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used in True Believer by Sparks

25 uses
  • It defied the laws of biology, it shattered his assumptions about the man he knew himself to be.
    Epilogue (95% in)
  • He had assumed a false intimacy, acting as if he were everyone's brother or best friend, and it seemed that the vast majority of the awestruck audience—including the attractive blonde and the woman the guest was addressing—considered him a gift from heaven itself.
    Chapter One (4% in)
  • That's assuming there are even any lights to film.
    Chapter One (88% in)
  • He assumed he'd been forgiven, but the protective armor of their relationship had been chipped, and imperceptible cracks appeared with every additional absence.
    Chapter Two (10% in)
  • He rose slowly and began strolling toward the car, gnawing on what Jeremy assumed to be chewing tobacco.
    Chapter Two (61% in)
  • A moment later, a woman whom he assumed was Doris emerged.
    Chapter Three (8% in)
  • I assume you're staying at Greenleaf?
    Chapter Three (80% in)
  • Once he was finished with the hatchet job that would pose as an article, people around the country would assume that everyone who lived here was gullible, foolish, and superstitious.
    Chapter Four (11% in)
  • Knowing him—and she readily admitted she didn't know him at all but was simply making an assumption here—he'd probably just stare at her all tongue-tied like he had when she saw him earlier in the cemetery.
    Chapter Four (26% in)
  • With peeling paint, plank walls, and tin roofs, they were reached by following small dirt pathways that led from a central bungalow that he assumed to be the main office.
    Chapter Five (3% in)
  • I assume you'll be at the library, right?
    Chapter Six (36% in)
  • And not from Tully's gas station, either, assuming he even had coffee.
    Chapter Six (48% in)
  • Every now and then, a trail could be spotted, which he assumed was used by hunters.
    Chapter Seven (30% in)
  • He was smarter than she'd first assumed, and even if he held his mind closed to the possibility of mystery, he made up for it by being good-humored about their differing beliefs and way of life.
    Chapter Eight (66% in)
  • Though he couldn't see the house, he slowed the car as he approached a towering hedge that he assumed lined a circular drive.
    Chapter Nine (19% in)
  • As the light grew in intensity, the fog began to curve and swirl, assuming different shapes.
    Chapter Ten (69% in)
  • He compared the earlier photographs he'd taken of the cemetery to photos of the cemetery he found in books about the town's history, and came up with what he assumed to be a fairly accurate estimate regarding the rate that the cemetery was sinking.
    Chapter Eleven (88% in)
  • It gave him plenty of time to get there, talk to Lexie, and come back, assuming he could find someone to take him there.
    Chapter Thirteen (54% in)
  • Though she'd assumed he would wonder what he'd done wrong or why she'd left, she also felt he'd get over it quickly.
    Chapter Thirteen (77% in)
  • Assuming this was her room, he set her suitcase just inside the door.
    Chapter Fourteen (46% in)
  • A number of volunteers were sweeping and dusting; two others were setting out additional Tiffany lamps, and Jeremy assumed that once the official tour began, the overhead lights would be dimmed to give the library a more historic atmosphere.
    Chapter Seventeen (26% in)
  • Or should he pretend he hadn't even noticed her attitude and just assume that she still wanted to see how the mysterious lights really came about?
    Chapter Seventeen (47% in)
  • And that's assuming I even cared about the subject.
    Chapter Seventeen (80% in)
  • Assuming she was even there.
    Chapter Eighteen (9% in)
  • Assuming that she still wants to.
    Chapter Eighteen (99% in)

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