    Chapter 26 (32% in)
  • Then he suddenly ceased paddling, at an interruption that came from the mild, musical voice of Hetty.
    Chapter 26 (71% in)
  • The girl made no answer for some time, but she ceased paddling altogether, as if the novel idea distracted her mind too much to admit of other employment.
    Chapter 26 (83% in)
  • "I fear'd this, Rivenoak," answered Deerslayer, when the other had ceased speaking—"yes, I did dread that it would come to this.
    Chapter 27 (46% in)
  • Breath was gained, however, and the heart soon ceased to throb as if about to break through its confinement.
    Chapter 27 (68% in)
  • Here he ceased to run, for he well understood that his breath was now all important to him.
    Chapter 27 (81% in)
  • Suddenly all the voices ceased, and a death like stillness pervaded the spot: A quietness as profound as if all lay in the repose of inanimate life.
    Chapter 27 (87% in)
  • Rivenoak walked up the vista of trees as soon as he ceased speaking, leaving Deerslayer by himself.
    Chapter 28 (22% in)
  • The warriors, as soon as this interruption had ceased, resumed their places, and again prepared to exhibit their skill.
    Chapter 29 (66% in)
  • Hetty looked surprised, but accustomed to comply, she ceased her awkward and painful interrogations of Warley, bending her eyes towards the Bible which she still held between her hands, as one would cling to a casket of precious stones in a shipwreck, or a conflagration.
    Chapter 31 (65% in)

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