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used in The Deerslayer

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promised to marry; or the person who has promised to marry
  • The last number denoted his betrothed, whom, with the poetry and truth of nature, he described by laying his hand on his own heart.
    Chapter 9 (53% in)
  • In a word, this was the betrothed of Chingachgook, who—having succeeded in lulling their suspicions, was permitted to wander around the encampment of her captors.
    Chapter 10 (58% in)
  • She was aware of the hazards she ran in attempting to deceive one or two of the party, but was none the less resolved to use every means that offered, and to practice every artifice that an Indian education could supply, to conceal the facts of the vicinity of her betrothed, and of the errand on which he had come.
    Chapter 11 (40% in)
  • Any thing was better than a failure, as it regarded his betrothed, and, after turning the different garments round and round, examining them with a species of grave irony, affecting to draw them on in a way that defeated itself, and otherwise manifesting the reluctance of a young savage to confine his limbs in the usual appliances of civilized life, the chief submitted to the directions of his companion, and finally stood forth, so far as the eye could detect, a red man in colour...
    Chapter 12 (6% in)
  • Perhaps an instinct told him that his presence would not be as acceptable to his companions as this holding himself aloof, for Judith had not much reserve in the manifestations of her preferences, and the Delaware had not got so far as one betrothed without acquiring some knowledge of the symptoms of the master passion.
    Chapter 13 (47% in)
  • He understood her character, and, no doubt, his disposition to be kind to such a being was increased by the hope of learning some tidings of his betrothed.
    Chapter 13 (79% in)
  • She now proceeded in her own unsophisticated way to relate her intercourse with the Indian maid, and to repeat several of her expressions and opinions that gave great delight to the heart of her betrothed.
    Chapter 13 (92% in)
  • And now, Serpent, since I have told you so much from your betrothed," continued Hetty, unconsciously taking one of the Indian's hands, and playing with the fingers, as a child is often seen to play with those of a parent, "you must let me tell you something from myself.
    Chapter 13 (96% in)
  • Howsever, we must humour the vagabonds, first to get your father and Hurry out of their hands, and next to keep the peace atween us, until such time as the Sarpent there can make out to get off his betrothed wife.
    Chapter 14 (77% in)
  • The Delaware had also lively pictures of felicity in the prospect of so soon regaining his betrothed.
    Chapter 15 (4% in)
  • Not an opening of any sort was visible, and Chingachgook we already trembling lest the non-appearance of the star might prevent his betrothed from being punctual to her appointment.
    Chapter 15 (41% in)
  • Certain am I, that no white girl could feel anything but misery while she believed her betrothed in danger of his life!
    Chapter 15 (78% in)
  • —Why you know, gal, we go to bring off Hist, the Sarpent's betrothed—the maid he means to marry, as soon as we get back to the tribe."
    Chapter 16 (10% in)
  • That is all right for the Indian—but you do not mean to marry Hist—you are not betrothed, and why should two risk their lives and liberties, to do that which one can just as well perform?
    Chapter 16 (10% in)
  • You think as Hist is the Sarpent's betrothed, as they call it, and not mine, it's altogether his affair; and as one man can paddle a canoe he ought to be left to go after his gal alone!
    Chapter 16 (11% in)
  • Deerslayer thought it wanted yet some minutes to the rising of the star, while the impatience of the chief caused him to fancy the night further advanced, and to believe that his betrothed was already waiting his appearance on the shore.
    Chapter 16 (30% in)
  • Contrary to his expectations, perhaps, Deerslayer found the Indian at his post, from which he had not stirred, fearful that his betrothed might arrive during his absence.
    Chapter 16 (60% in)
  • So much engaged were they all with the struggle and its consequences, that the canoe was unseen, though it still lay so near the shore as to render every syllable that was uttered perfectly intelligible to the Delaware and his betrothed; and the whole party left the spot, some continuing the pursuit after Hist, along the beach, though most proceeded to the light.
    Chapter 17 (11% in)
  • She's with her betrothed, and no longer fears a Mingo husband.
    Chapter 17 (78% in)
  • This occurred a few minutes after she had left the Ark to go in quest of her sister, and when of course Chingachgook and his betrothed were on board.
    Chapter 19 (1% in)
  • Chingachgook immediately placed his eye to the glass, and his look even exceeded that of his betrothed in length and intensity.
    Chapter 19 (39% in)
  • If such a service was to be undertaken, it best became a warrior to expose himself in its execution, and he gave his refusal to let his betrothed proceed, much in the quiet but brief manner in which an Indian husband issues his commands.
    Chapter 19 (51% in)
  • Throughout the whole of the past night, and down to the moment, when they used the glass together in the hut, Chingachgook had manifested as much manly tenderness towards his betrothed as one of the most refined sentiment could have shown under similar circumstances, but now every sign of weakness was lost in an appearance of stern resolution.
    Chapter 19 (54% in)
  • Still she repressed her emotion, though the joy that sparkled in her dark eyes, and the smile that lighted her pretty mouth, spoke a language that her betrothed could understand.
    Chapter 19 (65% in)
  • Chingachgook and his betrothed witnessed the whole of this struggle from the Ark.
    Chapter 20 (22% in)
  • At this instant, Chingachgook, by an understanding with his betrothed, drew the fire of the Hurons again, not a man of whom saw the manner in which one whom they knew to be effectually tethered, had disappeared.
    Chapter 20 (49% in)
  • Like his betrothed, the young chief arose, that his answer might be given with due distinctness and dignity.
    Chapter 23 (53% in)
  • With him, however, it had got to be a familiar phrase, and it was past expression pleasant to the listener, since it conveyed to her mind the idea that her advice and sentiments were as acceptable to her future husband, as the tones of her voice and modes of conveying them were agreeable; uniting the two things most prized by an Indian girl, as coming from her betrothed, admiration for a valued physical advantage, with respect for her opinion.
    Chapter 25 (15% in)
  • Both Chingachgook and his betrothed looked up at the luminary, with an air that betokened sudden wonder, and then they gazed at each other, as if to seek the solution of the difficulty.
    Chapter 25 (19% in)
  • You wish me to say what I would do if I had a betrothed as you have, here, on the lake, and a fri'nd yonder in the Huron camp, in danger of the torments.
    Chapter 25 (39% in)
  • "Well, I never had a betrothed—never had the kind of feelin's toward any young woman that you have towards Hist, though the Lord knows my feelin's are kind enough towards 'em all!
    Chapter 25 (39% in)
  • A fri'nd pulls strong, that I know by exper'ence, Sarpent, but, by all that I've seen and heard consarning love, I'm led to think that a betrothed pulls stronger."
    Chapter 25 (40% in)
  • True; but the betrothed of Chingachgook does not pull towards the lodges of the Delawares; she pulls towards the camp of the Hurons.
    Chapter 25 (40% in)
  • "One rifle like another, Deerslayer," returned the Indian, in English, the language used by the other, a little hurt at his friend's lowering his betrothed to the level of a gun.
    Chapter 25 (80% in)
  • This is my betrothed; that pale-face is my friend.
    Chapter 30 (89% in)
  • That night the three camped on the head waters of their own river, and the succeeding evening they entered the village of the tribe, Chingachgook and his betrothed in triumph; their companion honored and admired, but in a sorrow that it required months of activity to remove.
    Chapter 32 (76% in)

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