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used in The Deerslayer

2 meanings, 35 uses
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1  —30 uses as in:
according to, or in accord with
in keeping with; or in agreement/harmony/unity with
This sense of accord is often seen in the form according to or accordingly where it can take on more specific meanings. For example:
  • "According to Kim, ..." — as stated by
  • "To each according to her ability." — based upon
  • "Points are scored according to how well they perform." — depending upon
  • "The dose is calculated according to body weight." — in proportion to
  • "We got a flat tire. Accordingly, I pulled to the side of the road." — because of what was just said; or as a result
  • This indulgence was in accordance with the general policy of the red man, who well knew, moreover, that her trail could have been easily followed in the event of flight.
    Chapter 10 (58% in)
Other Uses (with this meaning)
  • —'tis an edication of itself, to look upon!" exclaimed Deerslayer, as he stood leaning on his rifle, and gazing to the right and left, north and south, above and beneath, in whichever direction his eye could wander; "not a tree disturbed even by red-skin hand, as I can discover, but everything left in the ordering of the Lord, to live and die according to his own designs and laws!
    Chapter 2 (29% in)
  • I do not pretend that all that white men do, is properly Christianized, and according to the lights given them, for then they would be what they ought to be; which we know they are not; but I will maintain that tradition, and use, and color, and laws, make such a difference in races as to amount to gifts.
    Chapter 3 (17% in)
  • They have their gifts, and their religion, it's true; but that makes no difference in the end, when each will be judged according to his deeds, and not according to his skin."
    Chapter 3 (73% in)
  • They have their gifts, and their religion, it's true; but that makes no difference in the end, when each will be judged according to his deeds, and not according to his skin."
    Chapter 3 (73% in)
  • "That's not Moravian doctrine, which teaches that all are to be judged according to their talents or l'arning; the Injin like an Injin; and the white man like a white man.
    Chapter 5 (46% in)
  • As for the ra'al sarvice, however, you'll turn out rather rearward, according to my consait."
    Chapter 6 (18% in)
  • This canoe was left in old Hutter's keeping, and is his'n according to law, red or white, till its owner comes to claim it.
    Chapter 7 (36% in)
  • Here lies the body of no doubt a brave warrior, and the soul is already flying towards its heaven or hell, whether that be a happy hunting ground, a place scant of game, regions of glory, according to Moravian doctrine, or flames of fire!
    Chapter 7 (68% in)
  • Each party acted according to his gifts, I suppose, and blame can light on neither.
    Chapter 7 (72% in)
  • You were treacherous, according to your natur' in war, and I was a little oversightful, as I'm apt to be in trusting others.
    Chapter 7 (73% in)
  • "This sounds well, and is according to woman's gifts.
    Chapter 9 (50% in)
  • They were of fine materials, and, according to the fashions of the age, were gay in colours and rich in ornaments.
    Chapter 12 (58% in)
  • Harry's sightly—yes, he's as sightly as the tallest pine of the mountains, and the Sarpent has named him accordingly; however, some fancy good looks, and some fancy good conduct, only.
    Chapter 15 (88% in)
  • As they got still more within the belt of darkness that girded the woods, it was seen that they were steering too far north, and the course was altered accordingly.
    Chapter 16 (32% in)
  • In short, according to my idees, any sarcumventions, except open-war sarcumventions, are ag'in both law, and what we whites call 'gospel', too."
    Chapter 17 (68% in)
  • In a word, it was the habit of his mind to regard all Indians as being only a slight degree removed from the wild beasts that roamed the woods, and to feel disposed to treat them accordingly, whenever interest or caprice supplied a motive or an impulse.
    Chapter 19 (20% in)
  • Hurry was generally prompt to speak and, according to custom, he took the lead on this occasion.
    Chapter 19 (40% in)
  • Such, accordingly, was the course adopted by the Indian, who paddled deliberately away, taking the direction of the Ark, suffering no nervous impulse to quicken the motions of his arms, or to induce him to turn even a furtive glance behind him.
    Chapter 19 (63% in)
  • As soon as it was ascertained that the two white men were about to enter by the trap, the chief who directed the proceedings of the Hurons took his measures accordingly.
    Chapter 19 (98% in)
  • Accordingly, Chingachgook abandoned the scow to its own movements, forced Hist into the cabin, the doors of which he immediately secured, and then he looked about him for the rifles.
    Chapter 20 (37% in)
  • Then the tranquil scene was in beautiful accordance with a rite that ever associates with itself the idea of God.
    Chapter 21 (55% in)
  • Don't be under any oneasiness, therefore, gal; I shall be allowed to go back according to the furlough; and if difficulties was made, I've not been brought up, and edicated as one may say, in the woods, without knowing how to look 'em down."
    Chapter 22 (84% in)
  • Farewell, Harry; we may not meet ag'in, but I would wish you never to treat a furlough, or any other solemn thing that your Christian God has been called on to witness, as a duty so light that it may be forgotten according to the wants of the body, or even accordin' to the cravings of the spirit."
    Chapter 23 (96% in)
  • They had all been enclosed in envelopes, according to the fashion of the age, and not an address either was to be found.
    Chapter 24 (23% in)
  • "That Hurry Harry should talk in thisaway, is nat'ral, and according to the gifts of the man.
    Chapter 24 (48% in)
  • Howsever, turn it does, as all my people say, and you ought to believe 'em, since they can foretell eclipses, and other prodigies, that used to fill the tribes with terror, according to your own traditions of such things."
    Chapter 25 (23% in)
  • Little did Deerslayer know, while thus indulging in feelings that were natural to the man, and so strictly in accordance with his own unsophisticated and just principles, that, in the course of the inscrutable providence, which so uniformly and yet so mysteriously covers all events with its mantle, the very fault he was disposed so severely to censure was to be made the means of determining his own earthly fate.
    Chapter 26 (11% in)
  • I shall think of you, Hist, and of your intended husband, let what may come to pass, and always wish you well, here and hereafter, whether the last is to be according to Indian idees, or Christian doctrines.
    Chapter 26 (43% in)
  • Stop paddling—or, rather, that the Mingos needn't think we are plotting and contriving, and so treat us accordingly, just dip your paddle lightly, and give the canoe a little motion and no more.
    Chapter 26 (73% in)

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2  —1 use as in:
done of her own accord
  • I do not think they will fire on a poor defenceless girl, and I at least may escape, until I shall be ready to go among them of my own accord.
    Chapter 20 (95% in)

There are no more uses of "accord" flagged with this meaning in The Deerslayer.

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?  —4 uses
exact meaning not specified
  • It was well not to exceed the grace accorded by the generosity of the enemy, but it was better to meet it to a minute.
    Chapter 27 (4% in)
  • This grim chief had thought it a degradation to permit his sister to become the wife of a pale-face of the Yengeese at all, and had only given a reluctant consent to the arrangement-one by no means unusual among the Indians, however—at the earnest solicitations of the bereaved widow; and it goaded him to the quick to find his condescension slighted, the honor he had with so much regret been persuaded to accord, condemned.
    Chapter 27 (52% in)
  • Some little time was necessary that he should recover the use of his limbs, the circulation of the blood having been checked by the tightness of the ligatures, and this was accorded to him by the politic Rivenoak, under the pretence that his body would be more likely to submit to apprehension if its true tone were restored; though really with a view to give time to the fierce passions which had been awakened in the bosoms of his young men to subside.
    Chapter 29 (84% in)
  • If Deerslayer was startled by this unexpected arrival, well knowing that the quick witted girl could claim none of that exemption from the penalties of captivity that was so cheerfully accorded to her feebler minded sister, he was equally astonished at the guise in which she came.
    Chapter 30 (4% in)

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